Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rakyat Malaysia ramai yang kufur nikmat?

I posted these in twitter just now and I feel like sharing em to my own blog. Betapa aku rasa Malaysia ni ramai kufur nikmat. Kang guna ayat tak tahu bersyukur kang ada yang tuduh aku macai pulak sat lagi. Macai tu apebenda pun aku tak tau. So here you go :

"Ada sorang guard pakistani ni time dlu dia blaja engineering. Tp end up jd pakgad je kt sini. Why? Sebab negara dia byk bergolak unlike here"

"Mungkin kadar jenayah kita makin tinggi ape sume but come to think of it, xpenah skali aku rasa kebulur. Baru td aku melantak beriani mahbub"

"Engineer wey, end up jd pakgad. Aku org IT pn jd engineer, kalah dia. Punya la teruk negara dia. Kesian. Hmmm."

"Tu sbb sepuluh kali korang ckp Malaysia x aman pn aku tanak percaya. Aku mmg nk sujud syukur kt Allah Maha Esa sbb aku lahir kt Malaysia ni"

"Asyik nak banding dgn kelebihan negara lain, bila pulak nak bersyukur dgn kelebihan negara kita ada? Korang ni kufur nikmat ni. Kbai"

"Pergi Australia, makin ke hulu masuk kereta, makin mahal minyak nye. Nak dpt standardize oil and gas price? Mimpi la wey."

"Tu sebab aku cakap orang Malaysia ni banyak kufur nikmat Allah Taala dah bagi. Merungut banyak. Bising lebih. Puiiii. Ok sorry kasar sangat"

Something to ponder upon.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Super Show 5 (SS5) live in Malaysia - 23rd November 2013

Warning: it's a super long post with lots of pics spam and Heechul's fangirling. You've been warned :p

Last Wednesday, while I was lepaking and online-ing at the office suddenly, a good friend of mine tweeted me this, 

"babe! Ada org nak jual rockzone suju 2 keping rm500. Ko nk tak?".

At first, I was like, eh seriously? 2 tickets only rm500?? *Geleng2 kepala tak percaya*. I just started working this november so believe me, my financial state currently is like seriously in crisis. When they first announced Super Junior will be doing concert in Malaysia, I was like, eh nak pergiiii! I've been waiting sooo long for Suju's concert so this is kinda my chance to watch them. Well especially when they announced that my super bias,  space bigstar, Kim Heechul will be joining this SS5 after 2 years spending time in military. So I was like summpah rasa nak pergi gila but since I am currently broken, I decided to just forget about the concert.

But this news that was brought by this friend of mine, is like a veryyyyy good news for me. It was like a durian runtuh jugak laa. I didn't expect it all. Because as an info for everyone, the CAT 1 which is the rock zone is priced at RM661 when I checked the price online. So getting this kind of price? Paham2 sendiri je lah kan.

Then this friend tweeted me again, saying that she got 4 tickets for only RM900. Well this means that per ticket, I only paid in around RM225. Weyyyy tak ke rasa nak gelek2 bila tau hahaha. The thing is, the seller won these tickets from a contest, well I don't know what contest. I don't think he/she is a fan of Suju so the seller decided just to sell the tickets off veryyyy cheaply. Like super cheap okay. Inilah namanya durian runtuh haha.

I didn't prepared anything at all. When Heenim was still in military, I have slowed down my obsession towards Suju. I didn't listen to their new album. I don't really know their recent singles. I only watched SS3 concert as Heenim was still in there. So without knowing anything about SS5, I decided to just.. go. Go, watch and have fun.

I have never been in rock zone before. Never once. I've been to concerts. Well not these kind of concerts. Only concert like Korean Music Wave lah kan. Itu pun I was at the veryyyy back. I only bought the cheapest ticket that they sell for every concert that I went. So, the first time I entered the stadium I was like.. whoaaa. I have this kind of wowww feeling. The concerts that I went before were all held at the open stadium so I didn't get to feel this kind of feeling. Only now I know why people always say that they like in the closed stadium more rather than in the open stadium.

I get to watch concerts only in videos before. I have been a hardcore boybands fan for almost like... 9 years or something? My ultimate biases before this were all Japanese boybands. Knowing Japanese boybands, they just don't go doing tour internationally. They only go for countries like Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand. They don't go to country like Malaysia. I just don't know why. So I don't really get the chance to be in big concerts like this. Until I discovered K-Pop in 2008. But still, I didn't go for the concerts and only fangirling through video and what not. So having to present myself in the concert is like a dream come true. My dream was fulfilled. I was.. absolutely satisfied!

