Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time to take a break with life

Sometimes you just feel like taking a break from life. When you just feel like breaking free from everything. When you feel like life is suffocating. When you feel like you're getting out of place. Picking the pieces of me that keep on breaking apart. Sometimes life is just... tiring. Tired of everything. Tired of thinking. Tired of wondering. Tired of pulling and pushing. Time to take a break with life. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Older is wiser?

Does being old makes you wiser? I'm not so sure about that. Well I used to think older person is a more wiser person. Well of course, growing up, I will always look up on people who are older than me. Always think that they're older so pretty much they have more knowledge than me.

But being an adult myself currently makes me rethink the thought that I used to hold on before. Being older does makes you wiser? Am not really sure about that. Makin lama hidup kat dunia ni makin aku rasa kurangnya ilmu kat dada. Makin aku rasa there's sooo much in this world that I just don't know yet.

Okay back to the point. Your old age does not makes you any wiser than a person who is younger than you but has more experience than you do. Take an example, you got your driving license pretty much late than your friend. You've been driving everday eversince you got your license but your friend just drive the car like once a week. Your friend got his/her license first but you yourself have more experience driving than your friend. Does owning a driving license longer than you makes your friend more expert than you? Experience beats everything. I might think I am wiser than a 20 years old girl. But if she has been experiencing far more difficulties and obstacles than me, does not makes me any wiser than her. 

Ahaa so much of talking because I feel useless each time a new day pass ahead of me. I don't think I am getting any wiser. Sometimes I just feel so lost in life that I just could not find the light. I could not determine what is the right path for me to follow. Pretty much I am currently living my life as it is, without a direction to guide me. I am approaching the 30s less than 5 years but I just still don't get the meaning of my life. I still don't know what is the purpose. I just.. live.

So here I am, hoping to be a bit wiser each day. Though I don't think I am leading to the right direction.

Oh forgot to say, hi blog! I miss you so much. Hehe. Toodles.