Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just now unintentionally I get to watch a malay drama when i was lepak-ing at my parents room. Just to waste some time, I stayed watching the drama even though i feel that malay dramas nowadays are far more than lame. one thing that get me stuck there becuz elaine daily is the actress and her character is kind of interesting to me as she is the muallaf who is married to a jerk which is fahrin ahmad and her husband's family is a very spoiled family. but that does not interest me that much cuz ya know... we can already predict the ending and everything la kan.after i stayed watching for a while, i started to feel bored and when i was about to leave my mom's room, something stopping me from doing that. i suddenly saw a very familiar face in that drama which is my former classmate and she was a friend of mine too. well... was a friend. lost contact with her right now and i even doubt she will remember me pun. need not to mention her name but what i can tell is that she is one of the kerabat diraja perlis. i was so shocked with her presence in there. well, i know she was into modelling and everything but seeing her acting in a drama is like um... weird.

unfortunate for her becoz her role in that drama is kind of bitchy and she's... a slut. okay, forgive the words but that's truth. first, she was flirting with other people's husband and slept with him. second, after that guy was about to marry her, she went on flirting and slept with her ex-boyfriend pulak. gosh, that wasn't a good start as an actress.

but seriously, i think she's kind of... ruining the whole drama. elaine daily and fahrin ahmad was acting fine but then this girl... she's like a stone. maybe becoz of not much acting before but still... i can't feel the bitchy vibe from her. well, as a real person, she was known to me as someone who is really soft and far from a bitch. so looking her acting as a bitch is kind of tak jadi to me. and her bm to me, isn't really fluent. well, as far as i concerned most of the people from my school use english as their first language (hey, exclude me please. bm IS my first language) so that's one of the factors why she look uncomfortable acting while speaking bahasa melayu. but then, maybe language is not the first reason. maybe she isn't suite for acting kot. well in my humble opinion la. no offense to her. i got to admit that she's pretty, got body, is rich and everything but well, seriously no acting for her probably.

just for addition notes, i'm currently is killing my own brain cells, every day. i just went of laughing my self out while watching adorable and funny variety japanese shows. and seriosly, laughing excessively can kill your brain cells. and with doing something that got to nothing do with math every day just add bonus points in killing my brain cells more faster (and kills it more!). well, kinda hope for the new semester to start earlier....

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