Friday, March 27, 2009

Today I went to klcc with mona faeqa and her mate. well, her ex-schoolmate laa. went out around 10.20 and arrive at mona's house in around 10.40. her house is at bangsar and my house is in pj so not really far la.

my father dropped me there and because we're late and mona's mate which is sakinah at that time is already at klcc, we kinda rush to mona's brother's car. mona's first brother is surprisingly not that tall, well, i'm kinda expecting him to be tall based on the picture which mona had shown to me but yeah, he's not that tall (but not that short too, taller than me i guessed. and of course i AM short) and since her second brother is kinda tall too.

at first i'm kinda expecting him to dropped us at the lrt station, but then second surprise here, he brought us all the way to klcc by car. this is the first time in my life i went to klcc by car. seriously. well, considering klcc is serously far and the traffic ain't supposed to be any clearer. all the way i went there, i had this kind of thought in my mind, "besh gile mona ade abg camnih, kalu ngan kakak aku suruh anta gi klcc, mau kene hempuk ngan dia". ahaha... never mind la. jimat duit lrt haha.

we're kinda sesat when we arrived there because both of us never go there frequently. believe it or not, i am kinda willing to go there if and only if there's pc fair there haha. we met sakinah there and went to fish manhattan (is that the name?) and eat some swordfishes, dories, calamaries, and prawns. i don't favor those that much but the prawns just killed me (ahhh, i'm such a sucker for prawns). and the bill also killing (yeah.. ya know...).

then we went to watch shoppaholic (how to spell that ek?). the movie is just nice. i went laughing myself out while watching the movie. then we spent our time at kinokuniya while waiting for mona's bro to fetch us up. spent my time there moving around the japanese corner. phewwh i looooove the magazines but yeah... the price is seriously killing so i end up just by looking at the magazines with the sad look T.T well, i actually own one of those but i need more.

our journey at klcc ends there and after mona's bro arrived, we went straight to her house and get entertained by her millions of cats. well, she got in around 24 cats including the kitties. i'm in heaven~~~ cuz i love cats! i seriosly love but i can't have one in my house cuz my dad and the cats don't have the chemistry uhuhu.

spent time there bla3 and now i'm here typing this entry. wanna get some sleep cuz currently i'm having headache. maybe because of the traffic jammed just now. it kills my brain (well, mona's bro's skills in driving is a plus point too). soooo...

just to add one thing... how do you pronounce this name? "cafe potpoori"
i supposed it's pot poo-ri. ala ya know... poo... ahaha. get what i mean?
didn't realized it until mona's bro told us. freaking cracked me up!
who wants to eat at poo's cafe?
haha they should change the name

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just want to wish a happy birthday to dear sister.
She's already 21 this year but still act like lil' kid.
Grow up la sis :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lately my father has been seriously asking me to apply for scholarship. me, being a slacker big time, have a problem in fulfilling his request. well, actually i've been rooting for jpa scholarship. the requirement isn't that high and not really hard to maintain it (well, you just need to maintain the pointer in around 2.3 only). and my father had ask me to apply those big scholarship such as telekom's, bank negara's and those big scholarships. it's hard for me, even just to fill up the form, cuz i don't know if i can keep up with my studies or not, and even hard, i don't know if i can even make it through the interview or not. for my father's sake.... what to do? help me.... ;(

the motorcyclists nowadays really have the feeling of x sayang nyawa ek? just now, my father almost hit 2 of the motorcyclists. obviously it's not my father's fault la kan, i witnesses that. they are on fault. gile bawak laju lepas tu drifting kat situ. even if you don't value your own life, don't spare others life too, boleh x? haih...

and school kids nowadays pun same. lintas jalan x pandang kiri kanan then bile melintas buat bodoh je. they're lucky bcoz it's my father yg bawak kete. if it's me, they gonna get that from me. habes la diorang kene hon. gile buat muke selambe lintas jalan, as if the road is their fathers'. ape nk jadi budak2 zaman skrg nieeee... (=.=)"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just now i received a phone call, saying something about offer or anything (i could careless). well, i don't mind the call, it's just i think the customer service ain't good at all becoz i think the caller is really rude, seriously rude. so i recommend not to go to this hotel (i don't give a sh*t to go there). damn la that woman who calls me! pissing me off!

don't ever go there!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I just realized that I've spent in around USD$50 while shopping online which when converted to RM it will be in around RM182. Wtfish! Ooookay, I don't know if I've spent too much or not but it is only for cds and stuffs (well stuffs that you can't get here in Malaysia). Haih... so dangerous la online shopping. I just can't stop my self from clicking............

