Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dongho, awat comel sangat?
Macam biasa, this will be the wallpaper ler haha

p/s: makin hari makin ku rasa diriku pedo. new cute kids are just keep on popping out in the Korean music industry. Probably the time for me to retire from being a fangirl of kpop groups has come .___.
but good news is, the cute2 kids always sing songs about noona. Cuz they know la, only noonas will always buy their albums and go to their concerts hahaha

p/s/s: kids, noona will always be here to support you guys hahah

Monday, September 26, 2011

Feels a little unhappy tonight. Because of certain things. Not a biggie. Just some.. small things. 

Okay senang citer kata, it is time of the month. I need to let my feelings go through somewhere. So this blog is just a medium. So just nak tekan publish post and says bye. So, bye.

p/s: sorry if this post annoys you.

Korean Music Wave in Malaysia 2011 (Pictures from google haha)

FT Island
Teen Top
Park Jung Min

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some pictures from Korean Music Wave 2011

 My sister and I and the stage

 This is how the stage looks like in my view

Big Bang's fan
Big Bang light stick (murah punya haha)
When it glows

Korean Music Wave in Malaysia 2011. Awesome night.

My first concert ever, Korean Music Wave 2011!! To tell you the truth, yeah baby, I am really enjoying the concert, like, seriously!

Actually, I left my house this morning in around 10am. Thinking that we got only the free seating tickets, so the line for the ticket should be really really long. So yeah, at first when we got to the stadium merdeka, the line wasn't really actually that long lah. Only few people were sitting under the umbrella with the mats. So we got the place to wait exactly at the front of the gate. So we sat there thinking that we have already placed at the front of the line.

I was the only one that can pray today, so actually I need to go to the surau that was located very far away, up to the balai polis Tun Hs Lee, just to pray. The management just won't let people go inside the stadium and use the surau to pray. Stupid right? Ya, stupid, I know. But then, we just lepak-ed at the surau until the time for asar prayer, so I just did my asar prayer too and went straight back to the stadium.

When we got back, we saw that people are already flooding up in front of the stadium. Was a quite huge crowd there. We were like, quite shock but that's okay. And we got ourselves quite few of big bang merchandises too! Can't upload the picture now but will later, insya Allah, and I got Big Bang's fan and also light stick. Not the official merchandise lah actually. That's way too expensive lah for my budget. 

So we got in the line. On that time, it wasn't that crowded actually. But in around 5.. maybe? Can't remember. They started to ask us to queue. So we got inn our queue. But then suddenly, they went around telling us that the door that we were standing in front of, wasn't the real door for entering. It is the door that will be used for exiting later. So we were like, awwww. Why don't ya tell us earlier lah kan? But I was like, ok laa. Cuz we still got to queue at the front, just not at the veryyyy front as we expected. 

We waited like almost 1 hour just to have the gate opened. The galaxy management and staffs were like, very lembap jugak lah. We were like waiting, and waiting, and waiting, like hell la. But satisfied cuz I got to hear Seungri, Top and GD rehearsing. Wahh, very nice lah. I screamed, just by hearing the voice haha. 

So we were in the line, waiting for the door to open. Wait and wait and wait, finally, the door was opened. But they were like, only allow people entering one by one. One by one I tell you. Crazy. Like hell. And stupid. So here is the situation. I was stuck between sandwiches of people. People in front and behind of me. So seeing only one door was opened, well at the place I was located, people started to pushed like hell. Like hell weh I tell you. Crazy. I feel very stuck there, can't breathe and everything. I was sandwiched with people in front of me and at my back, and if feels like as if my body was a balloon, waiting to explode. Seriously, am very afraid my body will really explode haha. People were crazy. But another very stupid thing is that, they got RELA there, but they just used RELA just only for checking things in the bags but not trying to control the crowds. Maybe they've tried, I'm not sure, probably the crowds are just... very crazy.

