Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unifi. What's so good about it?

Okay, first of all, my laptop is currently very crappy cannot use the keyboards properly. I just don't know what's the problem. Right now I'm using my sister's notebook just to update the blog. It's quite stress okay to live with a laptop without a normal keyboard!

Recently, my father just subscribed "Unifi", the latest technology of high speed broadband here in Malaysia. Okay, I just don't know much about unifi even though I'm an ICT student haha. Just right after my father subscribed it and have it installed in my house then only I know what this unifi is all about. 

From what I know laa, this unifi has 3 packages. VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20. And what makes them different? The speed for VIP5 is 5mbps, VIP10 is 10mpbs and VIP20 is 20mbps. And the price for all three ranges differently la of course.

So, my father took the VIP5. Okay lah, around RM149 per month. Plus he still needs to pay for my celcom broadband also. Though I already have unifi, I still need my broadband. Cannot live in UIA without that celcom broadband laa. 

So what's so good about it? Actually, even by taking the cheapest package among all three, you can actually enjoy enough benefits. Nothing really different except for the speed and also for the limit of downloading per month. Yeah, actually they do have some limit for downloading. For VIP5, the limit is 60GB per month. I don't think the 60GB per month is affecting me cuz for me, I don't download that much. Things like korean dramas, I just take it from my friends. I only download certain variety shows and music music. Can't really can exceed 60GB don't you think so?

And oh, the speed. Gosh, I'm satisfied myself. Cuz I was once a streamyx and current celcom broadband user. I know how "siput b*bi" (which means slow) can both of them be. With streamyx, when there are 2 people currently online using the same, it can actually be very freaking slow okaaaay. And even sometimes I need to restart the modem just to have a better connection. Okay what's gorgeous with unifi? It's super fast that you can actually watch youtube without the clogs that you will faced every time you need to buffer the videos. Superb beb. Like watching the videos that are already stored in your hard disk. I just clicked on any link and then poof! There goes your video very nicely played without need to wait. 

And also with downloading. I just got approximately around 300kbps-500-kbps for each download. Anywhere. Torrent, direct dowload, very fast, well for me laa. Cuz ya know, streamyx can only get maximum 200kbps-250kbps only, ONLY. Sometimes I even get this 6kpbs. Wtfish? So, I am very with satisfied the speed. It's all about speeeeeed okay. So here's my point: this is why I think VIP5 is still gorgeous even I paid quite low for it. You can still get an above average of normal speed when you subscribe for VIP5. Nice right?

And also some other stuffs like the IPTV. IPTV is like the data is delivered through packets-switched and not through radio frequency or satellite signals. That's why it is called IPTV. You will get free basic channels and also free set top-box. And also free house phone and I'm using a new house phone number rite now. And some others that I just won't mention here because nothing attracted me that much, well, nothing as much as I have mentioned above.

Overall, I'm satisfied laa. But since this thing is still new, not much people are currently using it. So up to now, it's still very fast. I don't know in the future. More user, more people online, clogs, data rate moving will be much slower, throughput blah blahh blaaah, the future will decide whether this thing can maintain it's quality or not. Just hope it will stay satisfying in the future. Okay, that's all yaaww!

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