As someone who has never been in the rock zone, rocking in there, this is awesomeee okay. I can see their faces only like 5 meters away from, and trust me, 5meters ain't really that far. I was a total shocked at first when I see the stage just right in front of me haha. Call me noob kbai. 

Before the light was off

After the light is on. Sapphire blue ocean babyyy!

Finally, the moment for the concert to start arrived. I was supeeeeeer excited okay at that time. I screamed my lung out! hahaa. But the first thought that came out to my mind was like, the music was veryyyy loud. It goes all boom boommm. Luckily the loud music was only at the starting of the concert. After, the sound went all smooth and very nice to hear. 
Super Junior is behind the curtain

The very first person that came out infront of my very eyes: Kyuhyun. He was not far. Like I said, only 5 meters away from audience.

Throughout the concert, I've been snapping like crazy. Kalah paparazzi gua cakap lu. Using my small height, I've been moving around like tikus there, selit sana, selit sini. Once I'm at the front then after 5 seconds suddenly I already stood at the back. Sumpah macam lipas kudung. 

They started off with Mr Simple, the final single before Heechul went to the army. I was rocking like hell haha. Been dreaming to go to the concerts all my life kot. 

I don't really remember the setlist because I was really rocking myself out at that time haha. So after they performed around 2 songs, they did the introduction. 

My ultimate bias is Kim Heechul but I just don't why I didn't snap any of his pic for this members introduction. But I know I was screaming really out loud when he started of with, "Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul". And I go with all my might, "Wooyutbigal Kim Heechul!!". Ohhh uri milky skin Kim Heechul, I love you lah!

Heechul's hair was red that day. I was really thankful that he don't go all crazy with his hair because I want to admire his beautiful hair all day. Those who have been watching Heechul, this guy really has a silky, smooth and nice hair. So seeing him in that hair definitely was good!

Since I don't really know the setlist so I can't really state what happened during the concert. I was almost all the time, leisurely strolling around the rock zone area finding a nice place for me to watch the concert. Most of the time I spent at the very front on the left side where people don't really crowding up there. Most of them are crowding up at the centre. Before this I thought rock zone will all be crowded up but to my surprise, people can even lie down kat situ okay. Not like all these people thought, something like bercampur laki perempuan. No, seriously no. I was having a great time watching from behind leisurely.

But I was quite disappointed because Heenim didn't really go to the left side that much. The only members that are frequent there somehow Siwon, Henry and Kyuhyun. But anyway it's really interesting seeing Siwon wearing tank top very closely, showing off his muscles haha. He always went crazy, dancing and everything in front of us. I bet those hardcore Siwon fan will be deeply jealous with me haha, well like how I really feel jealous seeing Heenim entertain other fans -_-

Pardon for these unclear pics of Shindong and Eunhyuk. They're moving too fast I can't really capture a clear picture. But I tell you, I was really in total shock when they dance this kind of dance with erotic moves hahaha. A very close distant I must say. I was like, uihhh maksiat ni wakakaa. But I was entertain by the dance. Ehemm. Haha.
This is Siwon showing of his muscles

And this is Ryeowook, dancing very cutely in front of us hehe. All I can say about Ryeowook is, he is really petite! So cute and small compared to other members. And always go all smiling :)

I remember this one time, Heechul join the Shake It Up song and at the very beginning of the song, he was kind of hesitate to start dancing. Those who didn't know, Heechul didn't join the Shake It Up song before in SS3. So I saw that he was kinda looking at the other member trying to remember the first step of dance and I thought that was kinda funny and I went laughing all by myself haha. Finally he grabbed the beat and starts to dance accordingly. Heechul ahh, why so cute? hehe
This is the very first pic of solo heenim I managed to capture. Why la so hard to capture the pic of your bias nicely??

It's always Kyuhyun that going in and out at front of us. Probably this is the place that was assigned to him. Why not Heenim? Haha sorry guys, I am totally addicted to him. 
Managed to capture this pic of Kyuhyun

The stage was really nice I tell you

These pictures below, are the pics of Siwon and Sungmin that were probably the best pics that I took back there in the stadium. Only using S3. No filter okay haha.

Sungmin gave a look hehe

And here are pics of eunhyuk :)

Then finally, I managed to capture proper images of Heenim!! Finally he went all the way to our side! Brace yourself, pictures of heechul are up next! Lots of them haha

 Bunny heechul. So cute!

And this is when he was sitting just right in front of us and I just went all crazy snap snap snap haha

Notice that he look into my camera?

