Tuesday, April 19, 2011

YongSeo couple: the final

Okay, I just only watched the final episode of the goguma couple. Seriously, damn it, I actually cried a bucket ya know! I just recently got time to watch the final episode, and yeah, I cried hard for the last 2 episodes.

I used to follow this couple really close before. Compare to other couples, their story line is like very beautiful, really sweet, really an innocent story of a couple. They made my saturday okay! haha. I was like, always wait for saturday to come to actually watch "we got married."

I just can't really describe how I feel right now. Because this is different. I have followed them more than 6 months right now. Every week will wait for the new episode. Every week will be thrilled by their romance. Every week there's new things to be watched. How am I not supposed to be sad with the ending? 

But I am really glad that they have ended it beautifully. Really glad seriously. Reminiscing the first time they have met. The first time of this and that. The way they reminisce thing got me cried a bucket. And to think that I can't follow their love story anymore, tear my heart apart T________T . And SeoHyun who I thought was a tough girl, actually cried in the final episode. That is more sadder :(

And oh, finally YongHwa got the pink guitar for SeoHyun. yeay!

Last but not least, 

YongSeo couple forever!!

for those who don't them, read this: Goguma Couple

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