Monday, February 21, 2011

Part of my memory

I don't blame you 
For what has happened in the past
You were no wrong
I was no right
Probably I was in the rush
Probably I wasn't right in the mind

We were both young, right?
It's just not the right time

But it's a wonderful
Wonderful memories to me
Cuz you taught me things
You showed me some ways
You taught me some things about life

I just wanna thank you
For used to be part of me
Even just for a while
Even now you just live as a memory

Thank you
For being part of the memory


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Menyesal tak sudah

Kau tahu, kalau kau dah sakit kan hati mak dan ayah kau
Even tanpa sengaja atau sengaja pun
Even kau rasa macam kau dah mintak maaf 
Atau pun rasa diorang macam dah maafkan kau
Still, kau akan rasa tak best je satu hari
Kadang sampai berhari-hari
Kau punya hati memang takkan rasa senang
Sebab? Kau memang pernah sudah sakitkan hati mak ayah kau
Pedih kat hati sampai rasa air mata nak mengalir je sepanjang masa
Sebab terkenang cara kau sakitkan hati mak ayah kau

Menyesal tak sudah
Ego yang tinggi

This is how I feel right now :(
Forgive me mom and dad ;((
Janji takmo buat lagi dah lepas ni :(

p/s: even benda kecik besar kuman je pun, you still have hurt the heart of your parents, okay?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Having parents on facebook

Having your parents as your friends on facebook? As for me, the worst thing ever. Okay, fine. I do have my own father as one of the friends. But no big deal since I'm the one who's handling his facebook. He told me to post something something something, I'll post it up for him. 

Okay, back on track. Having your parents on facebook. A big NO NO for me actually. Especially when your parents are one of those who kinda more "celik IT", at least for the old people. What you do, who are your friends, what are your activities, THEY WILL KNOW. Like for example, you've been skipping classes, like the whole one day, then suddenly your friends commented on your status saying that "why didn't you come to class today ek?". And obviously stated that you skipped your classes. It's the worst thing for parents to know, well at least for me, since parents really hate this skipping class thingy. I've been lectured like the whole day, no, couple of days, just because my parents received the "love letter" or the so called warning letter for skipping only two classes when I was in Matric. They lectured, and have given warning to me not to do those thing ever again. 

And also all of the stupid conversations that we always have with our friends, well, like, those conversations contain the not so suitable words or phrases. The one that we young people always use. I can't really think of any of it but I think you guys should understand my point. Those words? Can seriously be misinterpreted by our parents ya know? When suddenly we say "f*ck ah kau" or "gila b*bi dowh kau ni" on the statuses. Just some random words. We don't really mean to say it. But to our parents, they think the other way round. Deyy, dulu aku sebut b*bi ke, b*doh ke, gila kena tengking kot dengan ayah aku. Though I don't really use those words in my blog or statuses unless I am freaking angry at that time, still, I can't imagine my mom or my dad reads that.

Itu belum campur tolak gambar2 yang kau upload kau facebook. Kot lah kan ada gambar kontroversi ke hape haha. Tapi gambar tak ada lah kisah sangat since aku memang suka tunjuk gambar kat mak aku.

Even by just having my sisters, bro in law and cousins pun, I did use my words cautiously. Tu pun kurang lah, pasal since they are also young people. Young people and old people have different mind set ya know. We think differently.

Anyway, think again when you want to add or approve your parents at facebook. Or you uncles and aunts. Bewareeeee~

Change wallpaper!

Okay. Aku bosan. So posted this haha :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Today marked the second time I finished watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Surprisingly, I watched this drama 2 times. It's very really really rare for me to actually finish up a Korean drama in 2 rounds. Very rare for me. 

I don't watch Korean drama that much. Cuz I tend to get sick of them, or bored, something connected to that since like ya know, Korean dramas are looooooooooong, long enough to make me feel bored easily. Usually dramas that get me watching them for couple of times are the Japanese drama. Don't ask me why. I just heart Japanese drama. Well-plotted and everything. And short haha.

But MGIAG, quite different to me. For me, it does breaks some of the so called typical things that they always have in Korean dramas. First of all, this drama is just 16 episodes. Short, for a Korean drama. So there're no really dragged plots, just to make the drama longer. What I kinda hate with Korean dramas, some of the plots are just too overly being dragged, and somehow, it annoys me. And yes, I must say, this drama is a quite well plotted, and seems very realistic to me, even though they used a Gumiho (nine-tailed fox), as the main character. It also has this kinda plot-twisting that I think was quite excellent. Unpredictable sometimes though some of them can actually be easily predicted. It just don't really flow like the usual Korean dramas.

