Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The day before yesterday I received the goods that I've ordered from 3 different countries. They shipped the goods at different times but fortunately it arrives all at the same time. It was my father who picked that up from the postman though.

The three packages that arrived at the same day. The left one is from Japan, second left is from the US and the third is from Hong Kong. They are all from different countries but the stuffs are of course came from japan (I considered the prices before buying. but still ain't THAT cheap)

The cd that i bought. Well actually not only cd la, it came with a dvd too. It's not an album btw, it's a single. Contains only three songs in there huhu.

The clippings that i bought

And the poster

The ORIGINAL file from both sides view

Wink up. I bought at kinokuniya. RM 30 ftw haha

And these, are the cds which almost all of them are not available here in Malaysia (well some i bought here la and most of them are online stuffs. spent too much on this)

My collections aren't as many as other people's but still I'm satisfied with that. Seriously ain't cheap at all. Kinda feel sad cuz I have non Arashi's cds considering I'm a fan of them for already three years. Will consider to buy that after this. Their stuffs are seriously not cheap cuz they're so popular in Japan.

Need to find more stuffs~~~

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