Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saye sbnarnya sgt saket ati bile going around the famous websites and terbace komen2 pasal jaya supermarket nih. Takde angin takde ribut tetibe jek ckp yg jaya runtuh sbb kerajaan -insert the word-corrupted la hape la. Org tu corrupted la, parti politik yg nie corrupted la. Saye sgt saket ati. I could careles about the politics nor the politicians at all. x kesah diorang corrupted ke hape, non of my business. tp seriously, nk kaitkan benda2 corrupted nie dgn bangunan yg tgh nk di demolish yg dh begitu lame didirikan and menjadi ikon p.jaya, sgt la x patut. saye seriously sgt sayang dengan jaya supermarket. going through all the readings about jaya supermarket sgt mengimbau kenangan. so it's really hurt to read comments from those people who don't know a SHIT about jaya supermarket tetiba nk komen yg bukan2. i know those people yg komen tu mmg BUKAN dr kwsan pj atau seksyen 14. cuz we people from here really sayang la bangunan tu. so stop the DAMN comments la weh. nk citer politics pi cari isu lain la. non of this precious building business. so shut your stupid mouth up! And please, give condolences towards the family yg kehilangan org tersayang. damn malaysians are so stupid when it comes to these things la...

Saye sgt emo skrg so you may ignore the post. But hey, please be more concern towards others feeling when posting something

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