So I got in safely. In one piece lah ahhaha. Not torn by the crazy people. Waited for my sister, and we got in. Rushing to the middle spot. Veryyyy middle spot in front of the stage. Quite a nice place. The stage actually wasn't really that far. But yeah, it's in the spot where you can see the artistes but not really their faces. But still ok lah kann haha. 

So waited in around 1 hour plus again. So here comes the time for maghrib. Another stupid thing here is that, yeah, the organizer makes the concert starts at at 7-7.30 like that. It is time for our muslims to pray lah. Why can't you guys just understand that, and take that into your account. Quite selfish there lah kan. But alhamdulillah, I just keep on seeing people going for praying. And I really like that. Though we don't really know the exact location of the surau. We were kinda forced to go into the man's toilet and also perform our prayer at a place where it's quite open and our sejadah is only a piece of the blue plastic. Still alhamdulillah we got to perform the prayer well.

After I finished my prayer, the concert actually have started but only with the MC. I wasn't really sure whether the mcs were dongho and kevin at that time. Not really clear. But the minutes after I sat, here comes the real MCs, Dongho, Kevin, a person from Arirang and also one person from famous Chinese radio station in Malaysia. I was like wooooo. Eh, sumpah, comel gila okay Dongho! I don't really put any attention on U-kiss before. But I was like, dropped jaw-ing just by seeing Dongho in front there. Goshh, comel siot.

So, the first group that was performing tonight... Ft Island!! Hongki kyaaaaa! Comel gilaaaa derrr. Haha. They were performing like... 5 songs? Can't remember. I can't really name the songs since I myself just enjoying the concert without even have any concern on what songs will come out. Huiii, Ft Island terbaik ah the performance. Dood, Hongki's voice sounds really like in the studio record version. Oh, I just remembered that the first song was Hello Hello. Hongki sumpah cute when he always like to show mainly his back to the crowd. Elelele comel lah tu? Haha. Ft Island is fun so yeah, I can assure that I will to their next solo concert in Malaysia =D

Next coming, Teen Top. Sumpah, never heard their name pun before this. Cuz I only pay attention to the already mainstream groups in Korea. I just have found out that they have just only debuted early this year. Or maybe late last year? Not sure. But goshhh, I tell you, I am impressed with this group. They are teenagers. Age ranged from 19-16. Sumpah macam adek2 aku hahah. All very small2 kids haha. But actually, I was more impressed with the main vocalist, Ahn Daniel. His voice very soothing. Really have supported the group's vocal very much. Hell yeah, he is only 17 hokehh. Still, me, am acting as pedophile here (wahaha), this kid looks hot okay at the stage. Tak tipu. His nice voice really catch my heart. And actually, Teen Top's all sounds very funky and nice. You guys should give them a try.

On the line next, 4minute. The only girl group that was presented there in KMW. Such an awww. I was expecting more girls' groups coming. But yeah, only one came. No 2NE1 like in Singapore one. But still, 4minute rocks the stage! Hyuna was smokin' hot there! But yeah, I only know Hyuna lah ahaha. I actually can sing along to all of their songs. Oh, and I saw these 2 guys in front of me was like, VERY crazy of 4minute. Screaming like hell with their deep voice ahahah. 4minute's voices sounds awesome :)

U-kiss came next. I started to feel a little tired because of the loooooong wait there. So I wasn't really that excited watching U-kiss performing. Still, I am rooting for Dongho! Haha. U-kiss were awesome. Really am liking the way they danced through out the whole songs. But what I don't really like, was the bunch of Kissme that sat behind of me. They were like... really bringing down the image of Kissmes? I dunno. They were like shouting madly the name of U-kiss' members, like "Aj!!", "Hoon!", "Kevin". Arghhh really spoiling up my mood to watch U-kiss performing laa okayyy. Respect lah other people that want to watch the concert peacfully. You can shout and cheer but NOT SCREAMING laa. Aiyoo cannot say stupid. All already grown up one. But still despite the little bunch of annoying Kissmes, U-kiss was awesome nevertheless. Seriously. Oh, btw, after performing, U-kiss just went straight to Korea for another schedule. Oh, bye my little Dongho T_____T

Coming up next, Park Jung Min. Dood, seriously, Park Jung Min? I only know one song of his. And I actually don't who he is except that the fact that he is one of the SS501 member haha. But still, this dude sings very nicely. And hey, he even tried to read one whole perenggan of Bahasa Melayu all by himself hahaha. Very cute lah. Sounds... very Korean haha. Sepatah2 dia sebut. Sounds weird most of the time but still acceptable. I am quite liking his single, "Not Alone". The song that catches my heart even without hearing it live.