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just now my mom and dad brought me to Kenny Rogers for lunch.
A reward for getting good results <3 style="color: rgb(204, 51, 204);">
Love you, mom&dad.
thanks a lot for everything :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Saje nk ulas isu terbaru pasal pengharaman lagu Allah Peduli oleh Agnes Monica. So, becoz of that, tadi dok pusing2 kat google utk cari pendapat malaysian people pasal mende nie. of course as a muslimah, i give my full support utk haramkan lagu nie kat malaysia. pasal sememang nye terang2 dia tu kristian and she uses the word Yesus or Jesus in the lyrics. but, that's not my main point. bila dok pusing around the forums, byk yg suruh boikot agnes dan membuat kan aku tertanye, kenapa? x kan la hanye semate2 dia nyanyi lagu nie terus nk boikot? seriously, i'm not a big fan of her but then... to boycott her macam... x patut. as far as i know, she sing the song utk sambutan christmas kat indonesia and it wasn't her original song pun. utk haramkan dari masuk malaysia, aku mmg sokong gile tp nk boikot dia, there's no solid reasons for that. tp tu la, berapi-api aku tgk diorang suruh boikot agnes monica. bagi aku la kan, kalu btul2 nk boikot dia, baik boikot sejak dari awal dia muncul kat malaysia nie... sebab dia punye performance on stage sememang nye mampu membuatkan aku mengucap teramat la panjang. pertanyaan aku, kenapa org x mo boikot dia sebab nie? hmmmm....

p/s : the results are already out. what i can say with my result is Alhamdulillah :D care to tell me what's your result?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My blog views already reached over 1000 views. Hooray! *throws confettis and dances* haha! Already feel bored with the holidays laaa. Every day also I do same thing. Sleep, wake up, internet, stalking and then sleep again (supposed to have another addition which is eating but let's exclude that hehe). And right now i feel seriously irritated with these tiny creatures called mosquitoes. they are damn ANNOYING! Some body please kill them. Pleaaaaaase!

Just to entertain myself, I'll post up these videos. Those are my favs and the group is NEWS

this is NEWS

and this cute song and dancing

Rite... I'm sleepy right now

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just now unintentionally I get to watch a malay drama when i was lepak-ing at my parents room. Just to waste some time, I stayed watching the drama even though i feel that malay dramas nowadays are far more than lame. one thing that get me stuck there becuz elaine daily is the actress and her character is kind of interesting to me as she is the muallaf who is married to a jerk which is fahrin ahmad and her husband's family is a very spoiled family. but that does not interest me that much cuz ya know... we can already predict the ending and everything la kan.after i stayed watching for a while, i started to feel bored and when i was about to leave my mom's room, something stopping me from doing that. i suddenly saw a very familiar face in that drama which is my former classmate and she was a friend of mine too. well... was a friend. lost contact with her right now and i even doubt she will remember me pun. need not to mention her name but what i can tell is that she is one of the kerabat diraja perlis. i was so shocked with her presence in there. well, i know she was into modelling and everything but seeing her acting in a drama is like um... weird.

unfortunate for her becoz her role in that drama is kind of bitchy and she's... a slut. okay, forgive the words but that's truth. first, she was flirting with other people's husband and slept with him. second, after that guy was about to marry her, she went on flirting and slept with her ex-boyfriend pulak. gosh, that wasn't a good start as an actress.

