Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lama sgt x update blog so saje la nk post kat cni. Well, I was one of the lucky people who get selected for the iflah camp at Port Dickson. and when I say lucky, I do really mean it. Seriously, for a free one, this camp is great. Good food, nice facilities, not really strict committees and most important one is that the speakers are superb. well not all of them are superb, just some. the one like the lecturer from AIKOL (law faculty for those don't know) is a total boring. I slept for a few minutes when she talks. One of the speakers that I love is brother Osman Affan, A seriously nice speaker though I feel kinda sleepy at times. Well it was totally my own fault cuz I don't get enough sleep at that particular night. Yeah, we even managed sneaking out that night for some good food hehe. Supposedly we had curfew but I am absolutely sure that the committees are sleeping at that time. penat dowh nak jaga kitorang neh. byk karenah haha.

At first when I saw my name on the screen, I felt seriosly terrible. leceh gile bla3. i seriously hate motivational thingy cuz i'm not into them. i feel that one should be their own motivator instead of someone who barely even know them. and yeah up till now i still feel that way (even after this iflah camp hehe). no one can really motivate me except for myself, my family and my closest friends. tp gagah kan diri utk pegi jugak. yelah konon2 ckp wajib, it's not that i believe in the compulsory word, it's just saje je nk pegi coz it's free. dude, you can make up excuses la for not going to the camp. it's not that they can banned you from entering UIA.

Well the camp is mostly indoor and we just had one outdoor time.but still fun imo. ade la activities such as skill in problem solving and such. could not mention more cuz i remember only few of them. the committes and fascilitator sume mmg hebat2 belaka. most of them are 3rd and fourth year students. yg dh nk grad sumer nye. and a few yg tgh buat master. ade jugak yg blum grad tp dh ade income sendiri. buat software utk company. and these people seriously make me realize that we should not only study, we should have skills in order to survive in the business world. i only think about studies and never really bothered to broadened up my skills. itu la, i've considering for a few skills jugak skrg nie. tp x tau la... skang nie view tgh sgt2 la kabur kat uia nie. lagi2 bile masuk short sem. can't see everything clearly lagi. wait till the long sem la baru pikir balik ishh...

Neway, some pictures

Me and one of my roommates, Aqilah
Pagi yg gelap di Port Dickson
Izzati, me and Ina (an engineering student who was sesat at the ict room, luckily i'm friendly with the engin people ahaha)
Me, izzati and a person I don't her name but she's nice. Time nie tgh lepak kat pool sblm aku terjun dgn riangnye ke dlm kolam. i swear that i know nothing about swimming haha. ofcourse hanye la di kwsn kanak2. kene buli siot ngan budak2 tue. and it was only us the uia students who wear tudung in the pool hehe
Qila tgh lapar gile smpi pinggan pon nk telan hehe
Me and nina (the other nina in ict, not my nina hehe)
Diana and Nina
It's me snapping Aqilah's picture
The view of our resort from the bus
Indah nye port dickson!
Istana pasir x jadi. Kitorang pi wat stadium lak haha. Kat kiri skali tu our mascot, monyet rupe cam devil. oh lupe lak yg name team kitorang adelah monkey and seriously embarrassing to make the sound. never mind la. kene buli siot.
Another view. Kat kiri tu committees
Me infront of the pool
Qila, me, Izzati
Aqila pose x bleh blah!
Yeah, kami sgt riang. Aku nmpak terencat dowh!
Lastly, view of me infront of the Resort

Everything is nice and I kind of recommending if ade lagi camp camni from SLEU. If and only if it's free!

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