Finally, the dude that I've been waiting for all along, Seungri! This crazy vain little guy haha. He is just so full of himself. But yeah, he is fun when doing live. He even told us that he don't want to do any concerts here, he just want to stay here in Malaysia with us! ahaha. Pandai kau buat lawak seungri. But still, with this super hot weather of Malaysia, I don't think he can even stand it. I saw most of them says that Malaysia is veryyyy hot. Kau takyah compare dengan Korea yang tahap menggigil tu lah kan haha. Oh, forgot to say that the sound system wasn't really at the best that time. Starting from U-kis performing up till the end. The sound system was like, very.. booming? Like veryyyy booming. Makes you feel like your heart was pounding very hard. Gila lah kan. I was like holding up my breathe and also covering my ears when the sound was too loud to be heard. Well, like when the time Seungri screamed his lungs out. Ya guys know Seungri. He is loud. And likes popularity very much haha. So the sound was like.. uishh kuat gila.

Final group, been wanting to see him since 2008, here comes GD! GD and Top to be exact hehe. For my surprise, when the other groups were performing, we were like only sat and enjoying the show by only sitting. We screamed our lungs out but just sat down there. But when the time GD and Top were performing, suddenly everyone was standing. And suddenly it feels like it was their concert. Everyone was jumping and down. Dancing and singing crazily, following GD and Top's beat. Feels really good at those time. Suddenly I saw most of the light sticks were the crown light sticks, the official Big Bang's light stick. Dood, those light sticks were like everywhere okaaaay. People just when crazy with them. Even the guys. They just seem to like GD Top very much okay! And just to hear them beatboxing LIVE, just enough to kill me. Haha.

Anyway, they only sang few songs. Not that much of songs. Probably they were tired. Cuz they were from Singapore before. Coming straight to Malaysia. We asked for encore but they gave us none. Okay, they were tired, we understand.

So yeah, I enjoyed the concert, like seriously! The management by Galaxy Group was sucked but the concert was awesome. Thumbs up. I seriously had fun tonight. I've never to any concerts before so I got to tell you, concerts are actually really fun okaaaaay. Am waiting for more upcoming concerts! Kumpul2 duit and hopefully more interesting groups will come again to Malaysia =D

Friday, September 23, 2011

Siapa kita untuk menghukum

Hari tu baru je madam RKUD or Methods of Dakwah aku cerita, kita kalau nak cerita pasal politik, kita boleh sentuh pasal kredibiliti dia sebagai pemimpin. Sama ada dia bersih ke, dia jujur dalam memerintah, or anything. Satu je benda yang tidak dibenarkan dalam Islam bila bercerita benda berkaitan politik, pasal hal peribadi.

Aku selalu jugak bila dok baca2 posting kat facebook or blog, kita cepat sangat menghukum para pemimpin, be it, kerajaan mahu pun pembangkang. Aku malas nak sebut lah kat sini. Aku hanya akan guna nama pemimpin X, Y or bla3.

Sebagai contoh, pemimpin X di tuduh atas tuduhan meliwat. Ok, kes tu sekarang masih lagi kat mahkamah. Belum lagi terbukti pemimpin X bersalah atas tuduhan meliwat tu. Kita hakim ke nak teruskan jatuhkan hukuman terhadap pemimpin X?

