Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the motorcyclists nowadays really have the feeling of x sayang nyawa ek? just now, my father almost hit 2 of the motorcyclists. obviously it's not my father's fault la kan, i witnesses that. they are on fault. gile bawak laju lepas tu drifting kat situ. even if you don't value your own life, don't spare others life too, boleh x? haih...

and school kids nowadays pun same. lintas jalan x pandang kiri kanan then bile melintas buat bodoh je. they're lucky bcoz it's my father yg bawak kete. if it's me, they gonna get that from me. habes la diorang kene hon. gile buat muke selambe lintas jalan, as if the road is their fathers'. ape nk jadi budak2 zaman skrg nieeee... (=.=)"

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