Monday, April 20, 2009

The pictures are all scattered around

You can see me very small down there compared to the big thing up there

The view from the eyes of Malaysia

Another view

You can tell how scared I am from the look huhu

I don't even bother to look at the camera!

Us before we ride that thing


Time nie Nabilah call lak. Tu yg posing pki phone tuh

I love this thing. Nice :)

Before we enter the Kota

Abg Long and kakak

They always put me down there. Mentang2 la aku yg paling kecik huhu.

Kat bilik hotel

Another one

Before we climb the stairs to the Kota
Gile panas time nie. Trus lari pas amek gambar

Another pic

Depan train

Kat bwh plane

You can see how small we are under the plane

Mom & Dad

Dad with me and sis

Ayah dan menantu. The only son

Me and sis at Umbai. Sedap!

Abg Long yg gile2 bersama kakak


Romantic view behind them huhu

The siblings

The couple

Family is LOVE

Me before going back


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