Friday, April 11, 2014

Just a little life update :)

For the sake of someone at the office, finally rasa nak update sikit kat blog ni hehe. A person requested me to at least have a little update for this blog. Not that much of update, just to let the world know, that I am still alive haha.

Current life? Aku sekarang ni dah kerja kat office somewhere in Damansara Perdana. Need not to mention the office name, kang google2 tak memasal orang stumble upon blog aku bila search pasal company aku haha. 

Kerja biasa laa, cant really expect to be smooth. Ada laa hole sana sini but up till now aku okay je nak bawak. Put aside the work stuffs, apa yang buatkan aku betul2 semangat kerja kat sini is the working environment, and the people ;)

Words cant express how I am very thankful for these good people that have been surrounding me here in the office. Aku rasa work is tough sometimes but the encouragement and endless support from dearest officemates buat aku rasa tak putus asa nak kerja kat sini. The way they care, the way they supported, the way they help me, I am very thankful with that. And also the way they protected me. Rasa memang susah nak jumpa lagi environment macam ni kat ofis lain. Sampai aku anggap every person in my department is like my own brother. They are like my own family.

Life is good currently. Tak ada laa masalah gila besar sampai jadi beban just a little crook here and there. Will be heading to 25 years old this coming july. Calon nak ajak kawen? Masih belum jumpa. Still single and available ahaha perlu kau gigih nak mention tu haa? Kerja dah almost 6 bulan. I work and have fun at the same time. I enjoy spending time after work with my friends. But every day also going through the same process over and over again. Bangun, kerja, then tido. Ulang proses 5 hari seminggu haha.

Because this post is just for the sake of updating, so sampai sini je laa. Next time I might come up with some other story. Till next time peeps ;)

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