Sunday, October 30, 2011

I feel like I've abandoned the blog and facebook

"Aku abandon facebook. 5 hari x post ape2 langsung. Hairan sungguh aku o_O"

"Even blog aku pun aku post nothing lately. Haihh, apa mau jadi? o_O"

"Well, actually dulu2 active kt facebook dgn blog pun bersebab. Sekarang ni actually mcm dh hilang sbb nk active kt blog and facebook haha :)"

I posted these kat twitter. Yes, dulu aku aktif blogging and facebook-ing memang actually bersebab. I got addicted because of something. Or maybe someone? haha. God knows. Aku tak rasa aku mampu aktif lagi macam dulu. Aku still check facebook and blog hari2, well from time to time, but I don't really have any feeling to update things frequently that much anymore. Yeah, I've changed, through time. Takpe lah, let me stay as a silent reader. No, no, I won't totally abandon facebook and blog, because these two are precious and important to me. It's just can't expect me to be active that anymore haha. Time will pass again and yeah, I will change again. Probably in the future I'll be once again an active poster in both facebook and blog. Who knows? :)

And yeah, I totally missed the old times actually haha

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