Monday, August 15, 2011

My favourite bands and boybands since 2005: part 1

Baru part one. Sebab kalau nak sumbat semua dalam satu post, memang berjela habis panjang lah kan hahah. Anyway, here goes:

Aku dah into bands and boybands since sekolah menengah lagi. I don't really know what got me into these tapi tak kisah lah. Saja nak post pasal boybands yang aku pernah suka or masih suka hehe. Yeah, presenting, the faces that got me into a band

p/s: call this post lame lah, I don't care. My blog maaa =D

The first band ever that I like. Strangely, the only American band that got me into them:

Linkin Park
The face that got me into this band, of course:
Mike Shinoda
Then I found out that Mike is already married. Being such an innocent me, I changed my fav person:
Joe Hahn
Well, he is actually the first Korean ever that have caught my eyes hahaha XD

Next, after I lost interest in Linkin Park who just won't release new album at all for soooo many years, so I started to find bands from Japan. I was really in Japanese stuffs like anime, so I decided to like a band from there, called Orange Range. The one who sang *~Asterisk in Bleach. I actually spent my money for them to actually gain spots in Oricon chart. Yeah, I DID post my money to Japan for that haha.
The first person who caught my eyes, was Katchan:
But sadly, Katchan had leaved OR because of some problems. So I changed my like to Hiroki

But then, I started to feel bored with Orange Range. My interest in them was kinda fading because they don't seem interested in making good music anymore. So one day when I was surfing the Jpopmusic forum, suddenly my eyes was caught by this one flowery image of a boy (man actually ahaha)
Sho Sakurai.
So I started to found out about this guy. Who he is, and from what group he came. Actually turns up to be Arashi
I was kinda dissed those people who have liked boybands before. So yeah, suddenly, turns out to be finally my turn to like them. So, haha. Arashi back then was a so so group. They got name, but their popularity was not even reaching the par. They are really far from KAT-TUN, who was the monster at that time. But I still love them for who they are. But, yeah, suddenly recently Arashi's name got shoot up and goes very big. There goes my boys <3. My love for them hasn't really faded actually, so yeah. These are the links for the news that they conquering the oricon chart. Arashi is finally huge now. And I am a proud fan of them since 2006.

Next part, coming soooon! 

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