Saturday, December 10, 2011

My first nuffnang cheque

And I thought I should share this thing with the readers. Finally, the first cheque ever from nuffnang. The status has changed from unpaid to sent. But I just don't know how many days I need to wait for it to arrive at my house. 

Whoever want easy money, try nuffnang lah. Especially when you have that writing skill to attract people. I'm so lazy lately to write in the blog, so no easy money for me haha. Well, actually, to my surprise, even I didn't update the blog that much, traffic keeps on coming and money keeps on increasing, even sikit. Sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit hahaa.

Anyway, tabole laa mintak2 belanja ni. Because the money is not that much and also already pasang niat to belanja my family laa with the money. Heheh. So yeahh, keep on coming to my blog. Mana tau one day kalau murah rezeki, aku bermurah hati nak belanja korang makan lak. Hahaaa. Till then :)

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