Thursday, April 9, 2009

First of all, I just want to say that I just recovered from the internet loss huhu. Seriously damn bored without this great technology. Too many things to catch up la.

Anyway tadi I just opened up my old school punye website and guess what I found out? The school has upgraded the school's toilets! Sungguh tak adil! After sooo many years we have to suffer the damn eeewww toilet, baru skrang diorang nk upgrade. Well seriously, apart being a girl school and sound so "elite" (well i don't know if sri aman is THAT elite), I just too ashamed to show people up how my school's toilet looks like. Ahahaha finally they did have some effort to upgrade that place.

And yeah, I just know that Pn Wong aka Mrs Britney Spears had retired. She's been teaching in my school since my first sister were there and as far as I know she's the worst add math teacher that ever existed there hehe. Don't mind me, I just love to kutuk her.

And oh, hari tu, after a looooong time mengidam nk makan takoyaki, finally I get to eat some (the whole two sets!) sedap sedap sedaaaaap! :)

I want more! ;)

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