Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh yeah, last post was the 50th post. Lupe lak nk celebrate. Ish3 aku skang nie serupa org yg x mo trime kenyataan yg aku akan kembali semula ke UIA dlm 2 hari agi. dh lewat malam and sume owang dh tido, aku masih lagi surfing the net mcm x de hari esok. penat sbnarnye cume x smpai seru agi nk tido hehe. malas la sesangat nk kembali ke UIA tp mengenangkan perjuangan yg masih lum selesai, kene la jugak kembali.

Aku suke sbnarnye bab2 blaja nie. suke sgt bile dpt ilmu baru, tau mende baru. tp tu arr.. bile ader ilmu baru, ader la tekanan baru iaitu exams. aku benci feeling kene hadapi exams and aku sbnarnya cukup benci dgn the examinations itself. and seriously baru aku tau, bile skali dh start cemerlang dlm exams, kau akan melangkah ke fasa baru. dan di dalam fasa nie, you need to live your life to other people's expectation. yea, aku sememangnya sgt paham betapa sengsaranya bila nk exam, bile nk dpt result, aku kene capai expectation yg parents aku harapkan. memang sengsara. kau akan rasa nk menangis bila kau rasa dh x mampu nk dptkan yg terbaik. rasa nk menangis mengenangkan sumenye. mmg aku faham sgt2. well to be true, sbnarnya dlu sblum aku start meningkat, aku x pernah rasa tekanan seperti nie. aku x pernah kesah apa org pikir pasal aku tp semenjak aku dh meningkat, aku semakin kisah akan pandangan org lain. aku semakin takut dengan apa org lain akan pikir pasal result aku. aku semakin phobia.

tp ada org pernah ckp ngan aku, result kau, tetap result kau. x yah pikir pasal org lain. hanya pikir akan pandangan kau terhadap diri sendiri. x de kene mengene org lain dgn result kau. just give your best and fight. and selebihnya, biarlah the Almighty yg menentukannya. You just need to fight.

so nasihat aku, jgn putus asa. pedulikan la ape org nk kata. biar apa result kau, itu ttp apa hasil usaha kau selama nie. Allah pemberi rezeki dan penentu segalanya. walau segalanya x smpai expectation kita, pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya. Allah x kan menguji kita melainkan kita mampu menghadapinya. so just fight and redha, okay?

"Win or lose is not yet decided, not until the end of the game"

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some updates from my grandma's house. Well it seems that my cousin, adik nor, managed to get 8A's for her SPM. Congrats dear cousin though I don't seem to be close to you (terkenang zaman dlu2 result spm gile teruk. aku wat muke sengal jek bile makcik aku citer haha. past is still the past) and she get the tawaran from uitm and utp. well she seems not interested with uitm's tawaran cuz uitm gives an option which she's totally not in to it. i don't know the exact course but probaby chemical engineering. and utp gives an option more on the business and accounts. probabably she will go for utp. ape2 la dik oooi. pastikan kau x kecundang kat univeristi dh laaa. ramai aku tgk semakin malap bile di universiti (even the most genius people on earth). i'll support no matter what cuz you're family.

one of my cousins, (syafiq kut?) baru jer habes matriks kpm and sedang menanti tawaran universiti. and another one is currently at UniKL (hadi probably) and another one is at boarding school kat maahad (this is amirul) and suddenly I realized that all of my cousins are growing up. And I'm one of the grown ups but still young at the heart (and look too! haha!). bukan tu je la cousins aku. rmai agi cume yg tu update terbaru. and oh, nina, my cousin from my mom side is taking spm this year. nice. sume dh besar haha.

well antara sume cousins aku, kitorang adik beradik jer yg mmg rmai gile perempuan. 5 skali hehe. well, let's see... anak ayah ade 5 perempuan, anak makngah ade 2 lelaki and 1 perempuan, anak pakcik dedeng ade 2 lelaki, anak mak cik ade 2 lelaki and 2 perempuan, anak achek sorang lelaki, and lastly anak acu 5 or 6 (can't remember) lelaki. ooo tidaaaak betapa rmainya cousins lelaki yg aku ade huhu. sebelah mak aku hanyala ader 4 org sepupu which 2 laki and 2 pompuan. and that's it. hanya kami la penyumbang rmai pompuan kat family haha. and seriously kat sebelah ayah aku ade sorang jek adik sepupu pompuan. yg lagi duorang lg dh over-aged dh. dua2 dh kawen haha.

