Sunday, December 19, 2010

We Got Married, Goguma Couple, YongHwa and SeoHyun

Yeahhhh, finally making a post for this thing heheh. Sudah lama jugak lah ikut this couple, tapi baru sekarang teringin nak buat posting.

For those who don't know apakah ini rancangan "We Got Married", well this thing is actually a variety show, which there will be a couple, who will actually getting married virtually. Macam mereka ni berkahwin tipu2 laa lebih kurang macam tu. Couple will get houses where they will "live" together, doing things like married couple will do such as the wife cooks for the husband, and they go for dating, or meeting the "spouse's" family. 

And my favourite couple in this show, absolutely, the Goguma Couple! Yeay!

Mereka ni, SeoHyun dan juga YongHwa. Lebih dikenali dengan nama YongSeo or Goguma Couple. Yes, I like them veryyy much hehe. 

Well, this couple actually started off quite awkwardly, at least to compare to the other two couple who are also in the same show, the Adam Couple, JoKwon (2am) and GaIn (Brown Eyed Girls) and also the Khuntoria Couple, Nickhun (2pm) and Victoria (f(x)). Cuz they actually before starting off this show, never really knew each other. Hardly even talk back then. And they didn't even choose each other before the show, unlike the other 2 couples, so they actually kinda the "coincident" couple that was paired up by the staff. 

The thing that made the scenes became awkward was because that, SeoHyun, as some of us know, is kinda a quite "geek" person, well at least for me, while YongHwa, is totally the playful person. So that's why nampak macam this couple tak berapa nak masuk lah bila awal2 cerita. Mereka totally berbeza dari segi perangai, dan minat. Like SeoHyun is the type that totally into books and stuffs, while YongHwa are those type that actually "allergic" to books hahah. 

The thing about YongHwa in this show is, you actually can never expect to see someone like Kang ShinWoo in "You're Beautiful". His personality in real life, compared to "You're Beautiful" is totallyyyyy different, I tell you haha. He is the type, that is a very playful type of person. Dia dalam "You're Beautiful" macam very serious, often not smiling, even smiling pun will have those very little smile yang tak nampak gigi lah. He is actually the type of person that can smile, very widely. Very playful, very different from Kang ShinWoo. As for me, I fell in love with him because of this playful character, not really because of "You're Beautiful" cuz I saw this show first then baru "You're Beautiful". When I saw him in "You're Beautiful", I felt very pitiful then in every episode, I will go like "Arggghhhh! Go confess lah wei!!", and also "Omg ShinWoo waaa!! Very kesian alalala!" haha. Seriously, can't really bear watching him in there. Sangat kesian T____T So for those who actually rooting him to be like in "You're Beautiful", guess this show is not for you lah. Cuz might be ruining his "cool" image to you. But trust me, his playful act can be really cute at times. Cuz for me, I really love it.

Then for SeoHyun. What really make her special? Because she is like, the girl who never dates before, never really even close to guys, probably she hated guys before, even like goguma which is sweet potatoes, more than she like guys. Oh, this girls seriously, my first thought about her, "Aigoo I don't think this type of girl suits for someone like YongHwa". Oh, she is totally different from YongHwa. The kinda serious type of girl, looking things in matter of facts only, and she likes Ban Ki Moon (setiausaha PBB). "Gilo apa minah ni?" mula2 tu yang aku fikir. Apa kejadah pergi minat orang politik pulak. Haha that's what I thought. And she is really the skema type of girl. Goes off writing in the diary every single thing that happen in her life. Always get good grades in exams. Very skema punya orang, kan? So that's why at first I thought that she is a no no. But then, as this show flows, she actually changed. Quite a slow changes but she does changed! From a very schematic type a person, to someone who is actually quite playful, and also can play along to jokes. 

That's why I think it's because of the opposite attraction jugak lah. If dua2 skema, the show will be a total boring, if dua2 playful, probably will end up in total chaos. So I think this couple is quite nice jugak lah. Somehow I feel like SeoHyun kinda reflected my own self. I have changed because of a guy too. It's a long story but I don't want to make it short so let's just forget about that. The main thing is, I was kinda like SeoHyun, who wasn't really fond of with guys, but grow to be fond of with them. YongHwa has totally influenced this innocent little girl, I tell you. From someone who is really cautious, to someone who can play around very much. And also SeoHyun has influenced YongHwa from someone who doesn't really fond with books, he actually read books now hahah. 

What actually nice about this couple compared to other couples, they are like the "first love" couple. Never knew each other before, got to know each other in this show, slowly getting to know each other and finally they really are a good match right now. That's what I really like about this couple. 

And oh, for this show, even if they are not on the filming set, they will still act like they are already married outside of the show. They will still be wearing the couple rings, even in other variety shows, they will say that they're already married. So they will be recognized as a married couple everywhere, until the end of the show. Some of them even end up to be real couple after the show ended. By the way, this show has produced many couple before since it started in 2008. So this goguma couple, might end up as real couple too, hope so haha. If they really end up together, seriously, I would be happy hehe.

And oh, because of this show, I got to know deeply about CNBlue and also SNSD. Yeay, now I am a fan of both groups hehe!~

Sorry for the long post, hope I didn't bored you out =D

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