Saturday, January 24, 2009

Damn, I'm kinda pissed off right now cuz my precious headphone broke for the second time, I repeat, SECOND TIME for God sake. Seriously pissed off right now. Though it is not as pricey as you guys thought, well only cost me in about RM 70 but still, I've bought two already. The same brand, the exact headphone as the one that been broke before. And how much will it be when you times it with 2? It's RM 140. And plus the cost for another new headphone? Damn, it will be RM210! Just for the headphone. Rite, call me cheapskate but with that RM210, hey, I can get another hard disk with that. What pisses me more is that my sis who unintentionally broke the headphone will only want to pay half of the headphone price. I still need to use my own money for another half of the price la kan... ishh. I won't be this pissed off if I need not to use my own money...

The not so lucky headphone. Sudah patah ;(

Okay forget that. Need to calm myself down.

Yesterday night I went to Angkasapuri RTM to escort my another sister(not the one who broke my headphone) cuz she needs to do overtime work. Went out of my house in around 8.25 and arrived there in around 9.15pm. Seriously gile jammed at Federal Highway. But still I'm enjoying myself cuz it's not me that need to drive (ceh, lesen pn x der).

Jammed at Federal Highway.

The car of crime. Take note of the plate number. He keeps on selit2 and himpit us. Lucky I managed to take the picture hehe.

RTM has been like my second home since I was young. Both of my parents work there more than 30 years I guess. And I had been there since I was born (yea right...). But since my dad already bersara and my mom had change her workplace (she's been working under Unit Drama TV now, which isn't located at Angkasapuri), I rarely come and have fun there at angkasapuri. So, yeah.. this was my first time after quite a long time I go to Angkasapuri. Kinda missed being there.

My sis had started working there too since one year ago I guess. So, this thing is kind of kerja turun-temurun. Luckily my third sis didn't work there too (okay people, come and guess how many sisters I have haha!). Well she's been working under Telekom. Okay back to story, my sis which I called her angah been working under RTM as database maintainer, well something like that laa. Fun for her la to work there cuz she got to watch first the all the shows before it being shown to the public.

So, I went with her to Intenational Broadcasting Cetre (IBC) building. And hey, seriously, this place had been through some nice changes. It looks different than what I used to have in my mind. RTM looks canggih to me now haha. On my way to my sis place, I can see props that they use for a show called sehati sejiwa or something (well I don't watch TV that much, lagi2 RTM. so I don't know la hehe). My sis walked seriously fast until I don't have time to snap any pictures at all. Well, I feel kinda shy jugak la to snapping pictures there. People will call me jakun if I did that.

When I step into the place where my sis work, I feel kinda surprised. Gile before this I thought RTM seriously kuno. I look at the place where they located the server, the place where they ingest the shows. Huhu jakun gile. But I didn't show that to my sis. Nnt kene ejek la. Still I didn't get to snap pictures again cuz there are some makciks who work there chit-chatting. So I cancelled off the intention to get some pictures.

Well, in the server room I managed to get some pictures though. Because no one is there! Hehe. Finally I get to see some real servers and workstations or nodes (whatever you people called that) with my own eyes.

The main server.

I can see the word workstation there hehe


Workstations with the server

The look from the back.

Another one. I wonder what will happen if I unplugged one of these plugs? hehe

Anyway, my sis actually didn't really galakkan me to put the pictures here in the blog. She said that this is some kind of rahsia kerajaan and I thought, what? Rahsia amende nyee...? It's just servers and everything. It's not like they're making some secret weapon there. Well, still it's rahsia kerajaan la jugak cuz RTM is under the government...

My mission of taking pictures once again being stop. Why? Becoz suddenly someone called abg Faiz muncul and once again I feel shy to take pictures. So I stopped and just sit at my sis place having my boring time waiting her to finish up till 11.30 pm. Well, how long is that?

My sis said that RTM is actually far more maju than TV3. Well, RTM use digitalized videos. They digitalized the videos from analog. Have heard this thing before? Well, comp1 haha. For anyone concern, TV3 actually still use analog. They still use video tapes la kan. And another thing that I know, actually RTM and Astro are good friends so their enemy is actually the Media Prima (the father of TV3, NTV7 bla3). RTM and Astro shared technologies with one another. They always help each other. That's why la when Mawi married Ekin only RTM is allowed to show them to public other than Astro. Astro didn't allowed TV3 to do that hehe. Say no to rival! (That's what they said not me).

Fun fun fun being there but what saddens me is that I didn't get to go to the Konti which is the place for broadcasting live. My sis left me alone to have her job done and she ignored me. Well, can't blame her. Nnt kalu x de siaran at RTM she will kene from her boss. I don't want to take the blame huhu.

Td afternoon I went to kenduri and after kenduri went to Amcorp mall with parents for shoes hunting for my mom. Not really my thing. Unless I shop for my ownself laa. Manage to snap the tarian naga picture

Huge la wehh... but cool :D

All right, already tired. Tomorrow need to go for some walks at Shah Alam... jaa nee...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Recently when I got some free days(such as today), I will constantly have the feeling of not sleeping at all cuz I don't want tomorrow to show up. Why? One simple reason: tomorrow I need to work hard again well, for the final. One simple reason stopping me to sleep when I have a day free of doing anything. But hey, tomorrow might be a better day than today, so why not we let tomorrow to show up? Haih... time is so tight ler...

