Sunday, February 13, 2011

Having parents on facebook

Having your parents as your friends on facebook? As for me, the worst thing ever. Okay, fine. I do have my own father as one of the friends. But no big deal since I'm the one who's handling his facebook. He told me to post something something something, I'll post it up for him. 

Okay, back on track. Having your parents on facebook. A big NO NO for me actually. Especially when your parents are one of those who kinda more "celik IT", at least for the old people. What you do, who are your friends, what are your activities, THEY WILL KNOW. Like for example, you've been skipping classes, like the whole one day, then suddenly your friends commented on your status saying that "why didn't you come to class today ek?". And obviously stated that you skipped your classes. It's the worst thing for parents to know, well at least for me, since parents really hate this skipping class thingy. I've been lectured like the whole day, no, couple of days, just because my parents received the "love letter" or the so called warning letter for skipping only two classes when I was in Matric. They lectured, and have given warning to me not to do those thing ever again. 

And also all of the stupid conversations that we always have with our friends, well, like, those conversations contain the not so suitable words or phrases. The one that we young people always use. I can't really think of any of it but I think you guys should understand my point. Those words? Can seriously be misinterpreted by our parents ya know? When suddenly we say "f*ck ah kau" or "gila b*bi dowh kau ni" on the statuses. Just some random words. We don't really mean to say it. But to our parents, they think the other way round. Deyy, dulu aku sebut b*bi ke, b*doh ke, gila kena tengking kot dengan ayah aku. Though I don't really use those words in my blog or statuses unless I am freaking angry at that time, still, I can't imagine my mom or my dad reads that.

Itu belum campur tolak gambar2 yang kau upload kau facebook. Kot lah kan ada gambar kontroversi ke hape haha. Tapi gambar tak ada lah kisah sangat since aku memang suka tunjuk gambar kat mak aku.

Even by just having my sisters, bro in law and cousins pun, I did use my words cautiously. Tu pun kurang lah, pasal since they are also young people. Young people and old people have different mind set ya know. We think differently.

Anyway, think again when you want to add or approve your parents at facebook. Or you uncles and aunts. Bewareeeee~

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