Saturday, April 30, 2011

24:7 kumpulan malaysia bajet kpop lah sangat

Comel sangat cair I tau! *sambil tahan perut sebab nak muntah*

Garu tekak
Garu ketiak
Garu satu badan

Kena disinfect mata ni!
Tercemar mata aku hahah

p/s: aku rasa memang group ni takde harapan lah nak berjaya. bakal mencetuskan kemarahan peminat2 kpop satu Malaysia ada laa. bewareee~

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random things on holiday :)

I just feel like posting random post right now, can I? Hehe, already long time never post random things here. Nak buat posting kat blog pun punya lah payah nya. Kemalasan tahap dewa melanda, en?

Anyway, random thing yang pertama: I made a cut on my hair. Well not really on the whole hair. I don't have any intention to cut my hair short. Just the fringe. Finally, I got a fringe. Finally. I just never let my front hair to be more short than the back hair. Finally feels like having a fringe so there you go, I cut it off. Bye2 hair hahah

Next random thing: My laptop is okay now! Yeay! I loikeeeee! Hahah. Dude, please lah imagine how it feels living with a dysfunction laptop for almost 1 week. You can't even use the spacebar ya know. Hell hell hellllll. haha. So I sent this laptop for a treatment. My sister's friend helped me on this. Reason for the dysfunction of the keyboard: got some water right under the buttons. Okay, since when I pour any water on the keyboard? Me myself never remember that. Fine, I don't how but accidents happen. Lucky me, changing the keyboard only cost RM200. More expenses for mom and dad. More burden on them. Sorry mom and dad. Susah saja for them. =((

But feels like dancing for having this laptop back perfectly :)

Another random thing: I went to CENFOS again today. On the evening. Just to take the transcript that is needed just to transfer credit for the "Arabic Language" subject. Need to transfer lah. If not, I need to take arabic again here in Gombak. Aigoo noooo. Don't want laa. Will drag my schedule be more further. And oh yeah, another random thing: I fell down right in front of the dearest juniors while climbing up the stairs. What a hell-ish feeling. Hahah. Embarrassed myself badly at that time and I couldn't even look at those cute juniors' reactions. And the juniors are GUYS okayyyy. Damn I feel like digging a hole up and put my face in there.

More random things? I'll update later :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

YongSeo couple: the final

Okay, I just only watched the final episode of the goguma couple. Seriously, damn it, I actually cried a bucket ya know! I just recently got time to watch the final episode, and yeah, I cried hard for the last 2 episodes.

I used to follow this couple really close before. Compare to other couples, their story line is like very beautiful, really sweet, really an innocent story of a couple. They made my saturday okay! haha. I was like, always wait for saturday to come to actually watch "we got married."

I just can't really describe how I feel right now. Because this is different. I have followed them more than 6 months right now. Every week will wait for the new episode. Every week will be thrilled by their romance. Every week there's new things to be watched. How am I not supposed to be sad with the ending? 

But I am really glad that they have ended it beautifully. Really glad seriously. Reminiscing the first time they have met. The first time of this and that. The way they reminisce thing got me cried a bucket. And to think that I can't follow their love story anymore, tear my heart apart T________T . And SeoHyun who I thought was a tough girl, actually cried in the final episode. That is more sadder :(

And oh, finally YongHwa got the pink guitar for SeoHyun. yeay!

Last but not least, 

YongSeo couple forever!!

for those who don't them, read this: Goguma Couple

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unifi. What's so good about it?

Okay, first of all, my laptop is currently very crappy cannot use the keyboards properly. I just don't know what's the problem. Right now I'm using my sister's notebook just to update the blog. It's quite stress okay to live with a laptop without a normal keyboard!

Recently, my father just subscribed "Unifi", the latest technology of high speed broadband here in Malaysia. Okay, I just don't know much about unifi even though I'm an ICT student haha. Just right after my father subscribed it and have it installed in my house then only I know what this unifi is all about. 

From what I know laa, this unifi has 3 packages. VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20. And what makes them different? The speed for VIP5 is 5mbps, VIP10 is 10mpbs and VIP20 is 20mbps. And the price for all three ranges differently la of course.