Contoh kedua, pasal pemimpin Y pula. Beliau dikatakan membeli cincin RM24 juta untuk isteri dia. Beliau hanya DIKATAKAN membeli cincin tersebut. Tak ada bukti kan? Dok canang2 dia beli cincin memahal tu kat public pasai pa? Ada bukti? Nampak cincin tu ke? Kot ye kalau betul dia beli tu, mana laa tau kot2 bini dia rajin meniaga or kumpul duit gaji then bini dia guna duit tu buat beli cincin tu. Bini dia beli guna duit sendiri. Ni tak, anda pasti ke pemimpin Y tu betul2 guna duit rakyat semata2 nak bagi bini beli cincin mahal? Tak ada bukti jangan cakap bhaiiii

Aku nak cakap satu je, korang rakyat biasa dok canang2 cerita tu lah, cerita ni lah, tanpa bukti yang kukuh, sedar tak, kalau cerita2 tu semua tak betul, korang dah melakukan satu dosa yang sangat besar dosa nya dalam Islam, that is FITNAH. Jangan cepat menghukum. Hukum menghukum tu kalau kat mahkamah urusan hakim, tapi kalau kat mahkamah Akhirat itu, urusan Allah. Korang dok kata pemimpin tu buat gitu, pemimpin ni buat gini, haaa, cakap laa lagi, cakap. Sedar tak sedar, pahala2 korang sikit2 mengalir masuk dalam akaun pemimpin yang dikutuk tuh. Bertambah2 pahala mereka. Alhamdulillah buat mereka. Boleh guna pahala korang buat topup dosa mereka haha. Korang punya pahala berkurang, dosa besar pulak bertambah, that is dosa FITNAH.

Itu sebab kut madam aku larang cerita pasal hal peribadi. Hal peribadi itu hak mereka. Urusan mereka dengan Tuhan. Kita tak boleh nak menghukum. Tapi kalau katakan pemimpin memang betul berlaku tak adil and nampak sangat benda tu terjadi, sila, sila jatuhkan pemimpin tersebut. Sebab itu memang hak kau sebagai rakyat. You have a share in this democracy country. 

Dan pernah dulu2 juga terjadi kisah parti politik A mengkafirkan ahli2 parti politik B. Ni pun madam aku ulas sekali. Bila banyak2 kali fikir, betul apa yang madam aku cakap. Apa hak kita nak kata penyokong parti politik A masuk syurga, and penyokong parti politik B konpem masuk neraka? Bukan hak kita nak mengkafikan orang Islam. Selagi seseorang itu mengucap dua kalimah syahadah, dan percaya pada rukun iman dan rukun Islam, dan percaya pada Tuhan yang satu, seseorang itu masih lagi muslim dan dia ada hak untuk masuk syurga. Cuma lambat atau cepat sahaja. Biar dia tak pernah solat seumur hidup dia, Biar dia tak pernah puasa seumur hidup dia, dia masih punya hak untuk masuk ke syurga. Terpulang pada Tuhan untuk menghakimi dia, bukan kita.

So kat sini aku cuma nak pesan, berpada2 bila bercakap pasal politik. Kau nak cerita pemimpin politik A banyak corrupted, makan rasuah, tak bersih bla3. Sila. Itu pun kalau betul ada bukti. Tapi tak perlu nak cerita anak bini dia pergi mana ke, buat apa ke. Itu hal peribadi dia. Kalau betul kau tak suka sangat, guna kuasa sebagai pengundi, undi je pemimpin yang kau rasa bersih dan kau suka. Tak yah nak menceceh dan berjoyah tak tentu hala kat dunia internet like a coward. Dah tu banyak guna nama anonymous lak tu. Pengecut. Hishhh anti betul aku dengan anonymous (tiba2 haha).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wait for me GD!

G-Dragon aka Kwon Ji Young
My love since 2008
(Well ekcelli hati dah berubah sekarang sebenar nya sebab ter-distracted dengan kehenseman mamat2 korea lain hahaha)
Wait for me this coming Saturday okay!! I'm coming to see you!! (walau pun sebenarnya aku amek seat paling murah hahah)
Make sure don't do those weird hairstyle like you used to do okay?
Appear handsome this Saturday, okay?
Wait for me GD! haha

Akhirnya dapat jugak tengok mamat ni live since 2008 aku taruh minat kat dia. Lambat benor Big Bang ni sampai kat Malaysia.