and sebut pasal kahwin nie td tibe2 kat umah nenek aku timbul lak isu pasal cucu. ye arr, dua cousins aku dh kawen almost 2 years and kakak aku nk msuk 1st anniversary dh and still x de lagi signs of pregnancy. diorang sume pelik kenapa skrg nie couples makin lambat dpt anak. dlu2 most of them (my mom and makciks) will get their first baby after a couple of months of marriage. x tau arr. mungkin makanan skang makin poisonous kut or maybe the air isn't clean (sooo not gonna blame the global warming haha! okay people, i'm just kidding) tp tu arr yg kesian cousin aku nie. dua thun kawen still no signs. smpaikan husband dia ckp kat makcik aku, "Amir tak kesah x de anak, tapi nnt Oli yg nanges" ish3 kesian lak aku dengar. don't cry dear dear cousin. nnt kalu ade rezeki dpt arr tu. it's not your time yet. neway, diorang mmg dh try mcm2 cara (even dh jumpa doktor) but still nothing happens. Allah knows the best.

um, aku x tau la plak skang makcik aku which aku panggil acu dh keje jadik sekreteriat ASEAN. dia skang kat Australia utk sidang amende ntah (don't ask me, i know nothing). ish manusia pandai mmg camtuh. cpt aje dia naik pangkat. even dh lagi tinggi dr husband dia. but then, still need to consider how her husband and kids feel. x per la. it's her life.

aku mmg ader ramai gile makcik and pakcik yg keje jadik cikgu. 6 of them to be exact. and all of them are couples. tu sbb aku rase sgt x bahagia bile spm or pmr or upsr or whatsoever crappy official examinations punye results kuar. aku rase sgt tertekan. they will ask and they will know about everything. tp sayang they won't know how my performances in UIA will be. so yeah, I might probably be a loser forever in their eyes. not until i get scholarship or something that looks big in their eyes. damn my heart aching again. ok.dah.aku dh lupe. x per la. asalkan mak ngan ayah nmpak dean's list aku. itu dh cukup.

I bought japanese magazine, "Myojo" yesterday. Oh yes, been wanting it so much and there you go, my lovely NEWS is on the cover X)

Look! NEWS on the cover! *fangirl squealing*

I don't know if this thing is a free gift or what but hey it came with the mag so just appreciate it la... "Young Song"

And NEWS got featured in it hehe

Anyway, went to shopped at Mid Valley yesterday and somehow my sis paksa me to watch a movie, "He's just not that into you". Boleh tahan la that movie, censored at some parts (I closed my eyes, don't worry haha) but still the movie shows that some guys are just totally jerks but not all. Well I do think that movie brings bad moral value jugak la. Living together before marriage is seriously not our lifestyle. But anyway enjoy it becoz it's a free movie (kakak belanja haha)

Managed to bumped with some UIA people, junior (Atiqah and friends), marina and her friend which I kinda forgot her name cuz she was my friend from engineering (sorry dear I forgot your name. I tend to forgot people's name when I don't see them frequently) and some others juniors who took short sem at CFS. jumaat mmg hari x de kelas ke? gile ah ramai dak cfs merayap kat ctu. ish3 segan jek nk jalan2 haha.

I hate shopping.
Random but seriously I hate shopping sbb menghabiskan duit aku secara total. Spent over hundred nearly 200 (probably 300!) kat sane jek (seb bek ayah sponsored) tp ttp sune duit aku sket on some stuffs. benci la wehh. tp bahagia sbb dpt baju baru huhu. and some cool new stuffs.
x per arr aku happy

My Pride

Semester 1, 2008/2009

Semester 2, 2008/2009


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The other day went to Kenny Rogers. Tak sempat nk amek gambar the chickens pasal lapar sgt but still managed to snap the drinks and muffins hehe

And just now went to Seoul Garden sbb mengidam haha

sedaaaaaaaaap nya!

And tahukah anda kenapa saya snap gambar di bawah?

