Thursday, April 9, 2009

Went back to beloved kampung on the 4th April. Well it's fun! Captured the pictures of the
family of the cats there. Beware, cats spam!

Out of nowhere the father tibe2 muncul. He's not even my grandmum's cat pon. so i don't really know if he is the real father or not ;P tibe2 dtg tumpang makan. x malu punye kucing hehe

And this is the mother. she looks samseng imo (well memang pon... she likes to put some scratches to anyone who gets near her. can't blame her. she had fought some wild fox before and did survived and because of that she will look at anyone suspiciously. don't know if want to say kesian or not becoz I'm so scared of her!)

And these two are the daughters. Cho kawaii!!! I do think that one of them looks like a rabbit. comel!

Daisuki desu!

The macho father

The sweet mum


Some sceneries. The second picture is a place where the haunted house was located. they already demolished it. kowai na~~

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