Thursday, December 21, 2017

Black Korean Drama Review [Warning - A lil bit of Spoiler]

I just finished watching Black recently. Black is a korean drama which consists of 18 episodes. Somehow for me, Black is kinda new genre. I used to only watched those kind of melodrama or comedic type. But Black is more of thrill and also mystery. Not really focusing on love story

Minus the final episode? Black definitely is one of my fave drama. But with the finale? I feel extremely disappointed with the whole way they concluded the drama. Just.. blerghh =/

I like every detail that the script writer has made with the drama. With a little twist here and there. And oh here came the unexpected. I totally love. When you thought the main culprit is that one person, turn out to be the other person. This drama is lead by Song Seung-Heon and Go Ara.

A simple synopsis of the story. It's a story about grim reaper(444) took over a detective's (Han Moo Gang) dead body in order to retrieve back his partner that went into the human world back again by taking over another person's dead body. Before dead, Han Moo Gang met a special human (Kang Ha Ram) who has the ability to see the "shadow" of the grim reaper. After 444 took over Han Moo Gang's body, 444 took advantage of Kang Ha Ram's ability to retrieve back his partner that went missing. Only Kang Ha Ram that can see the shadow in the human's body. On his way to retrieve his missing partner, Han Moo Gang or 444 unintentionally solved different kind cases which connects to one another and also connected to his old self.

So yeah what about the final episode? Disappointing? Why? After seeing lots of people dying or dead in 17 episodes, on the final episode 444 requested for himself to perished from this world and requested that those memories about to him be erased from everyone's mind. So it was like hitting a reset button and the mess that happened for 17 episodes just went... totally wasted. I don't know to use what word. Just wasted man =|

In the final episode, Kang Ha Ram's parents didn't go into the accident which is I don't know how this supposed to connect with 444 perished. Kang Ha Ram lead a simple and ordinary life without 444 in her mind at all. Suddenly they show the already old Kang Ha Ram hearing stories about 444. The next day Kang Ha Ram sat in front of the house at the yard and died. So she met again with 444 and she remembers him. Like wtf, Didn't all the memories were erased from everyone mind? Like blah3 I hate the ending. I would prefer a rather dark ending than this kind of "fairy tale" ending which totally had ruined the whole dark drama. 

I just don't know about other but am not fond with the ending. Sucks totally. Doesn't make any sense at all. I've read somewhere that this whole idea of the ending was the idea of the director and not from the script writer herself. If this is true, that stupid director totally have wasted such a good drama with  such kind of ending

Overall I can only give this drama around 7/10. If it wasn't because of the bad ending, I would totally give around 9.5/10. And why I gave it 7/10? Because the other 17 episodes saved the rating. Good drama with bad ending

Well this is just based on my opinion. Chiao 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

After more than 1 year

Rasa macam dah lama sangat tak blogging kat sini. Well obviously half of my life is spent at other social network services. Facebook lah, instagram and whatnot. Finally decided to spend more time on my humble blog. Since I have more time right now in hand haha. 

Sekarang ni dah lebih setahun aku kahwin. And this blog has seen the progress of me growing up starting from my uni life. Cuma lepas kahwin dah tak update. Busy with life after marriage of course haha. 

Just a simple update before I finally be in my full mode of blogging. Till next time guys ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Love of my life

Counting days. Finally insyaAllah the right man has arrived in my life. After waiting for so long. Hopefully the marriage will last forever and will be under Allah's blessing. 



Counting days. 8/10/2016

Finally, you and me


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time to take a break with life

Sometimes you just feel like taking a break from life. When you just feel like breaking free from everything. When you feel like life is suffocating. When you feel like you're getting out of place. Picking the pieces of me that keep on breaking apart. Sometimes life is just... tiring. Tired of everything. Tired of thinking. Tired of wondering. Tired of pulling and pushing. Time to take a break with life. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Older is wiser?

Does being old makes you wiser? I'm not so sure about that. Well I used to think older person is a more wiser person. Well of course, growing up, I will always look up on people who are older than me. Always think that they're older so pretty much they have more knowledge than me.

But being an adult myself currently makes me rethink the thought that I used to hold on before. Being older does makes you wiser? Am not really sure about that. Makin lama hidup kat dunia ni makin aku rasa kurangnya ilmu kat dada. Makin aku rasa there's sooo much in this world that I just don't know yet.

Okay back to the point. Your old age does not makes you any wiser than a person who is younger than you but has more experience than you do. Take an example, you got your driving license pretty much late than your friend. You've been driving everday eversince you got your license but your friend just drive the car like once a week. Your friend got his/her license first but you yourself have more experience driving than your friend. Does owning a driving license longer than you makes your friend more expert than you? Experience beats everything. I might think I am wiser than a 20 years old girl. But if she has been experiencing far more difficulties and obstacles than me, does not makes me any wiser than her. 

Ahaa so much of talking because I feel useless each time a new day pass ahead of me. I don't think I am getting any wiser. Sometimes I just feel so lost in life that I just could not find the light. I could not determine what is the right path for me to follow. Pretty much I am currently living my life as it is, without a direction to guide me. I am approaching the 30s less than 5 years but I just still don't get the meaning of my life. I still don't know what is the purpose. I just.. live.

So here I am, hoping to be a bit wiser each day. Though I don't think I am leading to the right direction.

Oh forgot to say, hi blog! I miss you so much. Hehe. Toodles.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Parallel lines (You and I)

Ever heard of the parallel lines? This may sound a lil mathematical to some of you but somehow it means quite a thing to me

"Parallel lines have so much in common. It’s a shame they’ll never meet!"

You and I, well we have very much in common. We get along very well. We never really get bored of each other. Whatever we do, we can entertain each other. You'll listen to whatever I will say, showing interest no matter what. Yes, we get along very well. I know.

But somehow, you and I, me and you, are just like... the parallel lines. We have so much in common but yeah, in whatever point in this life, we shall never meet, at all. You and I are never meant to be with each other. You and I are just meant to be there, in this life, knowing each other, getting very easy with one another but no, there will be no point in this life where we will ever meet, ever...

Go on with your life. You got your life to live, and I got mine too. We shall never mess up with the life that we have built so far. You should go on with your path and I should go with mine.

Hoping that you will understand that you and I, are just the same as these parallel lines. 

"Parallel lines (we) have so much in common. It’s a shame they’ll (we'll) never meet!"