Cube besar kn gambar and tgk ape yg dia tulis

"Have Licence Will Travel"

dan Bahasa Melayunya adalah

"Memandu Biarlah Berlesen"



Just recently bought and received this. NEWS "Happy Birthday" Single

Front cover

Inside view

Another one

Back cover

This is what we call collection

It's all f*cking a lie that damn doctor! And I was condemned real hard by my mother for not trusting that freak. My heart damn hurt right now. Seriously, I had already experienced nightmare once for using the wrong medicine to cure the illness and no, I would not want it happen twice. Ah lantak la. It's just an itch so it'll cure sooner or later. I could careless more


Monday, April 20, 2009

Found this in my email box while looking at the old stuffs. I did it myself when I was form 4, with the classic paint haha! Still lots of other pictures but too embarrassed to show it off here cuz buruk gile. I don't how I can show those stuffs to my class dulu2 (and the teachers too) aha!
This is the most decent picture that I can find. She was my bm teacher. And this thing is actually for class party invitation. I was soooo lame haha. Memories ;)

The pictures are all scattered around

You can see me very small down there compared to the big thing up there

The view from the eyes of Malaysia

Another view

You can tell how scared I am from the look huhu

I don't even bother to look at the camera!

Us before we ride that thing


Time nie Nabilah call lak. Tu yg posing pki phone tuh

I love this thing. Nice :)

Before we enter the Kota

Abg Long and kakak

They always put me down there. Mentang2 la aku yg paling kecik huhu.

Kat bilik hotel

Another one

Before we climb the stairs to the Kota
Gile panas time nie. Trus lari pas amek gambar

Another pic

Depan train

Kat bwh plane

You can see how small we are under the plane

Mom & Dad

Dad with me and sis

Ayah dan menantu. The only son

Me and sis at Umbai. Sedap!

Abg Long yg gile2 bersama kakak


Romantic view behind them huhu

The siblings

The couple

Family is LOVE

Me before going back


Just got back from Melaka yesterday and hell yes, I'm getting tanner than ever siot. Even with the sunblock. Melaka sememangnye antara negeri yg paling panas pernah aku pegi. Well, we went off to Melaka quite late becoz ya know, sume pompuan... nk mandi la, siap agi, nk tunggu kakak aku make up agi and so on. Last2 tgh hari baru smpai melaka huhu. At first, my first sister and her husband didn't have any planning to tag along with us becoz of some reasons but then when we arrived at Seremban, suddenly they called us up and said that they want to join the venture too (though they kinda sesat when the time they want to find us haha). So yeah, 8 people of us were there at Melaka :)

At first, kitorang cencadang nk pi tinggal kat hotel Kings (kut? x tau ar name dia). But then hotel tu penuh lak. Last2 pi la kat Hotel Ancasa yg dekat ngan MITC tu. Hotel dia leh tahan la. Sbb hotel dh penuh, ayah aku pun sewa la the last 3 rooms available which 2 of them are the suite. Well it's not the kind that really huge suites (alaaa hotel nie pn aku rase 3 bintang je kut) but still, it's huge la kan. Took 1 room for us 4 siblings, 1 room for kakak and abang long and another room for my parents (of course we the siblings took the suite!).

At first our plan is to jamak the solat zuhur and asar so that we can go out all day long from 2pm till midnight but then my father (who is the mighty big boss!) change the plan. He feels tired and need some rest so he said that we will go out at 4 pm. Nk tak nk kene la ikut sbb dia super big boss. I feel superbly hungry at that time (sbb pagi mkn benda x sedap so x habis) so we went to buy some food outside (x lain and x bkn semestinya mcd pasal nk jimat and x benda len dh). Well it's just us the kids that went out so we got no other option la kan.

