Sunday, February 17, 2013

Current life

Dah lama sangat dah buat posting kat blog ni. Last post was... last September? Sangat lama. I just don't really feel like blogging anymore kot. Because most of the time aku spent merepek-ing kat twitter, where only people I know can read my posts. 

So apa cerita baru? I've already done with classes, assignments, exams and whatnot in UIA. So sekarang ni currently tengah praktikal kat iPerintis. Apetu iPerintis? Mesti ramai tertanya hahaa. Sila gunakan Encik Google kalau mahu tahu ye hehe. Cukup takat tahu iPerintis ni anak syarikat Petronas udah ler. So currently my work time starts at 8.00am very early in the morning. But am not necessarily need to be there sharply on 8 lah kan. Asalkan kau sampai before the supervisor arrives, well it's fine. And compare to other department, aku punya department punya supervisor is quite lenient actually. I can actually curik2 time to go to UIA without need to apply for any leave. 

Last week not so much work to do. Sebab supervisor cuti. Tapi beliau tinggal jugak lah kerja. Kena buat presentation next week, which is tomorrow lah actually. Lama tak buat presentation, I am scared haha. Since when tah aku takut presentation. 

Orait, just a short update. Nanti kalau rerajin, akan diupdate lagi blog. So bye for now :)

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