Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Today marked the second time I finished watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Surprisingly, I watched this drama 2 times. It's very really really rare for me to actually finish up a Korean drama in 2 rounds. Very rare for me. 

I don't watch Korean drama that much. Cuz I tend to get sick of them, or bored, something connected to that since like ya know, Korean dramas are looooooooooong, long enough to make me feel bored easily. Usually dramas that get me watching them for couple of times are the Japanese drama. Don't ask me why. I just heart Japanese drama. Well-plotted and everything. And short haha.

But MGIAG, quite different to me. For me, it does breaks some of the so called typical things that they always have in Korean dramas. First of all, this drama is just 16 episodes. Short, for a Korean drama. So there're no really dragged plots, just to make the drama longer. What I kinda hate with Korean dramas, some of the plots are just too overly being dragged, and somehow, it annoys me. And yes, I must say, this drama is a quite well plotted, and seems very realistic to me, even though they used a Gumiho (nine-tailed fox), as the main character. It also has this kinda plot-twisting that I think was quite excellent. Unpredictable sometimes though some of them can actually be easily predicted. It just don't really flow like the usual Korean dramas.

Dae Woong and Miho, a very adorable couple ever exist in dramas! Korean dramas lah haha. They are like one of my favourite couples. They have this really nice chemistry where you actually will enjoy every single second of their scenes in the drama. I'm a real sucker for romantic dramas ya know? A realllll sucker for that. And this couple, fulfilled what I need, and what I'm looking for. They are like so sweet and you'll just won't get enough of them.  

Shin Min Ah, two thumbs up for her. She did a really great job in this drama. Actually this is my first time watching her acting lah. I adore her dimples. Very much! And she acted very nicely in the drama, bringing up character as an innocent Gumiho.Whenever I see her smile, I just feels like pinching her face and says "kyoooo!". And I did think that she is the main attraction in this drama. She just.. fitted nicely with the character. 

And Lee Seung Gi, not gonna be biased towards him since I favor him that much haha, still, I think he did a great job in this drama even though some people says that he is overreacting. To tell you the truth, at first, he wasn't really appealing with those attitudes that he carries throughout the first half of the drama. A very spoiled kid lah! Feels like strangling him. And always making those kind of faces that makes you feel like punching his face. But then, after quite few episodes, especially those episodes starting from the middle where he actually starts to treat Miho more nicely and starts to fall slowly for her, my God. I fall for him lah. Very nice seeing him showing the matured side of his. It's just nice to see how the character develops from immature to a matured ones. 

As for Noo Min Woo, okay he's hot. It's just nice to see how the bad guy, is actually quite a nice guy. He character flows quite well and it actually helps Miho's and Dae Woong's characters to develop.

So here goes the synopsis: Dae Woong accidentally met Miho and released her from the painting. And while running away from Miho, Dae Woong fell down and was terribly hurt by the accident. And just by thinking that Dae Woong has helped her, so Miho willingly gave away the bead that is precious for a Gumiho to Dae Woong, to cure him, and starting from there, Miho follows Dae Woong around just to protect the bead. Eventually they fall in love with each other. 

A warning here, since this is based on the Korean legend, so you can't really expect it to be realistic that much. The realistic part of this drama is where how Dae Woong and Miho sacrifice for each other in the name of love. That's how it goes.

100 days in 16 episodes. A sweet, romantic, nice and adorable story, yet still filled with sad, serious and happy parts. 

So yeah, I recommend this drama. Go go, watch! =D

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