Petang tu we all went together to Pantai Klebang. And of course on our way to go there, we sesat. Saya sgt2 benci jalan melaka sbb dia slalu one way jer and slalu ubah2. Even we have 2 people who used to study there and 1 of them had just leave Melaka for only a couple of months but still can sesat lagi. Fortunately we got eyes to read the sign boards. Konon2 nk jalan kat Klebang, last2 tgk Klebang tgh kene tambak. x amek gambar la but what I can tell is that the sea is seriously faaaaaar away. kalah singapore yg dok tambak tmpt diorang gak. neway x kesah la pasal byk agi pantai kat Melaka tu so we just follow along the road. Last2 kitorang pi kat Pantai Puteri (kut?). Best gak ar pantai dia. And we had fun there :) tp tu la... pantai dia ade byk benda x sepatutnya. even poops (yucks!) aku dgn bestnya hampir2 terpijak ekor pari kat situ and terlanggar entah tulang binatang ape tah. aku sememangnye geli mende camtu trus freak out (penakut gile kan aku nehh?) Dating ngan kakak aku cam couple kat situ hehe. dua2 sebok main ombak cam jakun gile (pasal kitorang jarang gak ar gi laut)

Balik jer kitorang trus gerak ke Ayer Keroh and went straight to Umbai. And again, we sesat kat tgh2 Melaka. Serius pening. And it far more worst for me sbb time tu aku tgh agak saket perut bcoz of period pain (waa aku x ske!!!) tp x pe pasal aku nie penyabar. trus la gi umbai. aku sblm nie x penah pi umbai so x tau ape condition dia kat sane. smpai2 jer trus tangkap bau sedap babas. wawawawa mmg x sabar nk mkn ah. trus straight gi gerai nombor 5 pasal kakak aku slalu mkn kat citu. udang, sotong, ikan, ketam, heaven!!! aku memang gile mende2 camni so apelagi. rezeki jgn ditolak hehe. Over all not bad la masakan dia. tp aku kureng minat sotong goreng dia pasal x rangup sgt. tp ikan siakap 3 rasa dia masyuk arr. udang pon fresh gilus. Oh yeah bebeh!

Esok nya kitorang check out awal. Went straight to bandar Melaka. Seriously walaupun aku nie mmg frequent visitor Melaka (since almost 9 years ago!) but still x pernah sekali pn aku jejak kaki kat tmpt2 bersejarah kat citu. And atlast smpi gak kat kota A Famosa. I am a big fan of these kind of places. Ske sgt2. Aku mmg enjoy la tmpt2 yg ade sejarah dia sendiri and yeah aku lagi rela pi tmpat camni dr gi genting huhu. Seriously nice been there.

Dh panjat A Famosa so dh pnat last2 kitorang minum sat pastu pi shopping. Aku agak memprotes sbnarnye aktiviti2 menshopping nie pasal ye ar stuffs tu sume petik jari leh dpt kat KL so what for we need to shop ourself out kat melaka lak? but then, almost all women here so shopping ttp satu option yg pasti and menyebabkan aku kecewa sket :( ye arrr... byk agi tmpt2 menarik leh kite pi tp sbb shopping so masa makin terhad. dh la nk balik before asar. neway, cam bese bile shopping akan berpindah dr satu kedai ke kedai yg len. penat dol. yg kesian semestinya abang long (abg ipar) aku pasal dia x pernah ade siblings pompuan so dia x tau la cemane seksa nya nk meneman kitorang shopping. sengsara je aku tgk dia ngan ayah aku tunggu kitorang kat depan kedai (aku pon sengsara gak!). well ayah aku konpem dh bese. ape2 hal pon kalu dia kata suruh balik, mmg konpem kene stop shopping and kene balik haha. Big boss huhu.

Time mkn memula ayah aku ckp nk trus balik pastu tp kitorang dok la bodek2 bg kitorang naik eyes on Malaysia. Ayah aku yg kepenatan (and of course dia takut nk nek mende tu. dia ingat aku x taw ke? hehe) ckp x yah, pasni trus balik. aku pon merajuk arr sket (eccey anak bongsu bese ar.. kalu bkn aku yg rebel, sape agi nk pujuk bapak aku). Last2 dia nk pi gak hihi. syg gak dia kat anak dia nehh :) tp syaratnya, dia x mo langsung nek mende tu (kan aku dh ckp, dia takut! hehe)

aku ade la sewa binocular sblm naik. ingatkan nk naik benda tu mahal gila rupanya rm10 jek for malaysian. kalu ade kad student agi murah. so apelagi, smpat la posing2 sblm naik. bile memula naik, aku x rase pape tp lepas kakak aku ckp gayat jek, trus aku jadik gayat skalik. Aaaa tidaaaak! Aku rasa mmg nk turun time tu. Ape lagi bile dh smpai btul2 kat puncak. Aku.tutup.mata. Konpem! tp after 2-3 rounds aku da kurang takut dh. tp aku mmg kene gelak abes ngan abg ipar aku. muka aku cam dh hijau dh time tu. keras cam patung jek haha.

