Sunday, July 10, 2011

14 sai no haha: review

This drama is an old drama. I don't really realize that this drama exists until my sister told me about it. Well from the synopsis seems like this drama would be an interesting drama.

As I have wrote before: "Starring Mirai Shida and also Haruma Miura, well this drama is about a girl, junior high school-er, who is a bright and cheerful student, fell in love with a guy, who is also a junior high school-er. One day, while they're hanging out together, without thinking about the consequences, they make love, and very unfortunate for these kids, that little girl was found pregnant, at the age of 14". This for the synopsis.

This is the second drama that has made me cry in every episode that I watched. This is one of the tear-jerky drama, at least for me, because probably I am one of those that will be really touched with these kind of stories; stories on how a family gave support to their other family members, in unlimited amount of support.

Anyway, this post is just for reviewing. So here you go. First, Mirai Shida. Well, this girl, I have first saw here acting in Tantei Gakuen Q. Well, she was just still a little kid. In this drama also, still, a little kid. But now she's already 18 so yeah, not a kid anymore. Anyway, she acted well in this drama. Though she looks a little too immature for someone who is having a baby in the tummy, well, only 14 years old, so, I think she fits well. You can't really expect a 14 years old kid will look THAT mature, right? When I was still 14, I look immature. Yeah, I still look immature right now haha. Yeah, she did great. She did greatly playing with my emotion. I can somehow try to relate my own self to her, try to feel her feelings, try to put my self in her shoes. 

Haruma Miura. Oh one handsome guy he is. He looks a bit young here. First saw him acting in Gokusen 3. Then I saw him acting in Bloody Monday 1 & 2. Oh, and also Koizora. But this drama, is waaaaay too early from what I have watched him in the drama recently. He was just 16 when he acted in this drama. One of his earliest dramas. One of my favourite face hahah. But I don't think this drama judge him fairly. He doesn't have a strong personality in this drama. Or I should say, he looks a bit stiff acting in here. Well considering this is one of his earliest drama acting as the main character, so can be forgiven haha. Still, he looks coward in this drama. Well, like I said, what can a 15 years old boy can do? Not that much, okay.

For the role of the father and mother, they played a really important role I might say. Without the support from them, I don't think this drama can do well. How the mother was a little soft at first but then when it comes to the future of her daughter, she becomes tough, just to supervise her own "already took the wrong path" daughter. And how the over protective father, trying to protect his child from being hurt. I was really touched by these two. And not to forget, her little brother, who also very supportive towards her. 

This drama shows how this girl evolve. From a very immature girl to a matured woman, trying to protect her baby. This drama also shows the development of a young mother carrying her baby in the womb. Well, I do learn something from this drama, on how to be a mother. Funny because after watching this drama, there's an urge for me to become a mother haha. Watch, and you'll get what I mean. 

I like this drama this drama so I make a review. A nice story which has a very nice thing to be learn here. So yeah, go watch :)

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