Friday, July 8, 2011

Take responsibility of what you have done

Currently watching a Japanese drama, "14 sai no Haha" or "14 year old mother", which is an old drama, airing in 2006. Starring Mirai Shida and also Haruma Miura. Well this drama is about a girl, junior high school-er, who is a bright and cheerful student, fell in love with a guy, who is also a junior high school-er. One day, while they're hanging out together, without thinking about the consequences, they make love, and very unfortunate for these kids, that little girl was found pregnant, at the age of 14.

Actually, I only had watch 6 episodes out of 11 episodes. But this drama, makes me cry a bucket. I dunno, the story line, catch me right in the heart. A seriously sad story, in my opinion, because I can feel how that little girl feels. I try to put myself in her shoes, what should I do if I found pregnant at the age of only 14. Only 14. She is just a little girl. They're just little kids who can't even think the consequences of their doings. Who thought making love was nothing, it's just a way to express their love, for a hot blooded young couple. 

But I think this girl, she's tough. She got the option of aborting that child, but probably because of the motherly instinct that she had, she couldn't even abort the baby. This is what I respect of this kid. Take responsibility of what you have done. Do not run from it. But very unfortunate, when things like this happen, the one that will suffer and hurt the most, will always be the women. Though in this drama, that guy, who happen to be just in the age of only 15, do have a thought that he is also responsible of having that little baby, but what can a little boy who is just 15, can do? They don't have any work. They don't even have money to feed the baby. 

That girl, need to drop out of the school. The best that she can do. To protect the baby. How unfortunate for a 14 years old girl. She need to face the students at the school, the teachers and even the society. How they look at this girl very disgustedly. How they think that this girl is a bad girl, where actually, what she has committed, was only a mistake, making love with a boy, which both are still minors, still underages. 

This makes me think, on how typical our society can be. We can't really blame on the kids for doing stuffs like that. They are still young. They can't really think properly. From what I see from society, when some kids do some rotten things, the only thing that came out to their mind is that, "Eh, jahat nya budak ni. Apa mak ayah diorang ajar? Budak2 sekarang memang tak boleh pakai".

Damn stupid for those who have thought like that, without even thinking of helping the kids. Dude, we are the adults. We, as an adult, should be the one who guide them when they had took the wrong path. We shouldn't only blame them on this or that, and starts dissing them. Hey, kids like these are currently at lost, okay? Shouldn't we be the guide for them? Ini tak, bila jadi macam ni, terus cap budak2 ni memalukan keluarga, memalukan agama. Things like this never happened in my basic family. But it does happened to my other family members, where they made mistake, and had a baby because of that. It's very sad to see on how the society looks on this issue. They dissed kids like this okay. Whereas at this kind of critical time, these kids need the adults' supervision. They need their supports. That's what they need. 

I pity this girl in the drama. But fortunate for her, she has a very supportive family. Her family does not throw her away because of this huge one mistake. I'm not saying it's okay to have these illegal childs but to the least, if you have done a mistake, never ever follow up with second mistake. Don't throw away the baby. You are killing an innocent life. The life who has right to see the world. The life who has the right to feel your love, your motherly and fatherly love. But pity this girl. She is brave enough to have this kid. But unfortunate, because of the condition of her body, an only 14 years old body, that little body couldn't afford being pregnant and having a baby. Which makes it a high risk for her. Since her body hasn't fully developed enough. So she has the risk of dying during labouring the baby. 

To you guys, no matter what age, try to avoid doing mistakes like these. Cuz the consequences are much more bigger than what you guys have thought. Not only the teenagers can make mistakes like these, even the adults like me, like us also can make this kind of mistake. So watch out of yourself. But if you think you have took the wrong path, never give up. Don't give that baby up! Look for help, try to search for help. Repent to God, insya Allah, He will help you.

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