but seriously, i think she's kind of... ruining the whole drama. elaine daily and fahrin ahmad was acting fine but then this girl... she's like a stone. maybe becoz of not much acting before but still... i can't feel the bitchy vibe from her. well, as a real person, she was known to me as someone who is really soft and far from a bitch. so looking her acting as a bitch is kind of tak jadi to me. and her bm to me, isn't really fluent. well, as far as i concerned most of the people from my school use english as their first language (hey, exclude me please. bm IS my first language) so that's one of the factors why she look uncomfortable acting while speaking bahasa melayu. but then, maybe language is not the first reason. maybe she isn't suite for acting kot. well in my humble opinion la. no offense to her. i got to admit that she's pretty, got body, is rich and everything but well, seriously no acting for her probably.

just for addition notes, i'm currently is killing my own brain cells, every day. i just went of laughing my self out while watching adorable and funny variety japanese shows. and seriosly, laughing excessively can kill your brain cells. and with doing something that got to nothing do with math every day just add bonus points in killing my brain cells more faster (and kills it more!). well, kinda hope for the new semester to start earlier....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

if i'm not wrong, the spm results will be out today right? haha spm was something ya know? though my spm results not as colorful as i want it to be. it's a painful memory of getting spm results for some people including me. I guess, i'm the kind who matured really late. won't realize that there's something wrong until i get slapped by something. "Dah terantuk baru terngadah" is what the old folks said.

getting the spm results is rather one of the most painful experiences i had in my own life. though i don't suck that badly but still how to survived to face up those old people from my father's side whom most of them are the teachers with only 2A's in hand? Yeah, with almost all i got B's, and i only have 2A's in hand. pain, isn't it?

i cried badly with the results. not to blame anyone but my ownself for not studying properly. blame my ownself to think that this world consist only me and i'm the main character in the world so i need not to worry what will happen to me even when i failed badly. the childish thoughts of me at that time do somehow kills me in some ways. i'm seriously late at maturing. though i didn't say that i have matured enough these recent days (well most of my friends called me the childish one. bila nk besar nih???), but still i think my ownself have really grown from the one from the secondary school. i think i have matured more. and will keep my self to be more matured in the future.

anyway, despite the bad results for spm, i do managed to get myslef in Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka. and I'm not ashamed to admit that i'm the two years programme student. even the memories only lasted for 1 month, it does means something to me. i feel the new life, as in living far away from parents and need to survive on my ownself. and there, i learn new things, called friends. yeah, i don't have that much of friends back then from school. only remain, some cool people whom i know for a long time. but thats it. i admit i was really a sucker when i was in secondary school. i was a loner, i don't talk that much and only talk to people who are close to me. people in matrik melaka does means something to me though i was still can't talk that much in class. i remember metting with nadirah, which i called her nadd, my very first room mate. and my other 2 ex-roommies, niza and kak azira. nadd and i were rather quite close that time considering she was my roommate and at the same time, she was my classmate too. we were placed in the same group. and i remember the experience of the first time having boys as my classmates. boys are rather... naughty and... noisy. haha. better not to be mad at me. going through 5 years of having not a single boys as my classmates do makes me feel like katak bawah tempurung. and yeah I have problems in mixing with them though. it's really tough to talk to them, well, up till now. so sorry to some people whom i kinda ignored when they talk to me. i will feel as nervous as i can be when i talk to the guys.

spending 1 month there do creates a bond that feels really tight. with nadd, siti and niza, we were closed. we often cooked the maggi together and we will eat them together. i will remember those days. the days when we don't have any foods left and only have maggi. getting foods and stuffs there are rather hard. we need to go for outing every weekend to find stuffs cuz we don't have kiosk there. haha those days...

well, because of the close bond we had, when the time of let go comes, i have the hard feeling of doing it. it took a super real hard decision for me in choosing between matrik melaka and uia when the offer letter from uia comes. i cried many times because of this. i only got 1 day to think over it and yeah it's real hard. i was a real cry baby at that time. even my sister is kind of snapped at me for being such a cry baby. i seriously love matrik melaka at that time and the feeling of not letting it go is here in my heart. well, my parents do seriously insists me to go for uia. "Lagi dekat dari melaka, kan senang? eda (my sis) pon ade kat situ. leh tolong jaga" that's what they said. after a lot of advice from family and close friends at that time, it's finally the time of letting go. i cried my self to sleep on the night before i go. with friends beside me, hugging me. ah.... that time seriously... i feel embarrased haha. i was such a baby. i was sent off by my colleagues. at first i didn't feel that sad. i just wave goodbyes to them and... off.

