Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CT Scan. My first CT Scan ever

So, after all, aku buat jugak CT Scan. Is not that doctor really urge me to do CT Scan. It's just ayah's request to really make sure that I am okay and fine. I'm not sure about the result yet but they said that if there's really something than they will give us a call lah. But if there's nothing, no calls, wait for next appointment saja. So I am damn hopefully there's no call at all. Pretty damn scary lah, don't you think so? =/

Last night was rather horribleee dealing with the medicine that I've been taking recently. I slept quite early, in around 9.30, and suddenly woke up all by myself at 11 pm. I'm not really sure why lah but one thing for sure, my whole body feels very melayang-layang at that time. I couldn't really feel my own hands. Felt a horrible nausea and also kinda hard to really breath clearly. It's really one of the restless night cuz everytime I try to put myself to sleep, something feels tak kena. It's the effect of the medicine which is called Flunarizine if I'm not mistaken. Really bad lah to use that medicine. Especially if you're the one who can't really cope with drugs, like me.

Most probably the "thing" that I have been having is this : Vestibular Disorder or Balance Disorder. Well, what I meant by probably is that I also not really sure what I'm having but based on what doctor have said, really closed to this thing. I google-d it myself. If you read the symptoms of that "thing", really kena with my current condition. Read more here:

So this morning my father said "jom lah kita buat CT Scan". As the "anak menurut perintah" (eccey!), I just followed what my father told me. Me also can't seem to be restful without knowing what really lies inside my brain. At least not things that are known dangerous lah. So I agree with CT Scan. But seriously, if you have nothing but still wanna do CT Scan, think twice lah. So mahal when do at private hospital. They charged us RM 450 per scan. Wallaa, seriously expensive. I was like o.O when I saw the bill. But my mother said no need to worry about that lah. You just need to think about your condition saja. I really love my mom for saying that. Haihh, mom and dad, sorry for worrying you guys so much and sorry for my overspent money at the hospital. May God bless you two.

What does CT Scan really feels like?

The scan itself doesn't really took that much of time actually. The one that made it so long is the procedure and also the process to cucok my tangan and put those stuffs in there. It was kinda painful actually. But me, being konon2 berani, buat muka selamba. But inside feels kinda pain actually. (and adik muka tabah haha. Eh, lari topic. Somebody, again, thought that I was 15-16 macam tu. She said my muka looks so kecik! She thought that I was still schooling and having my school break. When I told her that I already 21, she was like o.O freak out oo. Oh, she was the tauke at one salon in Gombak)

At first she pasang the thing that I don't know the name. You know, the thing yang when pasang, the fluid can go through it and goes inside your body. The one that they always use on the patient for the water to go through. Something like this lah:

Couldn't find any better picture. Never mind lah =_="

So at first, this nurse who call her self kakak (really nice kakak. what really best about assunta hospital, the nurses all are polite, except for some. and some are cuties too hehe. (guys will LOVE it), rub on some alcohol and then try to find my vein something like that. She inject the medicine for allergy inside my vein. Thank God for the medicine. If not, I might die because of itching. Very itchy and gatal/ The reason why they need to cucuk the allergy medicine is because after that they will use the IV contrast. IV contrast (dye) is used to kinda "highlight" the internal organ and help to detect those harmful things. IV contrast contains lots of iodine. Alaa, the one that they have in udang, sotong and semua tuhh. Oh, the IV contrast is one interesting thing, I think laa. When she cucuk the thing inside my arm, I can really feel that thing goes through vein to my whole body. It's very sensational. The feel is kinda warm macam tuh. Bila cucuk, from head to toe feels agak panas, and it kinda shocked me for awhile (eh, jakun pulak haha).

Already lay down at that time. First time experience it, excite me for awhile hehe. Though I'm kinda nervous. When lay down, they move the bed to adjust it and it makes me feel kinda sick because of my vertigo. I can't really be on things that are moving. Cars are fine but on the bed? Aiyohh, feels not well. Then the bed is being pushed into the round thingy. Hard to explain but it looks kinda like this:

See the round thing? That thing laa

They put my head inside there, trying to adjust once again. When my head is already inside there, I can see the thing under it, well I don't know what is it, spinning around and makes my eyes also goes around. Aiyoh serious pening. I cannot stand the spinning so I just close my eyes. Very not nice feeling. They did it like three times I think and then it's done. Very sekejap and simple actually. The one that took a lot of time of course the injection. Nak bukak lagi. But bukak was not painful lah. Bearable, at least for me. And after that, inside my mouth, there's one thing that taste weird. But still tolerable. Macam metallic taste macam tuh. Not sure how to say that.

So yeah, this is how my arm looks like after they put on the plaster and the gauze. I couldn't bother to take picture with the needle still on my arm. Nak tengok pun takut kott. Despite of my "brave" looking, I actually really scared of needles. Never show me the needles before you use it on me. Serious takut.

Presentinggg, tadaaaa! Not really surprising lah hehe

One weird experience but I like! One new thing for me but agak sakit for parents lah. Sorry for costing you two too much =(

You guys can cut my allowance this week and next week. But unfortunately my parents tak mahu cut. I really want them to cut it from my allowance huhu. Aiyoh, total bill already reached RM1000 laa. Kesian my parents :(

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