Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Am bored at home

Baru tak sampai sebulan cuti duduk rumah ni dah rasa gila hopeless. Why? Sebab I am totally wasting my precious time in front of my laptop, watching those Korean variety shows, and *rolling on floor laughing*. Like very 24 hours in front of the laptop, doing nothing! Memang rasa gila lifeless and hopeless lah! Haha. It feels like I am paid RM10 per day just to sit around doing nothing. Free gaji! Wahaha.

Nasib baik lah bulan ramadhan is just around the corner so yeah, another one month left will feel like flying very fast *hopefully*. Bulan puasa tak pernah rasa lama. Tak tahu lah kenapa.

So yeah people, tell me, how am I supposed to spend the rest of 1 month and a half left?

Aduii duduk rumah lama can kill brain cells lah I tell you -__-"

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