well, first day in uia rather... hectic. and at that time i finally realizes that i won't and won't be back to matrik melaka to meet my friends anymore. and here comes the feeling of hesitation on being here in uia. i start to think is that the real right choice of choosing uia? making decision is rather a real tough things to do in my whole entire life. i really despise making decisions. and my feeling of hesitation becomes worst when i step my self to my new room in uia. ZC 425A. i was placed there. it's the fourth floor which seems to be like the fifth floor to me and it's seriously small with 4 people are packed in there. seriously small! just to compare to matrik melaka, we can even have the ping pong table in the middle of the room. here in ZC, even we want to pass by each other in the middle of the room, it's a hard thing to do. making me feel want to be back to melaka again. that night, i cried my self to sleep again. i rather cried a lot when i was in semester one. it tooks me forever to fit my ownself in the new environment. i even brag to my father to have me back at matrik melaka but then, once i'm off from there, it's over. i was so simple minded kept thinking that i can go back to matrik melaka once again. and no. life is not that simple, right? at that time finally i realizes that we will not always get what we want. not everything will flow the way we want. well just for additional notes, i was brought to met the counselor at that time. it was rather tough.

but luckily i get great room mates there. though at first i feel kind of left out because everyone is from kelantan except for me. well, 2 of them were a level 6 starter for english. but everyone is in BEN, left me alone. well at that time i know nothing about the courses in uia so i kept thinking, what the hell is BEN??! haha.. i was seriously slow that time. knows nothing about uia even though i got a sister there. well, up till now i will still remember the precious memories with ruqayyah, mira and madihah. those people who thought me something about life and more about friendship. 3 months with them is something. the fun that we had together as room mates. the waking up together at night to gossip and joking together. but well, it's rather hard for me for being the only engin student that time and needs to worry all the time. they are kind of carefree people. well, for being in BEN. lefting me alone struggling for engineering.

it was tough, there in engineering. for being the second intake students and need to catch up with the first intakes and having our very first mid-sem paper at that time. my first paper was only after a month we are there. and guess what? i failed the physics paper at that time. (when looking at the physics result here in ict, A- is something la wehh) haha. most of the girls failed at that time though. only one of us passed. well considering that we don't have that much of time to study, it's forgiven.. not! hehe. i remember sir taiful who taught us at that time. well i only understand 10% of his teaching though. i'm a sucker la weh at that time.

first sem don't go really well and comes the second sem which seems to be getting not better. the same worse as the first sem. i seem not to realize that i need to do something with my results. i keep on playing and not paying attention in class (even though now i don't seem to paying my attention when miss sharifah was teaching at the front. she talk to much. i just can't seem to keep up with her). well at that time i laughed at my lecturer when she was teaching at the front. was suuuuch a brat. still didn't realize that i will be in trouble for not getting the good results. well just to mention their names, mona, faizah and shireen were lovely room mates. mona was my classmate for the whole 2 long semesters. my gossips with them are far more worst hahaha.

after getting such bad results in sem 2, i finally realize that i need to do something. at that time i already applied for ict because i seriously despise engineering that much because of some lecturers. didn't want to mention more cuz it will only hurt my feeling more. then, i start to rise up in sem 3. i finally realize the goodness of lecturers in class and finally found my way of studying steadily. and seriously i want to thank miss azlina (well right now she's a madam) for teaching me at that time and i passed my math 2 with quite a flying colors. even though with only A- la kan haha. i feel quite shock when madam mimi told me that math2 is the toughest one in ict. well, i don't think so. i seriosly think that math 1 is worst la kan. i only managed to get B+ for that.