Putting myself in UIA seriously make me less socialize with my friends. Why? Becoz the holidays that we have here in UIA, well, in example the mid-sem holidays and the end-semester holidays will never, I mean NEVER be the same with other IPTAs' holidays. Suck isn't it? My friends from other universities will always have the same time for holidays, left me alone here in UIA struggling for exams. Hah, I wonder who sets up the holidays date for us, ek?

Lately I have been actively leeching movies and videos from fellow friends but yeah it's really not the right time to leech all the videos. Final is coming really soon and with packs of assignments, I seriously should lock up my hard disk until all of the things settled up. But I still keep leeching the videos(and even download some of them on my own!). Gile x sedar diri.

The day to be here in Cenfos is getting lesser. Less time to study and less time to have my place of study to be really near to my home. Uwaa... I will be missing Cenfos really much. Seriously, I can even walk with my own feet to home from Cenfos la kan. Umm kinda weird reason for missing Cenfos... Never mind that.

Some might wonder why I always moan here in this blog (well, even I kept wondering too). Should really not asking that cuz I don't really have any other ideas to be thrown here. Week after week the cycle of my life will be the same, not until the final is over. Hahhhh... And now I finally understand why my blog is not filled with the colorful stories compared to other blogs that I've been hopping recently. Well, the blog is the place to let your heart out, to voice out anything(well not everything) in your mind. Your blog, your words. So, I'll just put up anything that came across my mind :)

Result for the mid-sem exams:

Comp 2 Test1 : 49.5/60
Math : 35/50
Programming : 58.5/70
IL : 40.5/55
BTQ : 14/20

Conclusion : lots of careless mistakes for math, another 2 marks to get A for programming, I feel blessed for getting that kind of result for IL, and I screwed up for the ayat for btq(well, not asking for more, I targeted the wrong ayat but atleast I didn't failed hard hehe)

A sum up conclusion : Mada mada dane... Gambatte kudasai naaa....

All right, let's get some beautiful sleep (-.-)zzz...

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it is called present...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1. Find at least ONE website (give the URL) that you find as cybersquatting site

Go to OPAC IIUM, find three books from Law, Human Science and Technology. Get the call numbers and ISBN numbers

The Strong arm of the law / : armed and public order policing /P.A.J. Waddington
Call number : HV8195A3W118

Human Science
Leadership in human services : how to articulate and implement a vision to achieve results / / Leslie H. Garner, Jr.
Call number : HV91G234


Information and information systems / / Michael Buckland
Call Number : Z699B924
ISBN : 00000075627

3. Explore Bro. Asmady blog and tell me at least 3 things you like about his blog
  • -the site has the prayer time to remind us to solat
  • -the site is interesting and attractive
  • -the site has lots of useful and interesting links such as online radio

4. Name the URL for Kulliyah of ICT.

5. Go to CFS IIUM Library, find 10 books that categorized under Red spot collections
  1. Natural Surface
  2. Islam and The World
  3. Environmental Problems in an urbanizing world
  4. The World's Religions
  5. Precalculus (Mathematics for Calculus)
  6. Muzik Tradisional Malaysia
  7. Applied Mathematics
  8. Mathematics For STPM and Matriculation
  9. Concepts for Biology
  10. Chemistry The Central Science

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rite, enuff with the emo post that been posted before. It's time for random post with pictures ;)

Firstly, these three people are the trio that had been through the ups and downs with me in ICT. Well no pic of me. Never mind that.

From left : Mas, Lat and Nina

And these people are the people who some of them I barely even know haha! The programming class people (some of you are not here. don't sue me!)

And last but not least, my two besties ;D

And plus, a bear (so random hehe)

Well... time passes by and people do come and go but whatever it is, everyone will forever remain in my heart :D

When it comes to examination, first thing first should come to your mind is that to expect the unexpected. And seriously I think that these words are true. Every quiz that we've done, everything that we have read and everything that we've learned before, seriously I can't expect the same thing will come out in the exam.

One thing I can say is that I might flop in this mid-sem exams. Because there are two papers that I've done with the not so confident feeling (well, I only took four papers so with that two papers... sounds quite bad to me). There might be external factors for this, well considering those 3 days straight non-stop of exams (I wonder who sets those dates for us. So cruel yet so mean) and some other factors that I would not dare to mention it here (some of you might know what is it).

Not to blame anyone so I'll just redha and accept it if I really flop. Hope will not but only God knows what best for me. Quite glad that the mid-sem exams will only carry 20 marks. Anyway bad news will always come along with the good news. I manage to get the highest marks in my class (well, syakila said so) for comp2 test 1. Feel really glad but unfortunately, the test 1 will only carry 10 marks for the final.

Ah could careless about the exams anymore. Malas nk cerita dh.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tell me what you feel with the new design of this blog. suddenly feels like trying out new template and everything so... here it is ;)