Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's been a seriously long time since my last blogging. Haven't have enough time to post cuz of the reasons of you guys know why.

Seriously and sadly, I have a hard feeling to say good bye to CENFOS. Lots and lots of sweet and bitter memories happen here in cenfos. Time goes by and I need to move on seriously. And actually, the one I'm kinda missed the most is my already ex-roommate, Nabilah. Seriously, I can cry when I say my good bye to her. She's been really kind and supportive towards me in the whole 2 semesters I've been her roommate. Damn, seriously sad. We both been through hardships together. We laugh together and even we cry together. That's what make me feel more and more sad. Since she's the only room mate that I have. Though we kinda have opposite thoughts sometimes but we can talk like everything together. Yela.. org kata selagi tak rasa selagi tu tak tahu. When I was waiting for my father to come and fetch me, we had our last talk as a roommate. I will miss, seriously miss those times we stay up together up till 3 am in the morning and gossiping about everything and anything. We'll talk and talk and talk and laugh and sometimes cried with our stories and pasts. For everything she did. I seriously want to thank her. For really been supportive when I'm down with the examinations and everything, for always been there when I need to talk about something. Never really been this sad ever since my first time here in cenfos. Probably because this is my last semester (insya Allah) . And the fact that she's in engineering makes me feel more sad because we will rarely see each other there at Gombak. She will be busy and me too, busy as ever

Anyway, those last moments with ex-roommate;

Let's meet up again dear room mate. Let's talk about arashi, news and about everything. Gonna miss u ;(

And last, Mahallah Zainab Al-Jahsy... Two years been there is really something ;)

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