Saturday, April 25, 2009

I bought japanese magazine, "Myojo" yesterday. Oh yes, been wanting it so much and there you go, my lovely NEWS is on the cover X)

Look! NEWS on the cover! *fangirl squealing*

I don't know if this thing is a free gift or what but hey it came with the mag so just appreciate it la... "Young Song"

And NEWS got featured in it hehe

Anyway, went to shopped at Mid Valley yesterday and somehow my sis paksa me to watch a movie, "He's just not that into you". Boleh tahan la that movie, censored at some parts (I closed my eyes, don't worry haha) but still the movie shows that some guys are just totally jerks but not all. Well I do think that movie brings bad moral value jugak la. Living together before marriage is seriously not our lifestyle. But anyway enjoy it becoz it's a free movie (kakak belanja haha)

Managed to bumped with some UIA people, junior (Atiqah and friends), marina and her friend which I kinda forgot her name cuz she was my friend from engineering (sorry dear I forgot your name. I tend to forgot people's name when I don't see them frequently) and some others juniors who took short sem at CFS. jumaat mmg hari x de kelas ke? gile ah ramai dak cfs merayap kat ctu. ish3 segan jek nk jalan2 haha.

I hate shopping.
Random but seriously I hate shopping sbb menghabiskan duit aku secara total. Spent over hundred nearly 200 (probably 300!) kat sane jek (seb bek ayah sponsored) tp ttp sune duit aku sket on some stuffs. benci la wehh. tp bahagia sbb dpt baju baru huhu. and some cool new stuffs.
x per arr aku happy

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