The time I can't act naturally?

Dari dulu lagi, aku tak tahu kenapa, I can't act naturally in front of the person that I like, well, person who I have feeling towards to. I dunno. I tend to act.. weirdly. Aku yang weird ke, atau memang korang semua rasa benda ni? Hahah. Words that came out from my mouth pun doesn't seem normal when I talk to the person that I like.

Kalau aku boleh talk normally dengan kau tuh maknanya I got no feelings towards you lah haha. Senang je kesimpulan aku. 

Anyway, bukan nya aku ada jumpa orang baru nak di suka pun. Just expressing my mind.

p/s: ni boleh gak laa jadi petunjuk buat lelaki2 yang pernah perasan aku suka mereka dulu. You guys get what I mean. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

In 3 weeks

Actually, boleh tak aku nak letak target aku kat sini? Saja lah nak bagi semangat kat diri sendiri hahaha. Okay, in 3 weeks, boleh tak aku nak hilang berat 3kg? Saja nak letak aim, baru nampak sikit berapa kg nak di hilang kan hahah. 3 weeks okeh, 3 weeks. Challenge to myself. And hopefully berjaya laa. After 3 weeks, I'll come back to this blog, tengok berjaya ke tak capai sasaran hehe.

3kg in 3 weeks! Go, go, go!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lelaki didalam lif

Aku tiba2 teringat, hari tu ada sekali aku baru habis kelas apetah. Kat level 3. Or maybe time tu aku singgah toilet level 3 sat? Gahhh, I don't remember. Tak kisah lah. Anyway, haritu aku nak turun dari level 3. Dan aku, sememangnya tak berapa nak suka lah turun ikut tangga (sah pemalas haha), decide lah nak tunggu lift je. Tunggu punya tunggu then lift pun sampai. Aku pun naik lah. Time tu ada 2 orang sisters and seorang brother. Semua nya Melayu. Then lift tu pun turun, sampai tingkat 2. Sisters yang 2 orang tu pun turun, tinggal aku dengan sorang brother tu. Aku pun pandang brother tu. Tengok dia punya muka cam tak senang hati. Ye lah, since tinggal aku and dia sorang je kat dalam lift tu. Then tiba2 dia swiftly take a step out of the lift. I was like, whoaaaaa. Haha over lak reaction aku ni. Walhal time tu dah sampai tingkat 2 means tinggal only a level nak sampai tingkat 1. Then bila sampai tingkat 1, I saw that brother memang dah gerak to his way pergi mana tah.

Okay, main point aku kat sini. Goshhh, I am so proud of you brother! Even though dah tinggal setingkat je nak sampai tingkat bawah, kau sanggup keluar dari berdua-duaan dalam lift dengan sorang perempuan (aku lettew). Jarang dah weh jumpa lelaki camni. Yang aku jumpa, mostly buat bodo je dalam lift tu even aku sorang je perempuan. Dia wat muka rilek je duduk stay dalam lift tu. Aku lak rasa tak senang hati haha.

Anyway, lelaki2 camni laa best nak buat suami hahaa. Dia punya action menunjukkan dia tau dan hormati ajaran Islam sebenar. Dan dia tau menghormati perempuan haha. Dari dia biar aku keluar lif, baik dia yang keluar en? Bagus lah kau bro, respect aku dengan kau. Moga kau jumpa perempuan yang solehah untuk dibuat bini. 

p/s: layak ke aku dapat suami yang camni? uishh, banyak lagi kena baiki diri ni. Subuh pun banyak yang dah jadi gajah adehh. baiki diri lagi, insya Allah hopefully aku dapat suami yang soleh. Aminnnnnn