and right now, i feel satisfied with my ownself. for having myself struggled in order not to see any C in my results( though rite i feel kind of worried with my btq. my carry marks was rather quite low). believe it or not, for all this struggling and everything, 95% of them are for my parents. only 5% of them i done it for my ownself. my father was once called a genius so i will feel really ashamed with my ownself for not proving that I am one of his daugthers. i would rather not to disappoint him anymore. cuz i love bot of my parents more than anything in this world (well Allah and His prophet is number one) but parents to me are everything. if i did it for my own sake, i won't even bother to get good results, at all. seriously, i won't have this kind of determination without them.

people can change, even my ownself. but yeah, i was a slacker, and will forever be a slacker hehe. kept doing the howeworks late, often not realizing that there are quizzes coming unless were told by friends, and keep delaying doing everything. anyway. just want to improve my self more so insya Allah will have a nice changes at gombak.

fuhh that was rather a long entry. my finger hurts and i'm hungry so next post here i come....

p/s: results will be out in around 10 days. pray hard for a success :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

I was browsing randomly and found these

gile kn uia gombak
suck our bloods like that
*feeling more scared to go there*


only 4 times of winning the expert one after 1508 times of playing
so, the probability of winning is 4/1508=0.00265
how hard is that?
but the winning part minus the two times i played
and won when programming and comp2 classes
but still, i'm addicted to this game
can somebody tell me why?
somebody please stop me

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Happy birthday mum!

Moga panjang umur & murah rezeki slalu!
Love you mum!

Next, goes the people who are from my comp2 class.

Dearest classmates


Kila and Alya

Sumaiyah and Kila

Fizah and Sumaiyah

Haha sengal nye korang

To Kila : Trimas utk everything. Best jadik kawan mu for the whole 2 semesters. Though we're not in the same year, we still the same age. Cepat2 la dtg gombak eks. Mintak halal segala2 nye. Won't forget the great memories we spent time together as team mates ;)

To Sumaiyah, Fizah and Alya : Sebab kesengalan korang la klass tu jadik besh. Even hanye kite la pompuan kat klass tu still bleh havoc. So cepat2 la grad cfs and dtg gombak. (Ecceh, ckp mcm aku konpem trus masuk gombak, well insya Allah (: )

Thanks millions girls!

Enough of the sad things, good things la pulak for this post hehe

Yesterday went to Jaya One for Secret Recipe-ing. Some photos captured on that day. Beware, pictures spam!

Last image of us in front of CFS IIUM

Lat, Nina and Mas enjoying their meals

Look tasty, right? hehe

Lat and Nina

Lat, Mas and Nina

"There, secret recipe!", us acting like we never been to secret recipe before haha

Mas candid-ing me

There goes Lat

And Nina

Three of us

And, last words from us. No words from mas cuz she the camera girl hehe

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's been a seriously long time since my last blogging. Haven't have enough time to post cuz of the reasons of you guys know why.

Seriously and sadly, I have a hard feeling to say good bye to CENFOS. Lots and lots of sweet and bitter memories happen here in cenfos. Time goes by and I need to move on seriously. And actually, the one I'm kinda missed the most is my already ex-roommate, Nabilah. Seriously, I can cry when I say my good bye to her. She's been really kind and supportive towards me in the whole 2 semesters I've been her roommate. Damn, seriously sad. We both been through hardships together. We laugh together and even we cry together. That's what make me feel more and more sad. Since she's the only room mate that I have. Though we kinda have opposite thoughts sometimes but we can talk like everything together. Yela.. org kata selagi tak rasa selagi tu tak tahu. When I was waiting for my father to come and fetch me, we had our last talk as a roommate. I will miss, seriously miss those times we stay up together up till 3 am in the morning and gossiping about everything and anything. We'll talk and talk and talk and laugh and sometimes cried with our stories and pasts. For everything she did. I seriously want to thank her. For really been supportive when I'm down with the examinations and everything, for always been there when I need to talk about something. Never really been this sad ever since my first time here in cenfos. Probably because this is my last semester (insya Allah) . And the fact that she's in engineering makes me feel more sad because we will rarely see each other there at Gombak. She will be busy and me too, busy as ever

Anyway, those last moments with ex-roommate;

Let's meet up again dear room mate. Let's talk about arashi, news and about everything. Gonna miss u ;(

And last, Mahallah Zainab Al-Jahsy... Two years been there is really something ;)