Abes nek and posing2, it's time to be back to reality world. Kitorang ckp babai kat kakak ngan abg long and we off ikut jalan masing2 (diorang tinggal kat shah alam). itu la citer nyeeer.

Gambar akan menyusul kendian (next post la huhu)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomorrow will be going off for holiday to Melaka. Feels happy cuz I don't get that much of vacations since everybody in this house seems not having enough time for that.
Neway, will be leaving for only 2 days (even 2 days is precious!) and will be back on Sunday :)
Well then, have a nice and safe trip to me~~~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dh byk draft beratur kat ruangan post tuh tp satu pon x di publish. Sume sekerat2 jek aku wat. Idea separuh jalan. Neway, sejak akhir2 nie aku rase umah aku makin creepy arr. Aku sentiasa rase mcm sumthing wrong sumwhere. Aritu mak aku tgh mandi kat toilet, tetibe dia rase bahu dia pedih. Bile dia tgk, tup2 dh ade kesan cakar. Sampai 3 skalik dia bg. Pas abes mandi mak aku trus citer ngan kitorang. Aku memule wat bodoh la pasal it's kinda normal la kan tetibe kene cakar (though it's creepy!) tp petang tu lepas mak aku balik dari tempat keje, time dia nk check kesan cakar tu tetibe jek tgk kesan tu dh ilang ngan dh x rase saket agi dh. Bile tgk camtu baru aku stat rase seriau. And then dlm 2-3 ari pastu, mak aku citer lak lagi satu benda. Time tu dia tgh nk basuh kain. And then dia letak la baldi kain penuh ngan air atas lantai. After few seconds after dia letak tetibe air tu berkocak sendiri mcm ader org kacau. Ape lagi, mak aku pon ckp la jangan ar memain ngan dia. Trus air tu reda sendiri. Huish, lepas jek aku dengar citer tu, trus aku forbid diri sendiri dr menjejakkan kaki kat bilik air berkenaan. X mo aku. Kang sat agi aku lak yg nmpak air berkocak har3.
Umah aku nie pon bukanlah seaman yg disangka. Kekadang tu time aku lepak sensowang memalam kat ruang tamu, tetibe jek ader bunyik cam benda lari2 kat siling. Aku cam bese wat bodoh pasal dlu penah skali aku tegor ckp bising arr and lepas tegor lagik galak dia dia lari2 kat atas. Aku x taw ar amende tu yg penting dia penah kejar aku dari bilik aku kat blakang smpi ar kat ruang tamu. x mo bg aku idup senang tol. dia bahagia kut tgk aku freak out. kadang2 penah gak pukul 4.30 pagi aku dengar cam ader org bkk air paip kat blakang and kakak aku lak dgr cam ade owang seret2 kerusi. Padahal bile check mmg x de owang. sume tgh tido. sungguh memberi tekanan mental betul la mende nie. dh la ari2 mmg aku tinggal kat umah sowang2. seb bek esok kakak aku dr gombak nk balik dh (dia dh stat cuti sem!) kalu x hishhh... seriau abes dok umah.
Aku pnah dgr citer dedulu time ayah aku maseh mude remaja, atuk aku org kate dia bela harimau jadi-jadian. Aku x tau la tp aku rase cam btul. pasal org ckp bile ikut atuk aku pi hutan, mesti ade bunyik rimau mengikut. sape x kecut perut... ayah aku pon takut. and bile nk turunkan mende tu, ayah aku yg anak sulung ckp dia x mo pasal dia takut haha! seb bek la ayah aku agak penakut (ish ngumpat ayah sendirik lak hehe). mende tu skang dijaga oleh atuk sedara aku yg tinggi agame dia. dia x de la feed rimau cume dia cam jage supaya rimau x pi kat org len (especially aku! pasal aku takut huhu).
Citer pasal mende nie, aku mcm prasan kat bahu aku ader mcm satu kesan kene cakar. ala kesan mcm kene cakar kat kucing tu ngan 3 skali kuku. x bape jelas kesan cakaran dia tp yg penting mmg ader. mcm parut la. aku x tau dr mane aku dpt mende tp mak aku ckp dlu pon ayah aku ader kesan camtu tp skang aku x prasan la plak ade ke tak.
Ape2 la. yg penting jgn kaco idup aku udah le. aku pun nk idup ngan aman. korang idup kat tmpt korang, aku idup kat tmpt aku. end of story.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My list of hates

