Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Korean people also have sensitivity towards our sensitivities

Just now I watched the recent broadcast of 1 night 2 days, yang subbed version punya broadcast kat KBSW. No, I didn't watch yang broadcast kat TV tu. Pasal hari tu pun tak sempat lah nak tengok. Tengok ni yang downloaded version punya. This show pasal people going on travelling all over Korea. The reason why I watch this thing of course sebab Lee Seung Gi laa heheh. But to those yang pernah tengok Family Outing, concept lebih kurang sama. Tapi 1 night 2 days ni lebih kepada promoting Korea macam tu lah.

So I watched the episode where they went for vacation with the foreigners that reside and work in Korea. Ya know, such people like Pakistanis, Cambodians, Bangladeshis, like those people lah. 

If you know about Koreans, they really love pigs, very much. So I was watching the show and was wondering how will they cooperate with the Muslims. To my surprise, they actually have quite sensitivity with Muslim people's culture.

First encounter of "no pork"
*Look to the left. Seung gi! hehe*

Ohh, they realized that Muslim people don't eat porks :)

The sensitivity that they showed (:

And Eun Ji Won even used assalamualaikum 

Muslim people in Korea sometimes having hard times just to pray. Very different compared to Malaysia

The caring Eun Ji Won (:

And I really never thought that Koreans know about we don't eat pork. It just nice to know that they know that.

It's hard to live abroad, kan? Not so much stuff that we can eat and everything. Even praying will be such a problem. Even hijabs could cause something huge. 

So, glad that you live in Malaysia :)

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