And here I noticed that he look straight again into my camera. So again I go snap snap snap again haha

And I also managed to capture the image of this bubbly guy who is the same age as me! 89 lines foreverrr haha. I wasn't really into henry before but ya know, after watching this concert, I honestly think that this guy is super cute okay! Sangat bubbly on stage, very charming hehe

This was the time when they are putting on tape on Shindong face. Actually I saw when Shindong was grabbing the tape and already knew that he was plotting something with the tape haha

This is the time when the back dancer girls are showing of some sexy moves and these guys are watching them. I can see that Heenim is really enjoying the scene hehee

Heenim and Kangin. I really like these duo from the old days :)

Before closing, I remember they asked the members to do gwiyomi. And I was one of the girls that was shouting really loudly for Heenim! haha

Sungmin and Kyuhyun did it very cutely. But Heenim, oh my gudness Heenim. He did the gwiyomi very cutely at first but when it comes to the final move which is the number 6, suddenly he went  licking all of his fingers not kissing! And all the girls went squealing and screaming like seeing something 18 rated scene hahaha. Heenim always does differently haha. And okay, I admitted. I was seduced by him. haha.

So, here goes my review for this concert. As the first concert ever I have attended, I was fully satisfied by this. The sound system is good. Everything looks beautiful with the lasers, cofettis and firework. To tell you the truth, I was totally shocked by the firework. Because they were like just in front of me haha. Not even a single warning suddenly it goes booom!! But that was naiseee. Finally I understand the feeling of being front there haha. And having the confettis dropping to us, was a very dreamlike scene. I was superly satisfied by that. But I was a lil disappointed when they don't have any of flying scene. Was expecting something like that haha. Pardon me, I haven't watch any of SS5 fancam so I didn't really know what to expect lah. 

Members interaction? Supeeeeer satisfied! Of course one thing that I really love about boyband is the brotherly love that they share. I can't deny that. I can't love a group without fangirling over their brotherly love hehe. 

Everyone was so energetic. Always putting a smile on their face. Keep the crowd going on and on. And I spent most of the time trying to chase Heechul haha. I wasn't disappointed at all with concert. I don't have any complain towards the management.

So my view towards the members? Well let's see. After seeing them live with my own eyes. Let's start off with Siwon shall we? To me, his body is awesomeee. Yep awesome. Can crown him the muscle guy jugak laa. And I must say, yes he is the gentleman style. Once I saw a scene where there is this quite an old guy, dunno around late 40 or 50 plus, wanting a handshake with him. And he went through the trouble just to grab the hand of the old guy by climbing off to the side of the stage. And yeahh, his smile is charming! As for Kangin, I didn't get that much of interaction with him because he wasn't really on my side of the stage. But I do noticed that his body has gone so much thinner compared to the way he was before. A lil more muscular. 

Same goes to Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Zhoumi. I don't really get that much of interaction. What I can say is just, Donghae and Sungmin both are really cute! I can see that Sungmin is type of person who is soft and kind of delicate. He can look manly sometimes but most of the time, he shows the soft side of him. Eunhyuk was great in dancing, I must admit that. When seeing him dancing live, I must admit that this guy has this one charm where people can really fall for him. 

Shindong, this guy, even though he has this huge build, I must admit laa, he has the face. He is actually quite handsome kot when seeing him live. Kyuhyun and ryeowook are both cute. As I have said before, Ryeowook is really the petite type. The one that you feel like wanting to pinch the face haha. Henry, like I have mentioned before, he has his own beuatiful charm. He suddenly rises in term of ranking in my heart haha. 

Finally heechul!! Honest confession; I am more to Petal rather than Elf. Yes I was an addicted elf before but after the departure of Heenim and our dear leader, my love for Suju keep on draining. And when heechul made a comeback, I went totally crazy again about Super Junior hehe. Looking at this guy live, I can see the "majestic aura" surrounding our Heechul. He definitely has his own charm capturing the girls' hearts. Probably because he is my super bias, I don't know haha. He is skinny wey. He owns a pair of legs that can even beat a girl's leg. And I am glad that Heenim hasn't really lost his charm. Finally I have the chance to see Heechul live with my own eyes and I feel super satisfied by that. Not bowing when others are bowing and will bow right after everyone has already put their head up. That's heenim and that is his charm. Goshhh I feel like a stalker kot while watching him performing haha.

Overall I was satisfied and I really hope that Suju will have SS6 here with our precious leader and Yesung. Praying hard!

Last but not least, their final pics before they say goodbye. Enjoy! :)