Dae Woong and Miho, a very adorable couple ever exist in dramas! Korean dramas lah haha. They are like one of my favourite couples. They have this really nice chemistry where you actually will enjoy every single second of their scenes in the drama. I'm a real sucker for romantic dramas ya know? A realllll sucker for that. And this couple, fulfilled what I need, and what I'm looking for. They are like so sweet and you'll just won't get enough of them.  

Shin Min Ah, two thumbs up for her. She did a really great job in this drama. Actually this is my first time watching her acting lah. I adore her dimples. Very much! And she acted very nicely in the drama, bringing up character as an innocent Gumiho.Whenever I see her smile, I just feels like pinching her face and says "kyoooo!". And I did think that she is the main attraction in this drama. She just.. fitted nicely with the character. 

And Lee Seung Gi, not gonna be biased towards him since I favor him that much haha, still, I think he did a great job in this drama even though some people says that he is overreacting. To tell you the truth, at first, he wasn't really appealing with those attitudes that he carries throughout the first half of the drama. A very spoiled kid lah! Feels like strangling him. And always making those kind of faces that makes you feel like punching his face. But then, after quite few episodes, especially those episodes starting from the middle where he actually starts to treat Miho more nicely and starts to fall slowly for her, my God. I fall for him lah. Very nice seeing him showing the matured side of his. It's just nice to see how the character develops from immature to a matured ones. 

As for Noo Min Woo, okay he's hot. It's just nice to see how the bad guy, is actually quite a nice guy. He character flows quite well and it actually helps Miho's and Dae Woong's characters to develop.

So here goes the synopsis: Dae Woong accidentally met Miho and released her from the painting. And while running away from Miho, Dae Woong fell down and was terribly hurt by the accident. And just by thinking that Dae Woong has helped her, so Miho willingly gave away the bead that is precious for a Gumiho to Dae Woong, to cure him, and starting from there, Miho follows Dae Woong around just to protect the bead. Eventually they fall in love with each other. 

A warning here, since this is based on the Korean legend, so you can't really expect it to be realistic that much. The realistic part of this drama is where how Dae Woong and Miho sacrifice for each other in the name of love. That's how it goes.

100 days in 16 episodes. A sweet, romantic, nice and adorable story, yet still filled with sad, serious and happy parts. 

So yeah, I recommend this drama. Go go, watch! =D

Monday, February 7, 2011

Post ini dalam bahasa pasar. Take note haha

First sekali, nak buat makluman kat sini, aku akan buat posting kali ini dalam bahasa pasar. Take note thank you hahah.

Aku gne pekataan cekgu, tok ngelak dr "cekgu" aku bleh translate mende neh gne alat yg korng pon tau. Ayat terlebey pasar dowh dlm ni. Tersasul-sasul aku nk eja hahaha.

Kantoi dohh. Td dlm klas webprog ble aku msuk klas, cekgu aku dh tersengih2 lak pndg aku. Aku cam heran lah pehal lak cekgu aku dok sengih2 pndg aku. Then, aku dok lah kat tmpt aku. Blum le smpt nk bkk fesbuk ke hape, tetibe laa kan, cekgu dok kate (tulis dlm bm ekks), "Sy jmpe blog awok. And bla bla bla".

Demm, tergamem aku kt stu dowhh. Hahaha, serius sh*t, aku cam x sgka lak dia bley jmpe blog aku. Seb bek dowh, aku x kutok dia. Klu aku kutok, abes ler. Tp itu laa nye, aku dok kutok subjek len lak. Dem dem dem. Tobat dh weh tobat. Xmo dh wat camtu dlm blog. Worst thing evaaa haha

Okay berakhir sudah bahasa pasar kita di sini. Harap korang faham laa apa yang aku cuba sampaikan. Seksa nak habiskan post ni.

Oh, btw, tadi kelas Statistic 2 aku cancel. Reason? Sir aku accident. Dia tak kata dia jatuh motor. He says, "I flyyyy". hahah. sekian

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Start from zero again!

As you guys know, I'm also a nuffnanger. Not really those nuffnanger that actually has high payment like others, but still, I am a nuffnanger. 

