Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mo.A live 2011 in Malaysia (Mnet live) and holidays with U-Kiss

Another kpop wave coming to Malaysia. Mo.A live 2011 in Malaysia! Details such as ticket pricing haven't been revealed but so far four artists are confirm to perform for the concert. Super Junior, f(x), Miss A and B1A4. 

Ouhh, sumpah gila aku camni hahaha. Concerts coming after one another kotttt. And this time got Super Junior okaaaay. But no Heechul oh so sad :(

Tapi tak kisah lah. For sure going to the concert! Since exam midterm pun semua dah habis at that time kekeke.

Oh, the venue for this concert sangat tak leh blah jugak lah. Stadium MBPJ, Kelana Jaya. I was like, "Wtf?" Hahaha. Kalau korang nak tau, this stadium is literally beside my house only haha. Tipu je. But it's just in my neighbourhood. Ok, Super Junior in my nieghbourhood kot!! Itu gila wakaka! And this stadium actually aku dah selalu gila pergi situ since my school always did their sports day there. Haha, kelakar pulak aku rasa.

Like this page for more info:

Actually there's another event coming this January but it is not confirm yet. 2 days 1 night holidays with U-Kiss at Penang. It's very pricey actually jugak lah. RM1000. Pehh, sumpah gila. Little part in my heart hoping that the event tak jadi hahaha. Since if jadi, aku rasa memang aku cut makan kumpul duit semata2 nak pergi bercuti dengan diorang. Kerja paling gila selama ni yang bakal aku buat hahaha.

More info about holidays with U-Kiss, like this page:

Going to concerts or buying cds or goodies of Kpop are my only, the only guilty pleasure that I have. I could spend million on this (ok, tipu. Ribu mungkin haha) Oo Emm Geeeee

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