So, my father took the VIP5. Okay lah, around RM149 per month. Plus he still needs to pay for my celcom broadband also. Though I already have unifi, I still need my broadband. Cannot live in UIA without that celcom broadband laa. 

So what's so good about it? Actually, even by taking the cheapest package among all three, you can actually enjoy enough benefits. Nothing really different except for the speed and also for the limit of downloading per month. Yeah, actually they do have some limit for downloading. For VIP5, the limit is 60GB per month. I don't think the 60GB per month is affecting me cuz for me, I don't download that much. Things like korean dramas, I just take it from my friends. I only download certain variety shows and music music. Can't really can exceed 60GB don't you think so?

And oh, the speed. Gosh, I'm satisfied myself. Cuz I was once a streamyx and current celcom broadband user. I know how "siput b*bi" (which means slow) can both of them be. With streamyx, when there are 2 people currently online using the same, it can actually be very freaking slow okaaaay. And even sometimes I need to restart the modem just to have a better connection. Okay what's gorgeous with unifi? It's super fast that you can actually watch youtube without the clogs that you will faced every time you need to buffer the videos. Superb beb. Like watching the videos that are already stored in your hard disk. I just clicked on any link and then poof! There goes your video very nicely played without need to wait. 

And also with downloading. I just got approximately around 300kbps-500-kbps for each download. Anywhere. Torrent, direct dowload, very fast, well for me laa. Cuz ya know, streamyx can only get maximum 200kbps-250kbps only, ONLY. Sometimes I even get this 6kpbs. Wtfish? So, I am very with satisfied the speed. It's all about speeeeeed okay. So here's my point: this is why I think VIP5 is still gorgeous even I paid quite low for it. You can still get an above average of normal speed when you subscribe for VIP5. Nice right?

And also some other stuffs like the IPTV. IPTV is like the data is delivered through packets-switched and not through radio frequency or satellite signals. That's why it is called IPTV. You will get free basic channels and also free set top-box. And also free house phone and I'm using a new house phone number rite now. And some others that I just won't mention here because nothing attracted me that much, well, nothing as much as I have mentioned above.

Overall, I'm satisfied laa. But since this thing is still new, not much people are currently using it. So up to now, it's still very fast. I don't know in the future. More user, more people online, clogs, data rate moving will be much slower, throughput blah blahh blaaah, the future will decide whether this thing can maintain it's quality or not. Just hope it will stay satisfying in the future. Okay, that's all yaaww!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



Monday, April 11, 2011

It's the day

Unknowingly, 1 year has already passed. 
Yeah, it's the day. 
How can I ever forget.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Doki doki suru

Doki doki suru

Anata ni au tabi ni mune ga dokidoki suru



Atashi honto ni baka da yo


Baka mitaina

p/s: sorry for the lame Japanese. I just used google

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I just love cats

Cat is one of the most adorable creature ever exist this world. I totally adore cats ya know. Be it, cute cats, fat cats, skinny cats, or the "berkurap" cats, cats cats cats, as long as they are cats, I adore them all. One of the animals that I can't resist at all.

Tapi, kat rumah aku, seekor kucing pun tak pernah dibela. Salah satu sebab of course sebab ayah aku lah, beliau memang anti-kucing sikit haha. Bukan dia benci cuma tu lah, tak suka kucing. Still itu satu sebab. One main reason memang kenapa aku langsung memang takut nak bela kucing sebab I can't bear the loses that I will face when the cat dies =(

Aku pernah je "bela" kucing dulu. As in not that I keep them in my house, aku bela kat belakang rumah. Mereka kucing liar je sebenarnya. Aku lah selalu bagi mereka makan, buat macam diorang tu hak milik aku haha. Manja seyh kucing2 kat belakang rumah aku dulu. Boleh lah bawak masuk rumah semua. And mereka tak kotor okay. Kucing2 belakang rumah aku dulu laa, semua bersih macam orang yang jaga. Walhal semua kucing liar tuh.

I got some memorable memories jugak lah dengan kucing2 kat belakang rumah. Ada sekor aku namakan dia blackie. Blackie memang gila cantik. Hitam berkilat yawww. Hitam gila memang jenis smart punya kucing. Manja gila babas pulak tuh

Lebih kurang macam ni laa rupa dia.

