Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random things on holiday :)

I just feel like posting random post right now, can I? Hehe, already long time never post random things here. Nak buat posting kat blog pun punya lah payah nya. Kemalasan tahap dewa melanda, en?

Anyway, random thing yang pertama: I made a cut on my hair. Well not really on the whole hair. I don't have any intention to cut my hair short. Just the fringe. Finally, I got a fringe. Finally. I just never let my front hair to be more short than the back hair. Finally feels like having a fringe so there you go, I cut it off. Bye2 hair hahah

Next random thing: My laptop is okay now! Yeay! I loikeeeee! Hahah. Dude, please lah imagine how it feels living with a dysfunction laptop for almost 1 week. You can't even use the spacebar ya know. Hell hell hellllll. haha. So I sent this laptop for a treatment. My sister's friend helped me on this. Reason for the dysfunction of the keyboard: got some water right under the buttons. Okay, since when I pour any water on the keyboard? Me myself never remember that. Fine, I don't how but accidents happen. Lucky me, changing the keyboard only cost RM200. More expenses for mom and dad. More burden on them. Sorry mom and dad. Susah saja for them. =((

But feels like dancing for having this laptop back perfectly :)

Another random thing: I went to CENFOS again today. On the evening. Just to take the transcript that is needed just to transfer credit for the "Arabic Language" subject. Need to transfer lah. If not, I need to take arabic again here in Gombak. Aigoo noooo. Don't want laa. Will drag my schedule be more further. And oh yeah, another random thing: I fell down right in front of the dearest juniors while climbing up the stairs. What a hell-ish feeling. Hahah. Embarrassed myself badly at that time and I couldn't even look at those cute juniors' reactions. And the juniors are GUYS okayyyy. Damn I feel like digging a hole up and put my face in there.

More random things? I'll update later :)

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