Sebenarnya lah kan kan kan, aku kan, waaa, aku sebenarnya berhasrat nak kumpul sampai RM100 baru nak cashout duit aku. Tapi kan kan kan, waaa, aku tertekan butang cashout and poof!

daripada ini
kepada ini

dan sekarang aku tengah tunggu ini

Okay, just by one click yang tak disengajakan, aku ter cashout nuffnang aku. sheesshhh. takpe lah.

anyway, kira aku wrap up earning aku RM72.18. Yeahh, boleh lah. Tak sampai setahun aku kumpul.

Simpan duit, simpan duit. Boleh shopping hihi~

p/s: seriously, I tell you, I never really done anything to earn this 70 ringgit. Just blog anytime and anything I like saja laa. Then the earnings keep on increasing, little by little. I think you should try nuffnang too. Money comes into pocket just like that. yeahh~

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Korean people also have sensitivity towards our sensitivities

Just now I watched the recent broadcast of 1 night 2 days, yang subbed version punya broadcast kat KBSW. No, I didn't watch yang broadcast kat TV tu. Pasal hari tu pun tak sempat lah nak tengok. Tengok ni yang downloaded version punya. This show pasal people going on travelling all over Korea. The reason why I watch this thing of course sebab Lee Seung Gi laa heheh. But to those yang pernah tengok Family Outing, concept lebih kurang sama. Tapi 1 night 2 days ni lebih kepada promoting Korea macam tu lah.

So I watched the episode where they went for vacation with the foreigners that reside and work in Korea. Ya know, such people like Pakistanis, Cambodians, Bangladeshis, like those people lah. 

If you know about Koreans, they really love pigs, very much. So I was watching the show and was wondering how will they cooperate with the Muslims. To my surprise, they actually have quite sensitivity with Muslim people's culture.

First encounter of "no pork"
*Look to the left. Seung gi! hehe*

Ohh, they realized that Muslim people don't eat porks :)

The sensitivity that they showed (:

And Eun Ji Won even used assalamualaikum 

Muslim people in Korea sometimes having hard times just to pray. Very different compared to Malaysia

The caring Eun Ji Won (:

And I really never thought that Koreans know about we don't eat pork. It just nice to know that they know that.

It's hard to live abroad, kan? Not so much stuff that we can eat and everything. Even praying will be such a problem. Even hijabs could cause something huge. 

So, glad that you live in Malaysia :)

Aku sebenarnya agak kurang percaya bila aku dengar cerita ni. I have known this one couple who has got married around couple of years. Lama jugak lah mereka kahwin. Not people who are close to me actually. Just someone I know just by stories. Mereka dah kahwin lama jugak lah. And right now, diorang dah ada 2 orang anak. 

The thing that shocked me the most is that, perempuan tu rupa2 nya, tak pernah sedar pun yang dia dah kahwin dengan lelaki tu, until dia dah ada dua anak. My God, scary kan? Both of them nampak macam happy couple tapi sebenarnya, rupa2 nya perempuan tu mungkin dah kena guna-guna dengan lelaki tu, tu yang menyebabkan dia sanggup kahwin dengan lelaki tu even though before this, actually this woman sangat lah bencikan lelaki tu. Up till dah beranak 2, baru dia sedar yang dia dah berkahwin. Tapi lepas dah kahwin, nak buat macam mana, terpaksa teruskan jugak perkahwinan.

Second story yang pernah aku dengar jugak, not anyone who are closed to me to, this one happily married couple, rupa2 nya, tak pernah berhubungan suami isteri langsung sepanjang perkahwinan diorang, sebab lelaki tu pun kena sihir jugak. That woman still maintain as a virgin. Memang tak percaya. Lama dah kot dia diorang dah kahwin. Yang aku sangat kesian is that woman. Tapi dia bertahan jugak sebab rasa sayang dia dengan lelaki tu.

Banyak dah cerita yang aku dah dengar. Perkahwinan tak bahagia sebab sihir. Scary kot sebenarnya. Perempuan, even kalau kau tak suka dengan that one guy, jangan sampai nak benci dia. Pergi tolak elok2. Jangan sampai one day you end up just to be like the person mentioned above. Perempuan tu pergi maki lelaki tu, then lelaki tu end up sihirkan dia sampai kahwin tanpa sedar.

Bahaya oh, sihir ni, kan?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Lelaki kalau dah sayang, akan dipuja nya kau 
bagai si Juliet, 
bagai si Mumtaz Mahal.
Tetapi lelaki kalau dah benci, akan dihina, dikeji, dipijak nya kau 
bagaikan tahi"

well, not my own experience, but from own observation. true or not true?