Sunday, October 30, 2011

Korean idols crossdressing

Korean idols crossdressing? It's actually pretty normal for them to crossdressing. For me, crossdressing is okay, since it's part of their variety show culture. At least I know in real life, they are real men and acts like one. So yeah here, some of the pictures that I thought you guys should see how "beautiful" these men can be when they crossdress. 

What is crossdress? Well crossdress is sort of guys wear woman's clothes and vice versa.

Oh, before that just wanna ask you guys to open up your mind. These things are pretty normal in Korean entertainment world. These guys dressed up like these just to make a living ya know ahaha. Don't say messed up things like, "Eeeeeuuww, these guys are gays". Or "Wtf? A guy shouldn't dress like a girl". Take it with an open mind. These guys did those things just to make a living. 

First of all, my dearest Kim Heechul who is currently not active in Super Junior because of military services

Looks pretty normal to you, right?

So here goes, the "girlish" side of him
Pretty? No? Yes rightttt? haha

Next, Lee Taemin from SHINee

Normal Taemin

Girlish Taemin!

Next, Seunghyun from Ft Island

Pretty seunghyun!

Next, Kevin Woo from U-Kiss
Handsome Kevin

Gorgeous Kevin!

Lastly, Shin Dong Ho from U-Kiss
Handsome maknae
Cute maknae as a girl!

Okay, actually these are some of my biases here in Kpop World. I do sometimes feels eeuuwww watching them as a girl. But yeah, it's their way of making a living. Sometimes I do enjoy watching them crossdressing hahaha. Cuz they're cute. But after watching them crossdressing, I'll start to find their manly video back just to repair the image that has been damaged by all of these crossdressings hahah.

Enjoy my post? Hope you guys enjoy it hahaha

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