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Berat aku turun lagi wuhuuu

Tadi pergi Giant dengan kakak and parents aku. Mereka singgah ke UIA sebentar since kakak aku masih ada urusan lagi pasal graduation dia. Walhal graduate tahun depan, banyak benor pulak benda nak settle. Neway, back to the story, pergi Giant sebab kakak aku nak borong barang2 exercise dia. Borong stuffs like the mat, ball, dumbells, well stuffs like that. Aku macam tak berminat lah pulak nak borong anything, so aku pun melilau lah pandang barang2 kat sana. Usha punya usha, I saw something that I really like: penimbang berat hahaa. Jenis yang boleh timbang fat mass semua, oh lagi laa aku suka ngeh3. And of course, free itu lagi laa aku suka. So aku pun mintak laa kat sister yang jaga kedai tu, boleh tak aku nak timbang. Dia pun kata boleh. Pe lagi, aku timbang lah. Bila timbang, something that makes me feel excited, berat aku turun wuhuuu! 1 kg wahaha. Still, ok whattt. Since aku punya body ini very susah nak turun kan berat. And aku baru 3 hari duduk UIA. Lepas ditolak tambah bahagi darab (ok melampau), I have lost in total 5kg, at least, dari time aku sakit masa exam final haritu, sampai lah puasa, sampailah raya, sampailah masuk UIA balik. 5kg in total is such a huge achievement for me actually hahaa. Kedengaran macam sikit lah kat telinga korang. The fact that aku actually tak diet, hanya eats moderately, lagi menggumbirakan hati aku jugak lah. Tak yah laa nak diet apa semua bagai. Makan sikit2 tapi semua aku tibai.

Hari tu bila jumpa member aku, Haikal, dia buat muka terkejut. Ingatkan sebab apa. Rupanya dia terkejut tengok aku macam dah agak kurus (agak je laa. Takde lah kurus benor pun). So I was like, "Ape? Ape? Tak dengar lah. Ulang balik hahaha". 

I got another 5.5kg to go sebelum aku sampai ke berat yang betul2 sesuai. Sekarang bmi aku masih normal, around 24. Tapi almost masuk overweight jugak lah so aku actually masih gemuk haha. Insya Allah, akan diusahakan lagi untuk kurangkan berat. Actually takde usaha sangat pun. Dok uia ni gara2 nak jimat duit and also bila berjalan kemana2 kenderaan utama aku nak tak nak adalah kaki menyebabkan sedikit sebanyak membantu kepada pengurangannya berat badan aku haha. Dah duduk bilik pun tingkat 4 lah kan. Tak naik bilik kang, tak dapat nak berehat, nak tido lak kan.

Sekarang ni pulak bila bangun pepagi je, aku rasa kebuluran yang teramat sangat3. Sebabnya sebelum ni duduk rumah, bangun pagi je dah siap ada nasik goreng bagai. Nugget lah, hot dog lah. Semua mak aku dah masak kan. Ni bila kat sini, bangun pepagi ada kueh raye sajeeee. No other choices. Roti pun takdak lah kan. So aku nak tak nak kena turun jugak beli sarapan. Beli sarapan dah mahal pulak. Bihun satu bungkus dah bape hinggit. Aku beli ayam goreng sekali. Dah macam harga lunch pulak. Pembaziran di situ. So aku pun decide nak makan breakfast tu sambung jadi lunch. So aku memang tibai separuh je breakfast. Separuh lagi aku memang simpan untuk makan lunch.

Happy dengan berat yang makin berkurang. Tapi aku memang tamau reveal lagi lah kat sini berapa berat aku sekarang. Sebab aku still rasa malu dengan berat sebegini wahaha. Tunggu lah bila berat aku dah sampai tahap stabil sok baru aku reveal ek wakaka. Teruskan usaha! Turunkan lagi berat anda wehuuu!~

So.. what's the point of being a gay? Attracted to your own kind of species? No opposite attraction?

Duh, how boring your life is.

Tuhan dah jadikan manusia berlainan jenis, untuk melengkapi sesama sendiri. Kita pandai2 melawan sunnatullah Tuhan, tak rasa Tuhan akan laknat ke?

