Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kiss the baby

I actually only just finished watching Shinee's Hello Baby, where these guys need to take care of a 4 years old boy. Walaweh, nice variety show lah where you can actually watch them being young dads. 

As you can see in the pictures, Korean people really like to kiss kids on the lips ek? As I remember clearly in my mind, we Malay people don't have this kind of tradition ek? I don't know lah, but as far as I know, I haven't really seen any Malay people did that like, very very frequently like as they did in this variety show o_O

Well, at first, what comes in my mind was that, "Waa, you are actually stealing that kid's first kiss lah!" Hahah! Something like that. It's not that I'm a pervy or something, don't get me wrong. It's just they kiss that kid right at lips okehh. Weird to me.

But then when I remember clearly, hey, I think I've done that actually before o_O. With my mom, which I can remember clearly that I will kiss her on the cheeks, forehead and also on the lips, every morning, before she offs to work. Okay, this seems normal but then I suddenly remember, when I was only 7 or 8, I think, I did kiss a kid on the lips okay! Not the same age kid lah actually, just a kid who is still a baby at that time, 1 year old like that. Where he is my neighbour's son who happens being baby sit by my auntie. Just because I don't have any younger brother or sister, so I was like, very sayang that little boy, and end up kiss him so many time on the face. Okay, don't get me wrong on this hahaha. I was a kid, derr. No feelings ler that time =_=". I was just expressing my love so yeah, actually it's normal lah kut to kiss the baby on the lips, since I also did that when I was young hahaha. But to tell you the truth, that little kiddo right now is already 15 years this year so it makes me a little embarrassed remembering those past times wakaka. 

Oh, just a little note, when I first saw SHINee in 2008, this kid, Lee Taemin, was just only 15 but my thought at that time like, eh, this kid is kinda cute lah with that weird mushroom hair haha. But then, I feel so wrong to actually keep some interest towards this little boy at that time, because yeah, I was already 19 at that time while that kid was only 15, a middle schooler. It was like wrong, very wrong to actually like a little kid so I was like, ah forget about it haha. But recently, he turns out to be a very fine 18 years old boy. I was like, o_O

 Don't get me wrong, I'm not a BON (Bad Old Noona) wahaha. I just think this boy has turned out to be a really fine boy. Recent video also shows that he already developed muscles okay, looking very like man recently, where he used to looked totally like a girl when he was still young. Okay, fine, I'm his Noona, I shouldn't act like this -__-" haha. But okay what, SHINee worships Noonas rightttt wakaka XD

Oh, I also used to thought that SHINee's members are all veryyyyy young but then only recently I know that Onew is just the same age with me and other members are just only one or 2 years different from me (well, accept for Taemin). Also one of the reasons why I don't put much interest on SHINee way before this.

Okay, end of this post!

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