1. First and foremost; of course the storms, lightning, strong winds etc.

Well, those who lives with me should seriously know this. My family and my ex-roommates especially. But I tend to get more freaked out when the storms happen while I'm at home. I'll just simply put my Sony NWZ-S736F on (this one with the noise canceling earphones), go straight into my room, shut the door tight and act as if nothing happen outside (padahal ribut tahap gila haha). Seriously I just can't stand the storms. Freaks me out like hell. I can't stay still until the storm is finally over. I don't know why I hate storms. When I was still a lil' kid, I'll take the biggest pillow in my house and use it to cover up my face and ears. I just can't stand it!

2. The darkness and being left alone in the darkness.

Seriously, I don't mind being left alone somewhere where we have full source of light. Biar la aku sensorang ke hape, bape lame ke x pe asalkan di tempat yg terang, diulangi tempat TERANG. Just don't leave me alone in the darkness pleaseeee. I HATE THAT. I'll have this feeling of insecurity and will walk aimlessly in the dark. If someone seriously left me alone there, I'll seriously cry haha. Well, if it's suddenly black out, I'll just grab anyone's hand that I could reach at that time no matter who you are. Ade skali tu time kat ZC punye toilet, pukul 3 pagi and aku sensorang and suddenly tetibe black out! (well korang dok ZC tau la ZC tu camne kan... slalu black out) aku yg sememang nye takut gelap tahap amende and ZC punye toilet sememangnye antara tmpt yg seram kt citu, terus shriek! hua3 antara pengalaman paling x besh kat ZC la... T.T Lenkali kene bawak torchlight gi toilet huhu.

3. When someone force me to do sports.

I actually kinda like sports but to have someone to force me, I'll just... rebel. There's one time when it's around weeks before the sports day at my old school, ade la kan time kene test for 100 metres punye running. They did force me to try and run for it. I kept refusing but they kept forcing. In the end aku lari jugak tp in around 40-50 metres camtu, aku trus berhenti and patah balik and trus lari dari situ haha. Bile ingat balik lawak sehh. And yeah, running is one of my weaknesses. kalu ade UDTA where we have to run 7 and half of the padang, I'll keep getting the last place. And bile habis jek aku antara org yg rupe cam separuh nyawa. Well, I don't know what are the reasons but as far as I could figure out, stamina aku mmg rendah. lebih rendah dari yg korang jangka. aku x larat (and tak suka) angkat benda2 berat (well, aku tend to sakit pinggang lepas dipaksa mengangkat), aku x suke berlari sama ade jarak jauh atau dekat and buat benda2 yg ade kaitan ngan kekuatan. Ade skali gi camping ikut kelab GCC, kene panjat bukit, aku sememangnya konpem org yg last skalik. tu la antara sebab nye aku x ske gi camping (aku ske gile sbnarnye, aku just despise jungle tracking). Well, aku don't mind all other types of sports macam badminton ke, hoki ke ape la asalkan bukan berlari. Main game kat PS ngan computer pon aku ske haha!

4. Binatang2 seperti lipas, ulat, ular, katak and sekutu2 mereka.

Binatang paling first yg berjaya menakutkan aku (smpai skang) semestinya lipas. I just hate the gesture, the smell and seriously the lipas itself. Pernah dulu ade sekor lipas nie sesat kat baju aku. Memula aku x prasan and suddenly kakak aku gitau yg ade lipas kat baju. Aku ape lagi trus freak out x ingat dunia pastu kejar kakak aku suruh dia buang. kakak aku yg x ske lipas gak turut berlari dengan aku (semestinya dia pon nk lari dari lipas gak) so men la kejar2 kat situ smpai aku reached bilik mak aku. tp ofcourse sampai bile smpai kat sane konpem lipas tu dh lesap. Ye ar, dgn aku terlompat2 nya, pastu lari2 lagik, konpem lipas tu pening haha. Dh x mampu berpaut dh kat baju aku XD Lagi binatang yg berjaya wat aku freak out adela pacat. And time aku freak out tu semestinya time camping aritu and depan lots of guys. Korang tau la kan camne habitat pacat. skali dh melekat kat tgn susah gilus nk buang. mmg aku melompat habes la nk buang menatang tuh

