Monday, May 30, 2011

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

My blog is currently overwhelm with tons of people coming from all over the places. And most of them are fans of Kpop, most of them also are fans of Super Junior. Oh, hi Elfs! Well, actually I am kinda a new Elf. Belum lama sangat pun berjinak-jinak dengan Super Junior. Baru jugak lah. Tak sempat pun nak pergi Super Show lagi. Oh pity me T___T. Haha. Anyway, aku start dengan Kpop pun tak lama sangat pun. Dalam 2007-2008 macam tu baru. Time tu memang sangat gilakan Big Bang. The first group that I like since my matriculation friends introduce them to me. So yeah, actually I am a VIP too. So hi VIPs! Well if you guys are here too :)

Ni laa baru recently aku berminat dengan Super Junior. Actually terjatuh hati dengan lagu No Other. Since they show the very sincere side of them, I was like oh cair haha! Sebelum ni dengar lagu yang selalu main kat radio Malaysia je. Contoh macam lagu Sorry Sorry. Suka je dengar. Selalu put the song on my playlist but wasn't really into Super Junior at that time. Tapi bila one day my friend bagi one huge folder full with Super Junior's stuffs, amek kau. Terus ah aku angau tengok! hahah. Bukak video clip No Other. Tak kelip2 mata aku tengok hahah. Start dari situ lah download all the stuffs and hari2 layan Super Junior. My current bias are Leeteuk, Heechul, Kyuhyun and Donghae :)

And oh, for girls group, I am a Sone actually. I love SNSD very much! Ada sorang member aku, lelaki lah, sangat gila kan SNSD. So dia memang supplier tetap aku haha. SNSD's stuffs, Korean Dramas semua, amek dari dia. Dia memang tengah tunggu je SNSD turun Malaysia ni haha. 

And for band, CNBlue for me! So I am a Boice too! Aku suka CNBlue since I was a crazy fan of We Got Married, YongSeo Couple or the Goguma Couple. I've made posts for them previously. Search it if you want too :)

And yeah, aku pun peminat Lee Seung Gi. One talented guy who can act, who can emcee, also who can sing very soothly. Dia pun one of my favourite guys :)

As for others, aku layan semua equally. Semua aku dengar and tengok video diorang. Be it, DBSK, JYJ, SHINee, BEG, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, okay aku tak larat nak list semua nama haha, semua aku layan je hehe. 

Anyway, for everyone who is currently passing by the blog, or has passed by the blog, saya nak ucapkan welcome. I am totally very sorry sebab tak dapat nak layan semua comments since aku sebenarnya tengah on short semester. So aku sebenarnya on busy state jugak lah. Assignments, projects and classes. I can't really afford to reply all of the comments right now. Kalau ada masa, nanti Insya Allah, aku try reply all of the comments. And visit all of the blogs that have been promoted to me. 

Thank you very much for following this blog, even though my blog not really has anything to be offered to you guys. Thank you jugak pada yang like post aku. Siap tersebar habis kat twitter, kat facebook, kat forum semua. Thank you so much for liking the post. Thanks also pada mereka yang add aku kat facebook. I was kinda in  a shock, since this is the first time my posting has gotten so much attention. Very overwhelming with you guys hahah. Ni sampai sekarang almost 900 likes kot untuk post tu. Totally unexpected. Sangat! So sebenarnya terkedu and tergamam jugak lah bila tengok my inbox full dengan emails from korang punya comments and bila tengok ramai gila like post aku. Aku time tu memang tengah marah gila dengan artis2 tersebut so memang habis kena bantai lah semua dengan aku hahah.

Okay, that's all for now. Bye loves <3

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