Sunday, October 16, 2011

The walkman is already dead

Actually, my Sony Walkman just dead 2 days ago. Air mineral tertumpah kat dalam beg so everything in there were soaked. Termasuk this poor mp3 player and also my poor handphone, which the memory card holder dia and camera rosak. Aku memang selalu ada botol air dalam beg pun. Every time, memang sealed ketat2 pun. Tak tau laa why that day mungkin dah sampai ajal benda ni so yeah, benda nak jadi pun. I moaned, 2 days. Tumpah gak air mata haha. Sayang seh. I bought this thing 2 years ago, harga dalam RM500 camtu kot, tak ingat. So this thing is actually sangat precious to me. And it holds some memories with it too. 

Tapi, hidup aku memang memerlukan mp3 player. So yeah, decided to stop moaning, and just move on. 
Hidup perlu diteruskan haha. So yeah, I bought new walkman. Since aku dah rasa serasi dengan walkman. But S series dah takde. So ape lagi, I grabbed E series je la. My new walkman:
Yes, this exact color. Call me girlish, I don't give a damn, I am loving this new baby heee.
Ok melampau. I am still moaning with the lost of my old walkman okaaaaay. Tskkkk.
Ape2, welcome new walkman, hehe.

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