5. Medical dramas

Aku sememangnye anti ngan citer2 medical dramas nih tp satu jer citer yg berjaya wat aku tgk adalah citer CODE BLUE

(eccey wat promotion lak kat cini) of course antara sebab utama aku tgk semestinya sbb ade yamapi (haha!) kalu x, haram la sentuh citer ni pun (tp citer ni mmg besh la, no lovey dovey and those unnecessaries mellow scenes like the malay or korean dramas). sebab utama aku x ske tgk ade la sbb the non-stop blooding scenes. aku tgk citer ni konpem x mo makan nasik time tuh. mmg leh muntah la. lagi2 nk makan daging time diorang tgh wat operation... tidak la wehh... dr dulu lagi, aku ingat time kecik diorang tunjuk ER kat tv, aku sememangnye freak out abes tp dipaksa oleh kakak aku utk tgk (bkn la kene paksa cume sbb dh x de cite len) dan akhirnya aku jugak x lalu makan nasik. tu sebab seboleh2 nye aku akan mengelat bile org ajak aku tgk citer2 camni. even CSI pon aku despise walopon korang begitu teruja tgk. ade skalik time kat AC tgk makan chicken chop kat AC, tibe2 makcik tu pi bukak CSI. Ape lagi trus arr aku pusing ngadap tempat len.

6. Benda2 yg ade kaitan ngan hantu

Aku suka, serius suka tgk citer hantu. Mmg besh TP hanye la bile ade org tgk same2 ngan aku. Pastu satu lagi kegemaran aku adela dgr citer pasal hantu terutama yg kat hostel punye. cume pastu aku akan freak out gile2. Kadang2 diorang suke berkumpul kat bilik aku citer benda2 camni last2 aku yg x bley tido. Mlm2 takut tibe2 pintu bilik aku kene ketuk kol 3 pagi. last2 sanggup tidor ngan mp3 terpasang. Lagi lak tu room mate aku dlu dak SBP lagi la banyak citer dia. Dh la bilik aku btul2 sblah toilet huhu

7. Speech di hadapan ramai

Aku hanya akan yakin bercakap kat depan kalu hanye setakat membaca and aku ader ilmu secukupnya pasal menda yg aku ckp tu. Tp skang nmpak nya fobia aku kat mende nie dh makin kurang compared time aku kat high school dlu. kat high school, suara mmg x kuar la. Atleast bile kat sini aku dh makin yakin. Cume one thing I really hate, kene mengaji di khalayak ramai. konpem terketar suara aku.

8. Tempat tinggi

Dlu aku sememangnye pasti aku bukan sorang yg Aeroacrophobia. Cume akhir2 nie bile aku stat nek tmpt tinggi balik, aku dh rase makin gayat and aku x tau nape. Mungkin sebab dh x bese kut.

9. Air dalam

Mungkin sebab aku x reti berenang so aku x ske.

Byk agi sbnarnye tp tu la antara yg dpt aku list out. Kate la aku penakut atau ape pon, I just can't help it huhu. Feel free to share your fearness too hehe

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Went back to beloved kampung on the 4th April. Well it's fun! Captured the pictures of the
family of the cats there. Beware, cats spam!

Out of nowhere the father tibe2 muncul. He's not even my grandmum's cat pon. so i don't really know if he is the real father or not ;P tibe2 dtg tumpang makan. x malu punye kucing hehe

And this is the mother. she looks samseng imo (well memang pon... she likes to put some scratches to anyone who gets near her. can't blame her. she had fought some wild fox before and did survived and because of that she will look at anyone suspiciously. don't know if want to say kesian or not becoz I'm so scared of her!)

And these two are the daughters. Cho kawaii!!! I do think that one of them looks like a rabbit. comel!

Daisuki desu!

The macho father

The sweet mum


Some sceneries. The second picture is a place where the haunted house was located. they already demolished it. kowai na~~