Nanti esok kau tengok je lah kawan2 kau kahwin. And you, just stick to your own gay life, without can even get married. How I pity you. No matter betapa ganas nya "boyfriend" kau tu, atau betapa lembut nya "awek" kau tu, diorang dalam surat beranak dah tetap dah jantina mereka. Takde makna nya tok kadi nak kasi korang kahwin kalau korang sama jantina. Kawan2 kahwin normal, korang melopong je lah tengok ye? Tahniah :)

Minta maaf kerana sinis disini. Sedih sebenarnya tengok makin ramai kawan sekolah end up being gays.

Kalau ditakdirkan Allah tak ada lelaki langsung nak kat aku sampai aku tua, insya Allah, aku rela membujang dari mencari teman sejenis. Mungkin aku akan bujang di dunia ni, tapi aku percaya Allah dah sediakan jodoh aku kat syurga nanti, insya Allah hopefully aku masuk syurga.

Sekadar untuk renungan untuk gays yang lalu kat blog aku ni:

”Empat kalangan yang pada waktu pagi mereka dimurkai Allah dan pada waktu petangnya juga dimurkai Allah. Abu Hurairah bertanya: Siapa mereka wahai Rasulullah? Jawab baginda:” Orang lelaki yang berlagak seperti wanita, kaum wanita yang berlagak seperti lelaki. Orang yang bersetubuh dengan binatang dan orang yang melakukan hubungan sejenis.” (H.R. At-Tabrani dan Baihaqi)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Counting days

Counting days for this. Wuhoo!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog aku public figure jugak rupanya

Tiba2 aku rasa blog aku ni dah macam public figure dah hahaa. Blog aku ye, bukan aku. Tadi pergi rumah terbuka makcik aku, tiba2 cousins aku kata mereka baca blog aku and mereka pengikut setia. Wahaha! Malu I laa camni. *Okay, lambai2 kat mereka kalau mereka terbaca post yang ni*

Pasni nak post anything, kena tapis dulu lah contents. Tak leh merapik merapu meraban sangat dah HAHA. Sila2, teruskan baca blog saya, sebab saya suka ekeke

Anyway, esok pulang kembali ke UIA terchenta. Mulakan dengan semangat baru dan juga bismillah.

Selamat bersekolah rakan2! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tanah Melayu Tidak Pernah Dijajah British

Bila tengok benda ni, aku dah confuse. Tanah jajahan? Tanah naungan? Huh? What? What the hell? haha. Phail lah weh. Sejarah ni weh. Aku pun dah confuse dengan statement2 yang diberikan. Minta maaf lah, sejarah is just waaaaaaaay toooo faaaaaar from me. I never really like sejarah. Tapi untuk mengelakkan ke-confuse-an berlaku, I did some research about and stumble upon an article which can clear a bit about the "Tanah Melayu Tak Pernah Di jajah British" thingy. Memang ramai rakyat kita buta sejarah rupanya hahah. Okey, for you guys to ponder off, here's the link. Take time to read if you think you are true Malaysian. Tak paham takpe. Baca je lah cukup syarat haha:


Cukai 6% untuk prepaid

Honestly, aku tak ada kesan langsung lah dengan tiba2 adanya cukai 6% yang dikenakan oleh syarikat telekomunikasi or telco ni semua. Sebabnya, yes, aku pakai fixed line so aku tak de effect secara langsung. Still, hape korang ingat murah pakai line? Mahal tapi apa nak buat, sayang nombor punya pasal, aku stay dengan fixed line je lah. Apa2 pun ayah aku jugak bayar, ek? Haha.

Anyway, just nak komen lah, memandangkan isu ini berkaitan dengan CUKAI, so pihak yang terbabit sekali mesti pihak kerajaan pusat. Yelah, cukai kan. Yang kenakan cukai siapa lagi kalau bukan kerajaan pusat. Tapi honestly, eh, ada kena mengena dengan kerajaan ke tiba2 topup ni bercukai?

