Friday, January 9, 2009

When it comes to examination, first thing first should come to your mind is that to expect the unexpected. And seriously I think that these words are true. Every quiz that we've done, everything that we have read and everything that we've learned before, seriously I can't expect the same thing will come out in the exam.

One thing I can say is that I might flop in this mid-sem exams. Because there are two papers that I've done with the not so confident feeling (well, I only took four papers so with that two papers... sounds quite bad to me). There might be external factors for this, well considering those 3 days straight non-stop of exams (I wonder who sets those dates for us. So cruel yet so mean) and some other factors that I would not dare to mention it here (some of you might know what is it).

Not to blame anyone so I'll just redha and accept it if I really flop. Hope will not but only God knows what best for me. Quite glad that the mid-sem exams will only carry 20 marks. Anyway bad news will always come along with the good news. I manage to get the highest marks in my class (well, syakila said so) for comp2 test 1. Feel really glad but unfortunately, the test 1 will only carry 10 marks for the final.

Ah could careless about the exams anymore. Malas nk cerita dh.

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