Friday, March 27, 2009

Today I went to klcc with mona faeqa and her mate. well, her ex-schoolmate laa. went out around 10.20 and arrive at mona's house in around 10.40. her house is at bangsar and my house is in pj so not really far la.

my father dropped me there and because we're late and mona's mate which is sakinah at that time is already at klcc, we kinda rush to mona's brother's car. mona's first brother is surprisingly not that tall, well, i'm kinda expecting him to be tall based on the picture which mona had shown to me but yeah, he's not that tall (but not that short too, taller than me i guessed. and of course i AM short) and since her second brother is kinda tall too.

at first i'm kinda expecting him to dropped us at the lrt station, but then second surprise here, he brought us all the way to klcc by car. this is the first time in my life i went to klcc by car. seriously. well, considering klcc is serously far and the traffic ain't supposed to be any clearer. all the way i went there, i had this kind of thought in my mind, "besh gile mona ade abg camnih, kalu ngan kakak aku suruh anta gi klcc, mau kene hempuk ngan dia". ahaha... never mind la. jimat duit lrt haha.

we're kinda sesat when we arrived there because both of us never go there frequently. believe it or not, i am kinda willing to go there if and only if there's pc fair there haha. we met sakinah there and went to fish manhattan (is that the name?) and eat some swordfishes, dories, calamaries, and prawns. i don't favor those that much but the prawns just killed me (ahhh, i'm such a sucker for prawns). and the bill also killing (yeah.. ya know...).

then we went to watch shoppaholic (how to spell that ek?). the movie is just nice. i went laughing myself out while watching the movie. then we spent our time at kinokuniya while waiting for mona's bro to fetch us up. spent my time there moving around the japanese corner. phewwh i looooove the magazines but yeah... the price is seriously killing so i end up just by looking at the magazines with the sad look T.T well, i actually own one of those but i need more.

our journey at klcc ends there and after mona's bro arrived, we went straight to her house and get entertained by her millions of cats. well, she got in around 24 cats including the kitties. i'm in heaven~~~ cuz i love cats! i seriosly love but i can't have one in my house cuz my dad and the cats don't have the chemistry uhuhu.

spent time there bla3 and now i'm here typing this entry. wanna get some sleep cuz currently i'm having headache. maybe because of the traffic jammed just now. it kills my brain (well, mona's bro's skills in driving is a plus point too). soooo...

just to add one thing... how do you pronounce this name? "cafe potpoori"
i supposed it's pot poo-ri. ala ya know... poo... ahaha. get what i mean?
didn't realized it until mona's bro told us. freaking cracked me up!
who wants to eat at poo's cafe?
haha they should change the name

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