Duhhh, bukan tiba2 prepaid ni dikenakan cukai. Seriously, benda ni memang lama dah bercukai. Korang yang fikir benda ni baru nak bercukai, seriously, pergi lah amek mana2 subjek account, basic pun jadi lah, then baru komen. Every single thing yang dijual actually memang bercukai pun. Kecuali kat kawasan bebas cukai lah haha. Cuma, terpulang pada peniaga nak suruh pembeli atau peniaga sendiri tanggung beban cukai tersebut. So that means apa? That means, yes, sebelum ni pihak2 telco yang tanggung kan cukai untuk korang. Sekarang diorang maybe nak save budget tamau tanggung cukai korang lagi dah. Kalau nak mogok sila mogok kat mana2 telco center ek, bukan pergi mogok kat putrajaya lak. Salah tu wahaha :P

6% tu banyak weh. Serious. Maybe sebab telco2 semua dah tak sanggup tanggung beban cukai that's why diorang decide buat macam ni. So semua ada paham? Kalau tak paham, kang aku letak email lecturer accounting aku, Madam Azliana kat sini korang contact dia sendiri soh dia terang kat korang sampai paham.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friends forever

Lama dah sebenarnya lagu ni. Tahun 2000 dulu kalau tak silap. Tapi the lyrics, can never gets old. Hear yourself, you'll know what I mean. Tak sure lah korang pernah dengar ke tak, tapi aku memang suka sangat2 lagu ni. 

Oh, how I wish I won't be graduating, but yeah, life goes on. Mari lah semua, kita membesar bersama! Haha. Here goes lyrics, for reference. Best lyrics dia :)

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love
But it came too soon
And there was me and you
And then we got real blue
Stay at home talking on the telephone
We'd get so excited, we'd get so scared
Laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels

[1] - As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule
Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Will Heather find a job that won't interfere with her tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
And this is how it feels

[Repeat 1]

La, la, la, la:
Yeah, yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la:
We will still be friends forever

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?
Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

[Repeat 1 (3x)]

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Salam aidilfitri!

Dah beberapa hari raya baru ler terpikir nak buat post ni hahah.

Nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin buat sesiapa sahaja yang mengenali saya, yang terbaca posting ni, yang telah disakitkan hatinya, yang telah diumpat sama ada sengaja atau tak sengaja, sesiapa saja lah yang came across reading this post.

Maaf Zahir dan Batin ulang 10 kali. Kalau ada hutang jangan lupa tuntut dengan saya okeh? May Allah bless you guys always :)

Assalamualaikum :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

Korean Music Wave in Malaysia 2011

Sorry gambar blur haha. Akhirnya tercapai hasrat nak tengok Kpop concert! First concert everrrr ok jangan gelak. Korean Music Wave in Malaysia 2011! At last bukan semua Big Bang datang. Hanya GD TOP dengan Seungri. Takpe, beta dah redha hahaha.

Since tak ramai huge acts yang datang aku decide nak beli tiket termurah disitu. Lantak laa free seating ke hape. Aku nak pergi takat cukup syarat je wahahah. Kalau SHINee or Suju datang mungkin aku consider tiket mahal sikit kot. Tapi since barisan artis tak berapa nak mantap, aku decide amek yang murah2 je laa. 

Date: 24 September 2011 (Sat)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Artiste lineup:
Seungri (BIGBANG)
Park Jung Min
FT Island
Teen Top

Ticket Categories:
Rock Zone – RM588
Numbered Seating – RM438, RM288
Free Seating – RM138
**Kindly call Galaxy hotline 03-22822020 for inquiries about VVIP tickets.

Duration: 1 – 6 September 2011
Promotion: 10% discount only for RM438, RM288 & RM138
Phone Purchase: 03-2282 2020 (credit cards/bank-in)
Walk-in Purchase: Galaxy office @ Mid valley & Galaxy Ticket Counter @ Sg Wang Plaza

**Online purchase channel will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Ok, siapa yang pergi, see you there! Haha macam boleh jumpa lah kannnn XD