Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here comes the result

Well, bad news and good news actually come in a bundle today. First my sister's news, then, the result. Alhamdulillah, I managed to pull up both of my gpa and cgpa. My gpa really increases but unfortunately my cgpa only increases by a little. But nothing more to be asked. I'm satisfied with this actually. Praise, praise, praise to GOD for actually giving me this kind of satisfying result. Only God knows how much I suffered last semester in order to increase the performance of my study.

I passed my accounting with a not so flying colours. Well, to the least, there's still colours :) It's actually kind of a miracle that I actually can pull this up because on that particular day, I actually had 3 exams in a row and I wasn't on my best condition when doing the accounting exam. My mind was actually got blanked for a while and my hands were shaking while doing the exam. What's on my mind at time was only, "Janji siap, janji siap, janji hantar!". How wondrous is that? 

Well, who says doing degree IS EASY?

Next: 3 months of a subject. Wow, only a subject. And upcoming 2 months of holidays. Free, free, really free of time o_O


Parenting, Accounting, Operating System, Statistic, Web Programming, Software Engineering

Not in order manner

A- A- A- B+ B+ B-

So your guess? ;)

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