Monday, June 14, 2010

Result and pictures of my CT Scan

So went to get my result for CT Scan. No calls so far. So that means? Everything is fine! Alhamdulillah =)

Wasn't that nervous when I went to fetch the result lah. Pasal kinda dapat agak result dia (cuz of the no calls hehe). So here goes the pictures of the scan. Agak susah nak capture pasal you need to put it under lights so that you can get clear images.

The doctor said you can see the "salur darah" very nicely there in the brain. Adek2, itu lah otak saya :)

omg! my eyeballs! so cute rite? :D

Another pictures of it.

Full result :)

Notice the "Mildly deviated nasal septum concave to the right" tuh? Doktor tak lah cakap apa2 tp made me feel curios jugak lah. Itu ayat means that tulang kat hidung aku yang senget haha. Cacat sikit ler tp nothing to worry about. Nasib baik senget tuh tak nampak physically haha :p

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