Friday, January 23, 2009

Recently when I got some free days(such as today), I will constantly have the feeling of not sleeping at all cuz I don't want tomorrow to show up. Why? One simple reason: tomorrow I need to work hard again well, for the final. One simple reason stopping me to sleep when I have a day free of doing anything. But hey, tomorrow might be a better day than today, so why not we let tomorrow to show up? Haih... time is so tight ler...

Putting myself in UIA seriously make me less socialize with my friends. Why? Becoz the holidays that we have here in UIA, well, in example the mid-sem holidays and the end-semester holidays will never, I mean NEVER be the same with other IPTAs' holidays. Suck isn't it? My friends from other universities will always have the same time for holidays, left me alone here in UIA struggling for exams. Hah, I wonder who sets up the holidays date for us, ek?

Lately I have been actively leeching movies and videos from fellow friends but yeah it's really not the right time to leech all the videos. Final is coming really soon and with packs of assignments, I seriously should lock up my hard disk until all of the things settled up. But I still keep leeching the videos(and even download some of them on my own!). Gile x sedar diri.

The day to be here in Cenfos is getting lesser. Less time to study and less time to have my place of study to be really near to my home. Uwaa... I will be missing Cenfos really much. Seriously, I can even walk with my own feet to home from Cenfos la kan. Umm kinda weird reason for missing Cenfos... Never mind that.

Some might wonder why I always moan here in this blog (well, even I kept wondering too). Should really not asking that cuz I don't really have any other ideas to be thrown here. Week after week the cycle of my life will be the same, not until the final is over. Hahhhh... And now I finally understand why my blog is not filled with the colorful stories compared to other blogs that I've been hopping recently. Well, the blog is the place to let your heart out, to voice out anything(well not everything) in your mind. Your blog, your words. So, I'll just put up anything that came across my mind :)

Result for the mid-sem exams:

Comp 2 Test1 : 49.5/60
Math : 35/50
Programming : 58.5/70
IL : 40.5/55
BTQ : 14/20

Conclusion : lots of careless mistakes for math, another 2 marks to get A for programming, I feel blessed for getting that kind of result for IL, and I screwed up for the ayat for btq(well, not asking for more, I targeted the wrong ayat but atleast I didn't failed hard hehe)

A sum up conclusion : Mada mada dane... Gambatte kudasai naaa....

All right, let's get some beautiful sleep (-.-)zzz...

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it is called present...

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