Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sungmin (Super Junior) and B1A4 wave their hands at me!

Went to MO.A Live in Malaysia 2011 today. Actually I have mixed feeling about this. First of all, the management is really pissing me off for giving out 50% discount for the tickets and also being rude to us. Yes, seriously the most f*cking stupid event management company ever exist in Malaysia. I don't even want them to be the next concert organizer anymore OH PLEASE. Stupid company. Okay, enough ranting.

Anyway, I was totally happy today. You know why? Many reasons of course!! Okay, first thing first today I was actually very busy managing kids at Shah Alam for my community service class. So I was in Shah Alam almost the whole day. I did bought the concert tickets from the fanbase. Means that, if I buy it from them, I get to go in the stadium early as they all told us. So I wasn't really worried about my seats, since I know the fanclub "will reserve it", well, take note of the double quote. So I arrived at the stadium in around 5.45, went for my asar prayer, then went back to stadium as I thought we can actually enter early. What makes me f*cking mad is that when I show our tickets that have the stamp that says we are qualified to enter early, the stupid management people says that with their stupid face that all of the fanbases have already entered the stadium so they can't let us go in the stadium early too. Ok, at that time I was so f*cking mad. Eh, kemon lah, you guys did gave out the royal zone tickets AS CHEAP AS RM191 TO OTHER PEOPLE while here I am only got FREE SEATING TICKETS WHICH COST ME F*KING RM183, so why can't just let us enter early huh? I was freaking mad that time actually. So while loitering around thinking on how to get in early in stadium, suddenly the best part happens.

So HERE THE BEST PART. I actually SAW WITH MY OWN EYES, Super Junior, f(x), Miss A and B1A4, just in front of me, in the vans, making their way to stadium. No, I wasn't actually planned to look after them. They just... showed up in front of us. I was freaking excited so I screamed my lungs out. I saw them okay, I saw them!! Okay, that's only the first part of my best parts.

After that we tried to figure out on how to get into the stadium early. Since they have violated our rights to get in early, so yeah, we sneakily went to the front of the row, sneaked in within those people in the queue, and then tadaaa! We got in earlier as we thought hahaha. They asked us to cheat. Not our real intention lah kan actually -___-"

Anyway, after that go for maghrib prayer and waited for some more time again. Damn, they started the show late. I got at the very front place, very near to the stage. I can actually see the artists moving around on the stage and also BEHIND THE STAGE. THIS IS THE SECOND BEST PART. We actually saw Miss A getting ready behind the stage, and also Super Junior resting while waiting for Yesung to perform. Wuhoo, nice!

They started the show with Miss A. I am the only one there who can sing almost all of their songs cuz most of the fans are the ELF (Super Junior fans). Awkward moment actually to sing alone hahaaha. Anyway, dear ELFs, actually I am quite disappointed with you guys today. Yes, I know we all want to see our oppas performing on the stage, but why some of you can't just respect other artists. I dunno, screaming out Suju's name when other artists are currently performing? Not actually appropriate. You may scream your lungs out when Super Junior is on the stage but please, please, please respect other artists when they are performing. And some of them obviously just sit there, doing nothing, not excited and not showing their interest when other artists are performing. Dude, can't we just have fun? It's concert okay! We should have fun.

Second coming was B1A4 if I was not mistaken. These dudes, very hyper, very cute, very macam2 lagi lah! They make the stage feel super fun okay! Though I can't sing their latest song hahah. But most of the songs are familiar to me. I was really trying my hardest to give support to other artists because I think they need some more love. Especially the rookie groups. They are trying their best to perform so we should try our best to support, right?

Next coming is f(x). My favourite girl group because of Khuntoria haha. f(x) did very much of fanservice on the stage. They were hugging each other and cuddling haha. So cute. And oh, I didn't know that Amber has soooo many girl fans. The girls were like screaming out Amber's name. Oh, dear, it's weird. Anyway, probably because Amber is kind of tomboyish in term of appearance. Oh, btw, Krystal was not present. I don't know why lah kan.

Last but not least, our dearest Super Junior. My veryyyyy first time watching them live. Awesome. Daebak. They sang very awesomely live. They start of with Superman. Way to go Super Junior! Yesung even did a solo song, which is the OST song of Cinderella sister. Sumpah rasa nak nangis dengar. Probably because I am a big sucker for OST songs hahaa. Songs that were on, A-cha, Mr Simple, Marry U, Bonamana and Sorry Sorry. And another song that.. I just don't know hahah. Also, Leeteuk with his famous greeting, "Assalamualaikum" :)

Anyway they end up with no encore. All the groups just went on the stage again, say bye bye, then that's it. So here comes another best part. All the groups already ended their performances so they went to the back stage, in the tent. The tents that were build for artists to rest in there. Performance ended so we kinda waited for awhile since we were kind of lazy to go out of the stadium early because there might be jams on our way out. We waited for the crowds to be off first lah. So I told my sister, "Eh, jom duduk kat hujung stadium ni. Mana tau lah boleh spot artists ke". So we went to the end of the stadium where we can see the back stage. Sit there, like looking blindly at the tents. Suddenly, they start to open up the tents. Miss A, f(x) starts to move out and we started to scream like hell. Here another BEST PART IS. B1A4, the only rookie group there, suddenly make their way out of the tent, saw us waving like crazy at them, so they were like, waving like crazy to us back! Sumpah comel!! Gila lah weh. They saw us and waving at us back! And they looked very excited too when waving at us heheh. Serious weh, jarak aku dengan B1A4 time tu memang gila agak dekat. So kinda boleh nampak muka diorang dengan jelas. Sangat excited lah time diorang wave tadi! They looked very very very friendly at that time and they melts my heart. Nak jadi fangirl diorang boleh? hahaa

Then after awhile, penat pulak rasa nak duduk dalam stadium so we decided to go out of the stadium and wait for our parents. So my sister and I was like, "Lapar, lapar, nak makan apa ye? Burger nak?". Something like that. While walking our way to the street and talk about burger, suddenly we saw bunch of people lining up on the street. So I was like, "Eh, apa tu? Kenapa diorang beratur? Jom lepak sana, kot mana tau Super Junior lalu depan mata ke". So what I did was like go to the people saja2 but then suddenly saw from far that bunch of vans are currently going to our way. I was so speechless, just rushingly make my way in the line, standing there like an idiot. Saw few vans in front of us but no one actually screaming. And I thought I saw Miss A and f(x) lah kan. But no one screaming. Only me scream like an idiot haha. But then suddenly everyone starts to scream, only that time I know Super Junior is in the next coming vans. So I was like going crazy. My position was like very near to the van. I was standing exactly in front of the van. The vans are moving very fast, almost hit a girl on the side of the street. My eyes was like, trying to catch a glimpse of any artists so finally THE LAST BEST PART OF THE DAY, Sungmin, our DEAREST Sungmin, stick his head out of the van, showing his face to us, waving back to us while we were waving at them crazily. Ooo Emm Gee, Sungmin. Can't you be any cuter?? A very cute creature waved back at me after I waved my hand to him. Seriously, suddenly I feel like I'm flying seeing that scene okaaayyyy! It's not like everyday a Korean artist will wave to you. 

The awesome part here is, yes, I only pay RM183 for the ticket and I can see the artists at the very front of me and all these awesome coincidence scenes. AWESOME + DAEBAK.

Anyway I was pissed off by the management but everything was saved by few waves from B1A4 and our dearest Sungmin. Luckily they saved my day. Luckily they make me feel like I'm flying ahaha. Yes, tonight was a very awesome night. Wuhooo~!

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