Selalu datang kat rumah aku. Hari2 konpem datang. I just need to shout "Blackie" very loud then dia akan datang gila terkedek2 gaya comel. One day tuh, as usual aku jerit nama blackie lagi tapi dia tak muncul2. Aku pun pelik mana pulak hilang si haiwan ni. Jerit punya jerit tak muncul jugak. And dia hilang macam tu je sejak haritu.

Then ada sekor lagi kucing yang aku tak ingat nama. This is the most tragic I ever faced when losing a cat. Manja serius manja kucing ni. Aku tak berapa ingat lah camne gaya dia dulu tapi aku paling ingat macam mana dia mati.
Rupa dia lebih kurang macam ni

Kucing ni pun hilang tiba2 jugak lah. Berapa hari jugak dia hilang tak muncul2. Puas aku tunggu tak datang jugak. Then one day, aku pergi lah cek kat belakang rumah kot2 dia dah balik ke. Aku pun pergi laa tengok kat laluan yang biasa dia lalu nak masuk kat area rumah aku. Tengok2, dia ada kat situ tapi dia.. dah keras. Static gila kat situ dengan gaya nak jalan masuk. Aku apa lagi, meraung lah kat situ. Lagi2 bila makcik aku pergi cakap yang kucing ni biasa kalau sakit dia takmo duduk dengan tuan dia takut tuan dia susah tapi bila dah nak mati, dia mesti balik kat tuan dia balik sebab nak jumpa tuan dia kali terakhir. Siot seyh. Aku memang sedih gila time tuh. Macam hasrat kucing tak kesampaian nak jumpa aku kali terakhir. Aku pun tak kesampaian nak jumpa dia kali terakhir jugak. Aku tanam dia kat belakang rumah.

Then ada jugak anak kucing sekor yang kecik gila and comel. Riwayat dia tak lama. Dia end up mati kat tangan kucing jantan yang gi tibai dok makan dia. Aku jumpa anak kucing tu tinggal kepala je kat belakang rumah kot. Then ada jugak kucing sekor yang gila manja. Dia end up hilang lepas kakak2 aku pergi letak dia kat atas atap. Kucing tu maybe tak jumpa jalan turun kut. Hilang macam tuh je.

Since kejadian kucing mati tu laa aku makin takut nak bela atau manja dengan kucing. Serius benda paling aku tak tahan is kehilangan. Lama kot aku berkabung bila kucing tu mati. Mau dekat seminggu aku menangis. Sekarang ni aku dok adoring kucing2 jalanan je la. Aku main je ngan semua. Kurap tak kurap. Janji kucing hahah. Aku ada gak laa berniat dah berduit sok nak bukak pusat jagaan kucing liar. Tak sampai hati tengok kucing liar kena "dispose" macam tu je. Gila kejam. Aku nak upah orang dok jaga kucing tu semua. Bila dah banyak2 kucing takde laa aku sedih sangat kalau sekor mati. Sedih gak laa. Tapi banyak agi yang lain hehe.

I love cats seriously =)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Headphone ku sudah musnah T___T

Okay, buat kali entah ke berapa kali, headphone aku hancur lagi. Sedih gila beb. Aku sayang kot headphone tuh. One of my favourites I should say. Dah banyak kali terhempas jatuh, tu sebab jadi macam tu. Kot la. Sedih gila beb tak tipu. Ni laa headphone aku yang telah pergi tak kembali meninggalkan tuan kesayangan huuuu

Gambar contoh je beb haha

Dan kini, aku hanya punya Sony NWZ S-736F untuk menemani aku belajar siang dan malam. Barang lama dah ni beb. Tahun 2009 kot aku beli. Lama jugak laa hahah. RM500 gak harga dia dowhh. Sayang gila beb aku kat benda ni. Jaga leklok even dah ada sedikit kemusnahan haha. Special feature: noise cancelling earphone tu. Terbaik beb. Ko pakai memang haram dengar apa2 kat luar nuh. Rasa ko tengah dok dalam radio lak hahah. Ni je laa peneman aku sekarang. Headphone aku dah tak dok T___T Dah takde dah peneman aku sekarang huuu

 Selamat tidur wahai sayang. Selamat beristirehat setelah lama berkhidmat. 
Aku akan beli yang baru sebagai pengganti wahaha. Ok sori sayang heheh.