Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wild Romance - Why this drama is a failure for me

Warning: Contains a bit of spoiler

Actually I have been following this drama since I know Jessica from SNSD has been starring in it. I am a huge fan of SNSD so I thought, why not I try to give the drama a chance? So I did. Tried few first episodes, and finally dragged me to follow the drama until the final episode. My opinion for the drama? I am disappointed, honestly.

I do admit that I was attracted to watch the drama because of Jessica. She is the main reason why I even try to watch the drama. But the thing is, they focused on Jessica, way too much, considering she is ONLY the supporting character. I feel more than pity towards the main character of the drama, Yoo Eun Jae. From what I have seen in the drama, Park Mu Yeol has kissed Kang Jong Hee too much in the drama, more than enough to beat the number of times Park Mu Yeol has kissed Yoo Eun Jae. Isn't that pitiful? I think is. The lead characters don't have enough time in the drama to express their love and just had barely very few episodes, or should I even say, they only get minutes in the final episode to finally expressed and feel the love towards each other. Gosh, that sucks, I can assure you. 

They finally got together but my feeling when I watch the final episode is blerghhh. I even watch it without the subtitles, since I can't find any of the subbed episode on the internet currently. I just take my time to skip parts, just trying to find romance scenes between those two but what I finally got? Just 10 minutes, no, probably around 5 minutes only to have the precious romantic scene. I am supeeeeer disappointed with this, I can tell you. 

The drama does have a nice plot. With the old lady being a stalker, the drama looks like a detective drama, the main character fall in love with his bodyguard, yadda yadda yadda. But was spoiled by this kind of thing. Wasn't nice at all.

I finally got through the whole drama just because of Lee Dong Wook (yeah, he is my bias currently). If it is not because of him, I don't think I can even finish up the drama. Not because I don't like the other main character, just because I feel irritated and almost fed up watching the drama.

You can try and watch the drama and judge it yourself. Maybe some might like but as for me, well, I don't think so.

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