Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meeting Maher Zain, it wasn't really that nice actually

So, today was the day Maher Zain came to IIUM Gombak to perform. I knew about quite a long time ago actually. They have boasted about this news, maybe in around 1 or 2 months ago? I don't really remember. So I was actually so really freaking excited to actually got to meet Maher Zain face to face, I mean like really face to face, here in UIA. 

Today, supposed as scheduled, there was a fan meeting with Maher Zain. So I was expecting it will be a nice accordance events since we are here in UIA, and he is Maher Zain, but then, it turn out to be the other way round (well, like totally). I arrived at CAC in around 5pm, after my DSF class. So was really eager and excited to meet Maher Zain, well, my real intention was really just wanted to snap maybe a pic of or something. I don't really expect to get an autograph, well, since it's Maher Zain, like everyone here in UIA really wants to meet him.  But still, I waited earlier since they said that Maher Zain will arrived in around 5.30pm. I was told that there are actually people who have arrived much more earlier than me. Let's say, 4pm maybe? I'm still sane to actually not to go there that earlier just to get my queue uhuhh. 

So arrived at 5 pm. Waited and waited and waited. Looked at my watch. Already half an hour past. Still no sign of Maher Zain there. So waited again and waited again. Once again I looked at my watch. It's already past 6. Got a little fed up but still I don't want my effort to go waste so I end up to stayed there for a couple of minutes more. So I waited up till 6.30 or something and suddenly and finally, Maher Zain showed up. Everyone gets very hooked up (and I get annoyed a little) and suddenly like almost everyone screaming "Maher Zain" out loud. Not that I am surprised with that. I was just like, uhhh, okay. They saw Maher Zain, or maybe they like Maher Zain too much or something like that. I was totally fine with that. But I started to get a little angry (and upset) when suddenly all the fans cut the line and they were like pushing everyone around and I was like, "Urghh I can't breath", and the were like pushing and keep pushing and keep pushing. And I can't even catch even a glimpse of Maher Zain. 

But somehow I was feeling fine with that. I was like, oh okayy, I'm in the queue, I waited up this freaking long, so maybe I'll get my chance to meet him? But guess what? No. A freaking no. So like everyone was pushing. Everything was so messed up. Everyone wants to go into the room to meet Maher Zain. And bla bla bla you guys know what's going on there. So finally I gave up my "queue" and try to get out of the crowd. Was all sweaty and trying to catch up my breath out there. 

But then, after a while, the committees said that Maher Zain was willing to take pictures with us. I mean, not with us lah, was just to take maybe a snap of him. So I was like, oh seriously? That's so good of him. Oh thank God. Cuz I waited for like, 2 hours in the queue. 

So we waited up for him outside of the room, quietly, like waiting for him just to come out and says "hi!" to his fan. Waited for almost maybe half an hour. Like very very very quietly but then, unbelievably, right after his room got open up, he ran away from us, like we are some kind of beasts trying to hunt him down. So I was like freakingly mad and angry that time but was just like "urghh forget about it".

So what was really make me mad today was just because:

1. He came very LATE. 1 hour, I really consider that as late. (probably there's jam or something, I don't know)
2. He does not even APOLOGIZE when he was actually THAT late. Just go into his room without a proper meeting with the fans.
3. So the management wasn't really that good.
4. He shouldn't agree to take pictures with us, when he was intentionally doesn't even want to greet us at all, who have waited for 2 hours for him. Probably the management should actually say that Maher Zain is tired, he doesn't want to entertain anyone at all. 
5. I got pushed all around for 2 hours for NOTHING.

But anyway, since I have paid rm20 for the ticket, so I should just go and watch him performing. Okay, seriously he was good in performing. He's a good entertainer actually. Probably these stupid things happened because of the stupid management. Bla bla bla I am tired right now.

p/s: sorry for my bad English. I was so tired because of the 2 hours pushing around thingy. Just wanted to express my little feeling in how the fans should be treated by the artist. Sorry for the bad English, bad sentences, I am so tired I couldn't get myself straight.

oh, I admit that he was really entertaining. That's a no doubt.

edited: he performed only 2 songs :(

edited: if there's anything that is not clear, please, please, please ask me first. no bashing cuz I don't like that. oh, please, read the comments too. thank you

edited: Maher Zain's UIA PR says:

Initially, The management for the concert agreed for 5.30PM meet the fans sessions. However, due to maher's hectic schedule, they suddenly changed their plan without informing us. Im really sorry for the inability to see maher as I understood. He is willing to entertain all of you. But the management decided it is best for the meet the fans session to end at 7.30 because of the concert preparation. Regarding to the matter of running away, that is the standard procedure for the artist. As you can see, everyone is chasing him and for his own safety we had to do, what we had to. Im really sorry for the inconvenience. I think you do understand the situation yesterday whereby all the sister wen hysterical

Maher Zain's UIA PR

and I said:

I understand clearly that it isn't really UIA's management fault or anything. But it just, I felt a little aggrieved because you guys told us that Maher Zain was willing to us see even just for awhile. It's kinda inappropriate to do the "runaway" thing, probably the management people should just say that the meeting session is over, people should dismissed now. Not say something like Maher Zain is willing to see us but then, he just, ran away. A little upset with that actually.

edited: since like there's a lot of fans all around Malaysia came to my blog specifically just for Maher Zain, so I do consider to put one of his picture while he was here in IIUM. The picture was snapped by Nur Syakila:, one of my friend who also attended the fan meeting session.

For you guys, the fans

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