Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some updates from my grandma's house. Well it seems that my cousin, adik nor, managed to get 8A's for her SPM. Congrats dear cousin though I don't seem to be close to you (terkenang zaman dlu2 result spm gile teruk. aku wat muke sengal jek bile makcik aku citer haha. past is still the past) and she get the tawaran from uitm and utp. well she seems not interested with uitm's tawaran cuz uitm gives an option which she's totally not in to it. i don't know the exact course but probaby chemical engineering. and utp gives an option more on the business and accounts. probabably she will go for utp. ape2 la dik oooi. pastikan kau x kecundang kat univeristi dh laaa. ramai aku tgk semakin malap bile di universiti (even the most genius people on earth). i'll support no matter what cuz you're family.

one of my cousins, (syafiq kut?) baru jer habes matriks kpm and sedang menanti tawaran universiti. and another one is currently at UniKL (hadi probably) and another one is at boarding school kat maahad (this is amirul) and suddenly I realized that all of my cousins are growing up. And I'm one of the grown ups but still young at the heart (and look too! haha!). bukan tu je la cousins aku. rmai agi cume yg tu update terbaru. and oh, nina, my cousin from my mom side is taking spm this year. nice. sume dh besar haha.

well antara sume cousins aku, kitorang adik beradik jer yg mmg rmai gile perempuan. 5 skali hehe. well, let's see... anak ayah ade 5 perempuan, anak makngah ade 2 lelaki and 1 perempuan, anak pakcik dedeng ade 2 lelaki, anak mak cik ade 2 lelaki and 2 perempuan, anak achek sorang lelaki, and lastly anak acu 5 or 6 (can't remember) lelaki. ooo tidaaaak betapa rmainya cousins lelaki yg aku ade huhu. sebelah mak aku hanyala ader 4 org sepupu which 2 laki and 2 pompuan. and that's it. hanya kami la penyumbang rmai pompuan kat family haha. and seriously kat sebelah ayah aku ade sorang jek adik sepupu pompuan. yg lagi duorang lg dh over-aged dh. dua2 dh kawen haha.

and sebut pasal kahwin nie td tibe2 kat umah nenek aku timbul lak isu pasal cucu. ye arr, dua cousins aku dh kawen almost 2 years and kakak aku nk msuk 1st anniversary dh and still x de lagi signs of pregnancy. diorang sume pelik kenapa skrg nie couples makin lambat dpt anak. dlu2 most of them (my mom and makciks) will get their first baby after a couple of months of marriage. x tau arr. mungkin makanan skang makin poisonous kut or maybe the air isn't clean (sooo not gonna blame the global warming haha! okay people, i'm just kidding) tp tu arr yg kesian cousin aku nie. dua thun kawen still no signs. smpaikan husband dia ckp kat makcik aku, "Amir tak kesah x de anak, tapi nnt Oli yg nanges" ish3 kesian lak aku dengar. don't cry dear dear cousin. nnt kalu ade rezeki dpt arr tu. it's not your time yet. neway, diorang mmg dh try mcm2 cara (even dh jumpa doktor) but still nothing happens. Allah knows the best.

um, aku x tau la plak skang makcik aku which aku panggil acu dh keje jadik sekreteriat ASEAN. dia skang kat Australia utk sidang amende ntah (don't ask me, i know nothing). ish manusia pandai mmg camtuh. cpt aje dia naik pangkat. even dh lagi tinggi dr husband dia. but then, still need to consider how her husband and kids feel. x per la. it's her life.

aku mmg ader ramai gile makcik and pakcik yg keje jadik cikgu. 6 of them to be exact. and all of them are couples. tu sbb aku rase sgt x bahagia bile spm or pmr or upsr or whatsoever crappy official examinations punye results kuar. aku rase sgt tertekan. they will ask and they will know about everything. tp sayang they won't know how my performances in UIA will be. so yeah, I might probably be a loser forever in their eyes. not until i get scholarship or something that looks big in their eyes. damn my heart aching again. ok.dah.aku dh lupe. x per la. asalkan mak ngan ayah nmpak dean's list aku. itu dh cukup.

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