Friday, May 29, 2009

Td aku gi kat kwsn jaya supermarket and these are what I got from there. The policemen and other forces blum retreat agi time nie pasal masih proses mencari. I only get to take pictures from the other side. Susah nk dpt gambar from the side yg runtuh tu. Well one thing I learned here : penduduk seksyen 14 mmg bukan penyibuk. there aren't many people as I thought crowding there. Only a few while others are having their own normal daily life. Pegi bank, makan2, urusan pos, everything mmg going on as usual. Nampak la jugak van2 such as bernama, tv3, ntv7 tp I can't see any from rtm. mungkin diorang kat blakang kut. and oh, diorang pi tutup jalan kat sblah supermarket yg arah nk pi umah aku dan menyebabkan jalan jadik agak sesak. kesian tgk those policemen, bomba people, rela people and those who are involve. sume muke nmpak agak pnat.

View from digital mall

View dr Sinma

Another view

Another one

Video that I captured there

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